Power of B2B eCommerce Solutions in Streamlining Business Operations

B2B eCommerce has become a popular business solution for companies to provide their customers with a direct line of communication with the business. These B2B eCommerce solutions allow you to streamline order fulfillment and overall business operations.

You can improve customer service by providing your customers with direct contact with the company. B2B eCommerce platforms are also great at reducing costs and improving transparency in supply chain management.

There are many different types of B2B eCommerce solutions available. Still, they all follow the same basic principles: digitize as much as possible, automate when possible, and focus on user experience (UX) so that your customers feel like they’re dealing directly with you instead of some faceless corporation when they place an order online through WordPress/ WooCommerce stores or over email/phone/chat.

b2b ecommerce solution platform

B2B eCommerce is changing how businesses work.

B2B eCommerce is a growing trend that’s changing how businesses work. It’s changing how they sell to customers and manage their supply chain and customer service.

B2B eCommerce is about making it easier for businesses to do business with each other by reducing friction in the buying process, providing better tools for communicating with buyers and sellers, and increasing transparency around pricing and product availability.

You can now sell directly to customers.

The B2B eCommerce platform allows you to sell your products and services online without worrying about setting up an online store by WordPress or Joomlart or concerning how you will handle payments. You need an internet connection and a computer or mobile device with access to the right browser (Google Chrome is recommended). You can also sell anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

B2B e-commerce platform helps streamline order fulfillment & overall business operations.

B2B eCommerce solutions are the ideal way to streamline your business operations. With these platforms, you can manage orders and inventory centrally. You can automate your fulfillment processes, saving time and money.

In addition, you can use the data generated by these platforms to improve your company’s overall performance by making better-informed decisions about where it should invest its resources.

You can improve customer service by providing your customers with direct communication with the business.

In addition to providing excellent customer support, you can use e-commerce solutions to improve your business’s overall customer service.

The goal of good customer service is not only to solve problems but also to create loyal customers. This is done by establishing a direct line of communication between your business and its clientele.

For this type of communication to be successful, however, there needs to be an easy way for customers interested in purchasing products from you or inquiring about them (or other issues) to do so quickly and efficiently without having any problems.

Efficient Order Management

  • Easier to manage orders. With a B2B eCommerce solution, you don’t have to track orders or inventory manually. The system will automatically manage all of this information for you.
  • No need to manually track customer service issues or payments either or use WordPress plugins to automatically track payments. The system itself will automatically notify the proper team members when a problem arises and ensure that payments are processed promptly, so customers are aware of their orders.
  • No need for manual WordPress and WooCommerce tracking of shipping information either. The B2B eCommerce platform does all this work behind the scenes so that it’s easy for both sides: sellers can ship out products quickly while buyers know exactly where their items are at any given time throughout their entire journey from order placement through delivery (and beyond).

Improve Transparency and Traceability in Supply Chain Management

Transparency and traceability are two essential elements in supply chain management. Transparency refers to the ability of all stakeholders to access information about their business processes. In contrast, traceability refers to the power of all stakeholders to track data about their products or services.

In today’s market, transparency and traceability are critical factors in determining whether a product or service is safe, reliable, trustworthy, and sustainable. This means that if you want your company’s B2B eCommerce solutions to be successful, they must provide full transparency throughout your entire supply chain process.

Hence, not only to ensure everything runs smoothly but also so that customers know exactly what they’re getting when they buy from you (or someone else).

Centralized Platform Provides Easy Access to Data and Information

A centralized platform provides easy access to data and information. It allows you to manage multiple sales channels, products, customers, and suppliers in one place. You don’t have to go through the hassle of logging into different WordPress or Joomlart websites whenever you need something from your business.

B2B eCommerce platforms are the perfect way to streamline your business operations.

B2B eCommerce platforms are the perfect way to streamline your business operations. With these solutions, you can improve customer service, supply chain management, transparency, and traceability, centralize data and information or even automate processes to save time and money.

