9 Best WordPress Abandoned Cart Plugins

Do you know most of customers just add products to the shopping cart and then leave without making any purchase, and you worry about losing potential customers, right? This is called cart abandonment.

You’re trying to recover abandoned carts manually but this is so time-consuming.

No need to worry.

Today’s articles will give you a list of handful WordPress abandoned cart plugins to help deal with your heavy lifting and save your day.

These plugins help you to bring back customers to your e-commerce store by reminding them with offers or coupons and convince them to complete their purchase. It’s kinda a process to re-connect with customers and hence build up a relationship with them, which would lead to high prestige for your brand, increase in trust and become highly likely to have a number of potentials of upcoming purchase.

Following are the 9 best Cart abandonment plugins that can be used to boost your e-commerce sales on your online store.

1. CartBack

cartback wordpress

Guys! Say a big hello to CartBack, a fantastic plugin that brings the power of Facebook Messenger to cart recovery.

CartBack from NinjaTeam is a powerful tool to help you do maintain relationship with customers through Facebook Messenger.

After your visitors adds products to their cart and ticks the Messenger checkbox, your Facebook page then sends 3 reminder messsages promptly if they didn’t finish that purchase.

By doing this, CartBack allows you to recover abandoned carts and grow your conversion rates in a matter of clicks by sending messages to all users who have your products in their carts.

Its feature list is well checking out:

  • New Audience Features
  • Order Confirmation Message via Messenger
  • Coupon Message for the next purchases via Messenger
  • Collect User Email with Abandoned Cart Data


Additionally, you can motivate your shoppers by giving a discount code below your Add-to-cart button. With a single click, they get the offer and you can re-engage your potential customers through Facebook Messenger.

You can even send coupons to users automatically, which is great for your conversion rates. And thanks to shortcodes, you can display a “Send to Messenger” button anywhere on your website. You can use this button to create CTA buttons for free items, ebooks, coupons and so on.


On top of that, CartBack is equipped with a great analytics dashboard that offers you information that is pretty handy for cart recovery and remarketing purposes. You can personalize the message you send and set time intervals for your reminders.

2. Retainful


The next plugin in today’s collection is best known for features such as automatic abandoned cart recovery emails, single-click recovery using a unique link in the abandoned cart email, unlimited email templates & reminders, order details in recovery emails, coupons, the list goes on and on.

Say hello to Retainful, the plugin is used for recovering WooCommerce abandoned cart and offering the next order coupons.

Some of the things that I like about this plugin include:

  • Send emails automatically about abandoned cart
  • Customers can regain their carts with a click.
  • Wide range of abandoned cart recovery email templates and email reminders.


Retainful also helps you recover WooCommerce abandoned carts with a single click. It can automatically send a series of email reminders when customers abandon their carts in your shop.

3. Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

abandoned cart lite

As we know, the proportion for shopping cart abandonment rate is quite high, with 70%, that’s the reason why Abandoned Cart plugin comes here to help you recover those carts from your WooCommerce shop.

Interestingly, it can work in the background, sending email notifications to your guests and logged-in customers for the purpose of reminding them about their abandoned orders.

Being equipped with a set of appealing features, Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce is an easy-to-use plugin that helps you to retrieve sales as always. In addition to help customers complete purchases straight from their mailboxes, the plugin also enables you to preview abandoned cart order information including products abandoned, and so forth.


Plus, The plugin can also recover abandoned guest carts, i.e., carts left behind by non-logged-in customers. Additionally, you can create unlimited email templates, set sending intervals and do so much more without breaking a sweat.

Abandoned Cart Lite for Woocommerce is fantastic and does exactly what it provides. Give it a go today!

4. Save Abandoned Carts

save abandoned carts

WooCommerce Live Checkout Field Capture plugin records all activity in the WooCommerce checkout form before it is sent. The plugin allows to see who abandons your shopping carts and get in touch with them.

You will have the right to keep contact with visitors manually and remind them about the abandoned cart. You could offer them an additional discount on the cart by sending them a coupon in order to persuade them.

The premium version of this plugin offers more advanced features like recover abandoned carts with features such as automated email notifications, seamless MailChimp integration, exit intent popup, clean and lightweight design, multi-language support and so on.

screenshot-3 (1)


5. Recart


Recart is solely developed for the purpose of make you more money. Then we have Recart, a fantastic free plugin that takes your cart recovery game to the next level. Being equipped with six powerful features, Recart helps you to earn more money by allowing you to recover carts.

For beginners, Recart is in collaboration with Facebook Messenger, which is substantially amazing for increasing sales. Recart offers you automated Messenger campaigns that are great for recovering abandoned carts and sending receipts as well as shipping notifications with discount codes.

On top of that, you can use this feature to send coupon reminders and follow up messages after purchase. Additionally, the plugin can be a great help to bolster your Messenger audience without disturbing users to register email. A big plus.

If you’d like to collect email addresses, you can use the Add to Cart Popup feature. In no time, you can build a highly profitable email list that’s made up of interested prospects or would-be customers.

Plus, other features include automated abandoned cart email campaigns, push notifications, form autofill, check-out tracking, text messages (coming soon), plenty of integrations and more.


6. YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

YITH WooCommerce recover abandoned cart

There are a lot of reasons why customers decide to abandon their carts like postponing the purchase, lack of capital, sudden distractions which cause the user to forget what he was doing. YITH WooCommerce for WordPress comes as a solution that would help you remind your customer what and where they left and encourage them to complete the purchase.

While you can make design changes to your checkout pages to reduce cart abandonment rates, there are other causes of cart abandonment that are completely out of your control.

YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart was built for this exact purpose. With a suite of helpful features, you can reduce your abandonment rates significantly and improve user experience.


Its features list is well checking out:

  • Set the time span to consider a cart abandoned
  • Customize the sender and the subject of the email
  • Customize the content of the email to send to customers
  • Send email to one user or use bulk actions to reach many users

Set the time to consider a cart abandoned and customize a contact email that you can send to your customer: a direct way to let them know what they made a purchase!

With this plugin, you can further pursuade a customer to complete their order by giving them a special discount.

YITH allows you to create discount coupons and send them through email. You can customize these coupons by settings their value, validity and have them expire on a single use.

7. Jilt for WooCommerce

jilt for woocommerce

Jilt is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce that helps recover some of those lost sales by sending reminder emails to encourage them to complete their purchase. You can even send coupons to give them incentive.

The plugin link your WordPress website to the Jilt service. The service itself is on the company’s website and that’s where you’ll handle the emails and coupons.

Jilt’s abandoned cart recovery solution helps your eCommerce store recover lost revenue due to cart abandonment. Jilt tracks when carts are abandoned on your store, then lets you send recovery emails to encourage the customers who abandoned these carts to complete the purchase.


The plugin is equipped with various useful features for recovering sales, especially if you have a number of stores. However, Jilt is one of the more expensive plugins available today for e-commerce cart abandonment.


Rich in email personalization

Various choices of email templates

8. Conversio


Conversio’s abandoned cart feature allows you to get started with abandoned cart campaigns, including customized messages, targeted coupons, detailed send rules, and more.

Is one approach better than the other? Of course not – each has its own good points. But if you do not want to use other features in Conversio, the only thing you can do is to pay for features that you don’t use.

9. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart


WooCommerce Recover Abandoned cart is another fantastic solution to recover most of your lost sales. After installation and activation, it will show the abandoned carts automatically and send emails to customers for the purpose of encouraging them to complete their purchase.

There are many features to focus on, with some of my favorites including:

  • Monitor and Record Abandoned Carts
  • Recover Abandoned Carts with Automated Mails using Mail Templates
  • Recover the Lost Sales with Recover Abandoned Cart Plugin
  • Multiple mail templates for follow up
  • Automatic Coupon Code Generation to include in Mail
  • WooCommerce Mail Templates can be used

This plugin will check all the carts on your e-store made by members or guests. When a cart gets abandoned, it will automatically send an email to the customer.

You can personalize these email templates and even create multiple templates. They are set to be automatically sent at certain intervals throughout a period of time.


In addition to email captures, this plugin even records the phone number of a customer which will allow you to manually follow up on the potential customer.

Final thoughts

Here we’ve given you a list of advertising plugins you can use. We’ve covered all levels of plugins, from the most basic to the most advanced. Throughout this article, you were introduced to several useful abandoned cart recovery plugins that helps build a relationship with the customer which could make them loyal customers.

We hope this article helped you find the best abandoned cart plugins and solutions for your e-commerce stores.

Do you have any experience with the plugins we have written about? What is your favorite? Any say about these? Please leave your comments down below.

Thank y’all and warm welcome from Ninja Team!

CartBack – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart & Remarketing in Facebook Messenger Tutorial


Below is how to set up CartBack plugin for your WordPress website with WooCommerce.

There are two ways that you can set it up:

1. Use our default app

  • No need App Review
  • Can use Checkbox Plugin options only (Reminder message of Abandoned cart)
  • Cannot use Send to Messenger Plugin options (i.e. coupon button and send-to-messenger shortcode)
  • Cannot use Audience response option and other options

2. Create your own app (Recommended)

  • Can use ALL funtions of the plugin (All Checkbox Plugin and Send to Messenger Plugin options are available.)
  • App Review is required, and it takes an estimation of 7 – 8 weeks including Business Verification or Individual Verification. (often sooner than that)

#1. Use our default app

1. Submit a ticket at https://ninja.ticksy.com/.

  • Title: CartBack Setup
  • Including:
    • Your personal Facebook username or ID (for example, https://www.facebook.com/njt.ashley or 100024043250493). We will invite you to become a tester for the app, so you can use it. We DO NOT need your Facebook Business Page link.
    • Your OAuth Redirect URIs

2. Confirm the request at https://developers.facebook.com/requests.
Note: As a Tester, after confirming the request, you will not see the app listed on your “All Apps” page, and that is completely normal.

3. After that, you will receive the app ID and secret via the ticket.

4. In General Settings, enter that app ID and secret, click Save Changes, then click on Login Facebook.

Accept these two permissions:

5. Now please set up “Reminder Options”. You must select a Facebook page, then click “Save Changes”.

Note: If you don’t click “Save Changes” in “Reminder Options”, the checkbox will not show up.

#2. Create your own app

Please follow the instructions in the video below.

⚠️ Note before getting started:
– Please set it up with a new Facebook app, do not use the same app with other plugins or services.
– Do not make your app “live” until it is approved by Facebook.
– Only admins, developers, and testers of your app can see the checkbox if it has not been approved yet.

Step 1: Set up plugin in WordPress backend and Facebook Developer App

Step 2: Submit your app for Facebook Review

Please follow this tutorial to submit the app for Facebook Review https://ninjateam.org/how-to-submit-for-facebook-app-review-cartback-plugin/

Wait for the approval and Done!

If you have any question, please submit a ticket at our Help Deskor feel free to chat with us at our Official Facebook Page.

Many thanks for coming with us!

Kelly – From Ninja Team