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7 Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

Your website is a window of opportunity when it comes to growing your business. For all website owners with a mindset towards ongoing prosperity, it’s a healthy practice to continuously check your website performance. While you might consider design or content as your top priority, we believe website speed is not to be ignored. Websites […]

The best programmers typically use the fewest lines of code?

To answer this question, we have to start off with the definition of ‘Good code’. Good code: Is clear, efficient, easy to maintain, and easy to read Follows a clear, logical sequence of operations, and relies on no invisible or external machinery Carefully checks to ensure that inputs follow documented specification Handles external error cases […]

Pixabay App for Android and iOS Now Available

Finally, after more than one year of planning, designing, developing, and beta testing, the Pixabay app for Android and iOS is ready to fly with these main features: Distraction-Free Enjoy the official Pixabay app free of charge! Neither ads nor offerings for in-app purchases will be distracting you while browsing an endless stream of the most amazing […]

The Boom and Future of Bots

Chat bots are overtaking the planet. Or so it seems. Consumers can now book a flight, hail a ride, reserve a hotel room, buy clothes, manage their bank accounts online — now all without ever leaving the convenience of Facebook Messenger. There is just one tiny fly in the ointment. Bots might be the future, but “the […]

10 Top-notch WordPress Themes for Charity Organizations

Making a difference in this world is not a simple undertaking for charity organizations. It takes plenty of endeavors and a persuasive online presence. Understanding the tasks and tough situation that a charity campaign and any other individual with charitable interests have been encountered, we spread the best so that you don’t have to struggle […]