Final thought

If you want to streamline your business operations and make them more efficient, then it is time to consider using B2B eCommerce solutions instead of building a brand-new WordPress website. These platforms can help your company save time and money while also increasing customer satisfaction levels by providing them with more options when purchasing products or services from your company.

Managing a Remote Team: Best Tips for an eCommerce Website

COVID-19 has opened the world to a new future, allowing businesses to conduct activities without needing to be physically present at the location. Yes, we are talking about a remote development team.

Realizing the benefits, world-renowned companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft have adopted the remote development teams model.

See, the remote development model has many advantages. For instance, it improves the overall productivity of an employee. Moreover, it is a cost-efficient business model. Since there are two sides to the coin, there are some disadvantages to this. However, if you learn how to manage a remote development team, these drawbacks can be catered to.

Let’s see the tips and tricks when managing a remote development team.

Remote management

Distinctive Features of the WooCommerce Project Remote Development

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress, and it will allow you to sell your products and services online. It is a popular choice for small and medium-sized businesses as it is easy to use and customize.

If you are considering offshore development for your WooCommerce store, it means that you are hiring a remote team of developers who are located in a different country. Offshore development can be a cost-effective way to build and maintain your eCommerce store, as it allows you to tap into a pool of talented developers at a lower cost.

However, there are also some challenges to consider when working with an offshore team. Communication and time zone differences can be an issue, and it can be harder to manage the development process when the team is not in the same location. It is crucial to choose a reliable and experienced offshore development team and to establish clear communication channels and project management processes to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Overall, offshore development can be a good option for WooCommerce stores, but it is essential to consider the pros and cons carefully and to choose a reputable and experienced team.

Enabling a Smooth Onboarding Matters

How to manage remote developers on your team? It all starts when you start to onboard the developers for your project. It sets the motivation and dedication of the employees. Moreover, it also defines the flexibility and efficiency of the overall development of the project.

During onboarding, the first and foremost thing to do is introduce your project vision to the employees. Make sure that the expectations and objectives are crystal clear to the employees so that they can see where they fit in this endeavor.

Plus, provide essential tools to the employees so that they can start performing their tasks. Examples include communication software, access to databases, guidelines, schematics, and more.

One of the popular tech teams who practice a smooth onboarding process is AppSumo. Their tech stacks include many management tools and a great organization of follow-up emails. Here are some highlights of their procedure:

  • Paperform: used for AppSumo Content Form
  • Slack: used for internal communication and tailored guidelines
  • Better Proposals: presents contract terms and collect signatures

At last, discuss the work schedule of each employee. Obviously, this work schedule will be according to the employee’s convenience.

The Power Of the Right Tools

Getting your hands on a perfect development team doesn’t mean you will successfully land the project. In managing remote development teams, it is crucial to provide proper tools. For example:

  • For collaboration: Trello, Jira, Salesforce
  • For communication: Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams
  • For code sharing: CodePen, CodeSandbox
  • For Idea brainstorming: Redbooth, Podio

Communication Matters

One of the best tips that we can give you is communicating with the team. Whether it is for projects or for fun, make sure you are communicating enough. The communication will provide an employee with a sense of the idea that he/she matters to the project.

Go on a one-on-one meeting with each developer so that they can raise their issues, concerns, suggestions, and ideas. Discuss the problems they are facing. Show that you care, and the developer will show the results.

Follow Proper Hierarchy and Work Structure

The best part about hiring a remote development team is there is no need to transform the traditional work structure. Keep it as it is. However, you do need to create a proper managerial/technical hierarchy. That will ensure that the guidelines are followed by every person involved in the project.

Organizing Fun Activities

Obviously, you have a front-end developer who is in Japan. Your database engineer is in Mexico, while the cyber head is in Germany. How will you make sure that they are interacting with each other in every possible way? Well, that is where organizing fun activities come in.

