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How it works

Depending on your business model, you might have one form or multiple forms on your WordPress website. While you can receive all of the form submissions via email, it is not always easy to manage the contact list and user database.

So this Database plugin for Contact Form 7 is built to help you automate those repetitive tasks. It keeps the records of those users in a centralized contact database.

Capture leads for your business and neatly organize them

Benefits of saving contacts to database

Featured in the best plugins to extend Contact Form 7, Database is the best choice for building your list without leaving the comfort of Contact Form 7. Moreover, one-time payment saves you future cost compared to other premium services.

Save more time. Since this is a 100% automated solution. Long gone the days when you have to copy contact by contact from the email inbox. Now this addon for Contact Form 7 is geared up to do the manual job so you don’t have to.

Capture email addresses through direct forms – not only can you send additional marketing messages, but you will also increase the reachable rate for other campaigns. This is a must-have tool to drive revenue no matter you’re running a small business or a big corporate.

Info included


Phone number

Email address



Submission data & time

User ID

User's IP

All form fields


Automate data saving

All submitted data are saved and displayed in WordPress dashboard. You can view and manage any time!

Tons of view & edit options

You can search, sort out, filter, arrange columns, change tags, bulk delete, and many other display options.

Export data to CSV

Export your selected column/row or a full database in a downloadable CSV file. Easy to import to other mailing services.

Change tag name easily

As default, Contact Form 7 displays tags as your-name, your-email. Now you are free to change them to any other names you like.

Display data for each form

If you have more than 1 form. You can select which data you want to view in dropdown.

Drag & drop to sort columns

Simply move your mouse to sort columns. Ex: Drag and drop Your Name column before Your Email column.

Easy to use

We are not only programmers but also designers. We do research to create the best UI/UX for you.

Enable or disable columns in a single click

You only need to tick or untick to customize columns’ visibility.

And more...

More functions in this plugin, buy it to explore now!

New feature wanted?

Please leave us feedback if you need any features that are not already included in the premium version. And we can develop them in the next versions.


Our friendly docs are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Honest Feedback from Real Users

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Best database manager for CF7; with excellent support, too!

My latest project requires a complex CF7 registration form, the data of which must be editable by subadmins. I’m not sure any of the other db plugins provide this, at least for free. It’s what caused me to install this one, and it works splendidly.

It also provides for editing, hiding and rearranging labels for a much improved admin UX. One thing this lets you do is replace underscores in CF7 tags with spaces. Adding these features was a very nice touch!

WooCommerce developer



I never thought managing my contact information could be so easy.

This plugin offers just what I needed. The NinjaTeam is very reactive on support via live chat. 

I had a special request that the plugin not store empty/null fields (repetitive groups when not all are used) and the devs provided this fix, plus a bonus of clickable URLs for attached/uploaded signature files that open in a new browser tab. These updates were provided within a couple of days after the request. Outstanding support!

WooCommerce user


Advanced Custom Fields

Outstanding plugin and customer support.

I’ve used quite a few CF7 database plugins over the years, this one is perfect, plus I had a small query with user capabilities and my support request was answered with a solution in no time at all… Great plugin!

ACF user

via Envato Market



It is very useful.

It even lets you modify the form inputs.

Thanks a lot!

Contact Form 7 user


#1 best selling CF7 addon on Envato Market

We got 1,000+ happy customers purchased from Envato Market

Millions downloads from WordPress directory

We got 100,000+ downloads and 7,000+ active installations

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Automatically save to database
Each form has its own database
Enable/Disable columns
Drag and drop to sort columns
Change database records
Compatible with Contact Form 7 Multi Step
Unlimited forms
Export to CSV
Fast updates


Your contact form will function as usual. But the form's submission data won't be saved to database. When you reinstall the plugin, the previously saved database can be viewed and exported again.

You won't be able to view or export the database in Contact Form 7 Database from the WordPress admin dashboard. However, if you are a developer, you can access the site's database and retrieve it.

Yes, you pay once to get a lifetime license with unlimited future updates.
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