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Top 4 FREE WhatsApp plugins for WordPress (Comparison)

A free WhatsApp button can improve your customer service just by being there and listening to your visitors when they need it the most. Providing a convenient support channel like WhatsApp button for WordPress can help you collect their contacts, then you can offer them discount coupons, recommend blog posts, and so on. If you’re […]

Compare Top 7 WordPress Hosting Providers (Real User)

Finding a good WordPress hosting provider in 2023 can be struggling. If you’re a non-techie or solo founder for your business, you would want to rely on the hosting service that requires the least coding level and provides prompt support. We have sifted through the crowd to curate a shortlist of cheap hosting providers to […]

10+ Desirable WordPress Fashion Shop Themes

The pace of e-commerce growth is gradually speeding up. That is too visible to be ignored. As a fashion vendor, you have to, on the one hand, catch up with the hot styles in clothing, and be aware of the trends of technology on the other hand, so that you can sell more effectively. A […]

Best & Impressive WordPress Themes for Logistics & Transportation

We are witnessing the transition to an economy powered by services like health care, logistics and banking. Analysts have found out the fastest-growing corporates are those who are running effective logistics networks. Big giants in business like Amazon also seek ways to set up warehouses and logistics services because they see the areas of shipping […]

The best programmers typically use the fewest lines of code?

To answer this question, we have to start off with the definition of ‘Good code’. Good code: Is clear, efficient, easy to maintain, and easy to read Follows a clear, logical sequence of operations, and relies on no invisible or external machinery Carefully checks to ensure that inputs follow documented specification Handles external error cases […]