Team building activities

Set up a Call Of Duty or FIFA championship and call them to the event. Play IQ-based activities with each of the developers. Let them talk about non-project stuff.
A strong relationship between developers leads to a strong foundation and can help in efficiency.

Rewards Are the Best Medicine

Believe us, when you reward an employee, it makes his/her day. Just as you let your developer know that he was out of line, be as quick when the developer has done something extraordinary. Yes, they are well compensated, but a good word motivates them-hence leading towards a good performance.

Treat your team with proper rewards

The best reward is a bonus. However, if that doesn’t work, going for t-shirts, mugs, brooches, and pens is another option. Rewarding the remote development team makes them achieve more results. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone.

You will also be interested in the average wages of remote eCommerce developers. This is the spread of rates at Upwork this year:

Beginner: $20 per hour
Intermediate: $43 per hour
Advanced: $125 per hour

Wrapping Up

See, the remote developer’s hiring model is kind of new in the game. Not everyone has more profound insights into this system. Yes, it is maturing, and essential will become the new normal, but that will take time.

To understand how it works in the best way possible, it is vital to know the essential tips for managing a remote developer team. If followed thoroughly, you will see unexpected execution and deliverables.

120,000 WordPress media libraries are powered by FileBird!

FileBird wordpress media library folders support unlimited folders

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.

It’s not every day that you got something to celebrate.

Our great pride for today is not that we got a six-figure number of active installations. Rather, we are so glad that we have helped thousands of WordPress users save hours and hours of having to organize media items.

Time-saving plugin, works like a charm!

I have been using FileBird for a while now, including the pro version, and I am very happy with the results: consistency and much better organization of my WP media/photos.

Don’t waste time with any other, this is the one!

EXCELLENT, I wasted countless hours with ALL other media gallery apps trying to find one that let me upload the entire folders structure. Most don’t even let you, some are premium features, FileBird offers it for free! I’m totally buying the premium of this once I start making money with my startup. Other apps should understand we use these mostly for STARTUPS, so, we might not have any money for premium at first but FireBird’s approach is marvelous. I want to have those folders when creating product listing so totally paying it soon.

Most Excellent Image Organization Plugin!

This plugin should be baked into WordPress. However, since it is not, this plugin adds the functionality and organization tools necessary when you have thousands of images to sift through when creating or updating products for your WooCommerce store.

I use FileBird to replace WP Media Folder from Joom United.

WP Media Folder has more options but caused all kinds of compatibility issues with my theme and other plugins. I had been wanting to replace it for a while, but I could not figure out how to recreate the folder structure I had set up if we changed plugins, other than spending hours and hours moving images back into folders to make it like it was before. So I have been living with the problems until the other day when I saw that FileBird can import the folder configuration from WP Media Folder and a few other media library plugins top. I installed it and it worked perfectly, no more conflicts with other plugins.

Excellent Utility for Media Files

Does exactly what it says with no headaches. Thanks.

Just what I was missing in WP.

This plugin keeps your media library well organized and you can keep track of all your images. Why is this not built in anyway?

Great Plugin with amazing support.

This does exactly what I wanted in creating customizable folders for all my site’s media and should have been a base feature in WordPress.

If you have any issues, the team is very interested in addressing them. Almost a little too interested as they will send you repeated emails, but certainly not spam. Good support.

5 Stars!

This is a great alternative to the abandoned Enhanced Media Library. It has a handy import feature to bring in your folders from EML Pro. If you have much media it really makes life easier. Totally worth the price. I am here because I had some plugin conflict issues, but support sorted it all out for me, no problem. Also, there are regular updates for life.

I’m so pleased.

I am an artist with thousands of pieces of art on my site, as it’s less a simple portfolio site and more an archive of everything and sharing site. I have been through about 3 different pro-version file organizers, and FileBird was finally the answer that actually worked. *sighs wistfully*

Highly recommended plugin!

The plugin is very useful when managing a large number of images. It works and integrates perfectly. The technical assistance service solves your doubts quite quickly. It is a highly recommended plugin.

More than what I expected!

This is a lifesaver for our major nonprofit organization to organize all our WordPress assets. I cannot imagine maintaining our site without it! Code is lightweight, features are great and it just works.

Thanks for all the suggestions, reviews, and ratings you have for FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders.

We deeply appreciate all the user feedback that helps make FileBird what it is capable of today:

  • Drag and drop files into folders
  • Upload files directly to folders
  • Create galleries from folders
  • Upload multiple folders and files from computer to WordPress media library
  • Compatible with all popular builders and editors


The Best Web Design Trends That Build a Strong UX in 2022

The digital world is fast-paced, and user’s expectations change every day. Something that was in trend yesterday might be too outdated today. Therefore, when it comes to building a strong UX of your website, brands need to continually follow web design trends to create a memorable user experience and set their company apart from the competition.

For your ease, we bring you the 7 best UI design trends that will not only help you create an aesthetically appealing web design but also provide your users with maximum usability. The end result? Increased brand recognition and higher profits!

7 Web Design Trends for a Strong UX 2022

Here are some of the best web design trends to look for in 2022 if you want to enhance your website’s UX:

1.     Unique Illustrations

Hand-drawn and 2D custom illustrations were quite popular in 2020, and you will see a lot of them in 2022. The asymmetrical and unaligned web design elements not only help with a strong UX but also make your website stand out. Custom illustrations also create a friendly and inviting look of the website that ensures a good user experience.

You can also add motion to these illustrations and bring them to life. Hand-drawn illustration is unique and more memorable as it expresses your brand at a glance.


2.     Scroll-triggered Animation

Scroll-triggered animations are great for storytelling, and it plays a significant role in creating an excellent UX. Some famous brands like Apple have used scroll-triggered animations on their website to make it more fun and display their products like telling a story. You can also animate your typography, as it is an important UI element and plays a major role in building a strong user experience.

Scroll-triggered animations are quite immersive as it engages the viewer and makes them think like they are a part of the brand and the story it’s trying to tell. Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of animation in UX.

Scroll Animation

3.     3D Animation

Gone are the days of stock images. Now websites are using custom 3D animation in their web design in 2021. These animations are not only aesthetically appealing but also great for a higher UX. Most modern websites are using custom 3D animation as their landing page background. For example, you can see how Apple uses a playful animation in their Arcade webpage to make it more interactive and fun.

However, keep in mind that when you are incorporating 3D animation in your web design, you need to optimize your site’s overall performance. Why? Because if it doesn’t load fast enough, it will not run smoothly, thus affecting the overall UX.

4.     White Space

In this modern age, websites are going back to the minimalistic web designs with great use of white space. White space is not only an essential UI element but is also important for creating a strong UX. White space guides users through the website from one element to another. Therefore, it is essential for creating a visual hierarchy on your website, so you can guide the viewer to important CTAs and make sure there are no distracting elements.

Similarly, white space is an essential UX element because it provides a resting space for the viewer’s eyes by creating a flow of the page elements. Therefore, if you want to enhance the UX of your website, pay attention to the use of white space.

Google Search

5.     Custom Grid Layout

Modern websites are moving away from perfect grid layout and adopting custom web design layouts that are more asymmetrical. These designs don’t only look visually appealing but also give you more control over different web design elements. For a unique and memorable user experience, brands are using a custom grid layout that is open with various design elements placed in the layout.

With an asymmetrical grid layout, you can design websites that are responsive and consistent across different devices of various screen sizes. Custom grids also give plenty of options that you can play around with, like white space and a minimalist style.

Custom Grid Layout

6.     Bold Fonts

Modern websites are using bold fonts, especially vintage type including Sans-serif. These are not only important for building a great UX but also for creating memorable branding. Another trend that you will see a lot in 2021 is the use of prominent screen dominating text, especially on the landing pages. When it comes to UX, make sure to choose a font that suits your brand and audience.

Another web design trend that you will see a lot in 2021 is full-page headers. This web design trend is quite popular as websites use CTAs as bold, full-page headers with an eye-catching image or illustration on the right. It is great for strong UX because users tend to focus more on the top-left of the web page.

  1. Cool Color Palette

In the year 2018, the color of the web was yellow; in 2019, it was blue, and so on. Now, we can see modern websites using muted color palettes and moving towards pastel hues and cool colors. With the right color, you can improve your website’s UX and increase brand recognition up to 80%.

Another popular web design trend in 2021 is the use of soft and cool colors like teals, pastels, and blues for the backgrounds and bold and warm colors (red, green, oranges) for CTAs. For a better UX and visually appealing website design, you can incorporate a muted color palette in your illustrative design and highlight important stuff with bold colors.

Final Thoughts!

These are some of the top web design trends to follow in 2021 for better UX. When you incorporate these design trends in your website, make sure to strike a balance between different elements. Don’t just focus on the visual aspects of the web design; focus on the storytelling and branding through emotions. If you are confused, you can always seek professional help from a web design company and enhance the UX of your online platform.


Guest Author

Shoaib provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Dynamologic Solutions.


FileBird Lite v4.5 – Important Notice

Howdy, my friends!

This is to let you know about the latest changes that we have made in the FileBird (Free version) v4.5.

In short, as of FileBird Lite version 4.5, you can create unlimited main folders and subfolders.

However, the full compatibility with WordPress Classic Editor is no longer included.

Want to downgrade to FileBird Lite 4.4.1? Download here.


All this time we have been improving FileBird plugin and implementing your suggested features – and we did it all for a good while. Being the earliest plugin author to commit a drag and drop UI for WordPress media library management and all.

The Birth of FileBird

Since the release date of FileBird on WordPress repo in June 2018, we have stated that the Lite version allows up to 10 folders. That’s our initial terms of use.

Considering the needs of personal blogs and portfolio sites, 10-folder creation is already cool to get their media library organized. Popular YouTubers like Darrel Wilson also lets us know that the free 10 folders are good enough for him.

Personally, I think I don’t really need the pro version because you know, I don’t have more than ten categories.

If the users want more than 10 folders/categories, they should upgrade to the PRO version with a one-time payment (Envato license). It is always a lifetime deal! You’ll get 6-month support and lifetime updates.

We have been through many white nights to keep FileBird up and running in such a user-friendly UI/UX and smooth performance. We doubt that any plugin author wants to put it out there with full features for free.

FileBird wordpress media library folders support unlimited folders

The Request of WordPress Review Team

In January 2021, it has come to our attention that the FileBird plugin’s 10-folder Free Tier is considered to violate WordPress plugin guidelines. Although it is not clearly specified which point is our case, we were requested to change FileBird plugin’s terms of use.

We were told to withdraw the feature [of creating folders] completely, OR ship unlimited folders. It is really tough for us to decide how and which to make changes.

As a result, FileBird Lite v4.5 will allow you to create unlimited main folders and nested folders. On the other hand, you will have limited compatibility with third-party plugins and page builders. FileBird folder explorer/browser is mostly working in Gutenberg.

To continue committing code and stay supportive, we need to at least cover our operating costs. We hope you guys understand that we have put plenty of time and resources to keep it available for free.

Anyway, what do you think about these changes?

Do you want to revert to its initial terms of use? Let us know in the comments.


Over to You

To ensure full compatibility with your favourite themes and page builders, please upgrade FileBird folders to PRO version.

As for details about how the Lite and Pro version differs, please check out FileBird documentation.

Want to request earlier versions? Download FileBird Lite v4.4.1.

Have rantings or suggestions? We’re all ears: hello[at]ninjateam.org

Best of luck & Have a beautiful day!
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The Initiative: WordPress Gives A Hand

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WordPress Gives A Hand starts from December 21st to December 27th, 2020, during which each participant sells their WordPress themes and plugins at their usual price, instead of running a(nother) discount deal.

When the campaign ends, they’ll calculate their sales and donate a percentage of the revenue to their chosen organizations.

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We believe children are the future. So 10% of our income during the Christmas week will be sent to UNICEF

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Self Hosting Vs Managed WordPress Hosting – Which is the Better Option in 2022?

This will not be the first time nor will it be the last time that you hear a discussion about self hosting versus managed hosting for WordPress. The reason why there is such an animated debate about shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting for WordPress sites is that in a world where people are trying to use the Internet as a source of income, the tools that they use can make the difference between them getting access to certain financial opportunities and having these opportunities pass them by.

Most people would agree that choosing WordPress as a publishing platform or as the basis for an eCommerce website is the best decision. WordPress offers flexibility and can be customized to meet the needs of a blogger, a small business, or a large enterprise. This is why WordPress is used by almost a quarter of the top websites on the planet.

If you are contemplating using WordPress for your personal blog or portfolio, but you haven’t already set up once, check out this guide to find out the cheapest web hosting solutions to start with.

Despite being regarded as WordPress, it actually comes in two varieties. You have WordPress.org, and you have WordPress.com. While WordPress.com is a combo service that bloggers use to host WordPress blogs. It offers a forever free plan that allows you to have a running blog as long as you like, and you will never have to worry about paying for it.

On the other side of the coin, there is WordPress.org. Downloading and installing WordPress is free. However, since this is the self-hosted variant, you will need to choose a server, select a domain name, and then pay money periodically in order to have your WordPress site hosted.

WordPress Hosting – Features to Look For

Some people look at these two options and automatically think that using WordPress.com is going to be their best option because the hosting is free. What they fail to realize is that free options do not necessarily mean that there is no cost. It’s good, especially if you are looking at using WordPress for your blog or for your website for years to come, to become familiar with the positives and negatives of using WordPress.com. Having the differences between the two options clear in mind will make it easier for you to make a good decision moving forward.

Here are the top points to consider when evaluating the best web hosting company for you now and later on:

  • Data transfer and bandwidth overages
  • Uptime and loading speed
  • Customer support

Different Hosting Options Provide Different Outcomes

At this point, it may be a good idea to give a little bit more information on the differences that exist in the hosting options you have. The first hosting option most people usually choose is shared WordPress hosting. Shared WordPress hosting is sought after by individuals who are building their first website, have financial restrictions and need to keep things cheap, and by people who do not really understand the difference between hosting options and are making their decisions based solely on price. Shared hosting is relatively inexpensive, somewhere between $3 and $25 a month.

  • Shared hosting companies make their money not through the fee they charge you every month but by up-selling you and sticking it to you through hidden fees.
  • Shared hosting companies offer “unlimited resources” as a sales gimmick. The truth is there is no such thing as unlimited resources. If your WordPress site starts to use too many resources, your hosting company is going to throttle the resources. This will have an impact on the clients who visit your site.
  • Shared hosting is cheap hosting. This means that the servers are overcrowded and any performance issues on another site may affect your site.

If we were to sum up shared hosting in a few words, we would describe it as cheap service, slow performance, and bad support.

wordpress hosting providers

Do-it-yourself VPS WordPress hosting is a second option that people use. Those looking for do-it-yourself VPS WordPress hosting are still looking to save money. But they also have a little bit of experience with WordPress, so they hope that they can use their experience to save money while at the same time maximizing performance and the success of their website.

On the plus side, do-it-yourself WordPress hosting will cut costs. On the downside, do-it-yourself WordPress hosting means that if anything goes wrong with your hosting, you are responsible for. If something breaks or if your server needs to be optimized, you are the one who needs to do it. This is why for some people, especially those who got into do-it-yourself hosting because they like to tinker, things backfire. You have to remember that your time is valuable. So while you may save a few dollars a month on hosting fees, the time you spend trying to fix what’s broken is probably a lot more valuable.

Managed WordPress hosting is usually sought after by medium-size businesses that have a substantial amount of traffic to their website. These individuals are looking to maximize the experience their clients have and realize that managed WordPress hosting is a good investment. They are able to offer their clients a faster loading page, security, and quicker response times because the hosting services they use has been fine-tuned to work with WordPress.

Managed WordPress hosting is going to be expensive. You can expect to pay on the low-end $25 a month and on the high-end upward of $200 a month. This price is going to vary, depending on how big your site is and what you need.

In recent studies by Hosting Canada, WordPress hosts perform an average of 32% better compared to hosts on other popular blogging platforms like Wix, or Squarespace. WordPress also offered a wider variety of easy to use third-party plugins and apps.

Reasons Why We like Managed WordPress Hosting

There are a number of reasons why we feel that managed WordPress hosting is the way to go. We recommend that you take your time and do your due diligence when looking at your personal circumstances and determining what hosting option is right for you.

One of the things that we love about managed WordPress hosting is that it allows you to focus your efforts on what you set out to do, grow your business. You are not worried about anything to do with your hosting service and know that you are going to be able to offer your clients superior performance all of the time.

hosting analytics of resource allocation

Managed WordPress hosting providers offer an environment that is fine-tuned to work with WordPress. If you use a shared host or if you use a do-it-yourself host, you are going to find yourself spending a bunch of time installing software and engaging in optimizations with the goal of getting the same speed that you could get from a managed WordPress host out-of-the-box. Performance and uptime are going to be improved with a managed WordPress hosting celebs like:

  • Cloudways: Great performance and simplicity
  • Pantheon: Fast page load and powerful scalability
  • Kinsta: User-friendly dashboard and advanced add-ons

Managed WordPress host use CDNs. They offer a large infrastructure that reaches around the world.

Kinsta and Cloudflare integration

Content delivery networks make it possible for you to put your site closer to the individuals who want to access it, thereby decreasing network latency. Latency is the amount of time it takes for information to be transmitted over a network. The farther the information stored on your site needs to travel, the longer it is going to take for it to arrive. This means that your customers will have to wait a lot longer for your site to load. Check the Kinsta review.

How Managed WordPress Hosting Can Protect Your Data

One of the coolest things about managed WordPress hosting is that you are almost always guaranteed a backup. These backups are included at no additional charge. You can imagine how valuable this is because if something happened and you accidentally lost everything, your business could be down for weeks or months as you try to restore the lost information. If you lose client information, the damage to your reputation and credibility may never be undone.

If you decide to go the do-it-yourself route, use some cheaper shared hosting options, or work with a VPS, you are responsible for creating your own backup system. If you do something wrong or do not configure something properly, you run the risk of losing everything.

Another area where managed WordPress hosting shines is security. Shared hosting environments are not known for providing their clients assistance if they are hacked or if there is malware. The situation is even worse for do-it-yourself and VPS servers. When your site is hacked, you are on your own. Managed WordPress hosting companies are known for actively protecting against attacks and malicious intents. They will often offer malware removal and software designed to detect and prevent DDoS attacks.


As you can see, there are a number of benefits that come from opting for managed WordPress hosting as opposed to shared hosting or do-it-yourself VPS. Sure, you are going to spend a little bit more money out of pocket. But you have to ask yourself, how much money are you willing to spend in order to have peace of mind and the freedom that comes from knowing that the security and performance aspects of your website are cared for? How much is it worth to you to have the time to focus solely on growing your business and attracting customers? How much is it worth to you to know that when your customers visit your site, they are going to find that your page is up and will have short load times?

Of course, we are just scratching the surface when it comes to managed hosting versus self-hosting for WordPress. We would love to hear what you have found. Please let us know more about your experiences in the comments section below.