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Meet FastDup

The Fast Duplicator plugin is designed to deliver the best possible experience when you need to duplicate a website and migrate to another host/server/domain.

Totally free and fast

Now you can create website backup files and import the database to a new host in just a few steps.

Multiple packages

You can opt for a database-only or full-site package. After clicking Build package, it takes a few minutes for the package to be ready for download.

Multiple templates

This allows you to create pre-configured templates for different projects. Now you can save many package templates right in WordPress dashboard and use them later.

Play it safe

FastDup lets you clone your website anytime you want, especially before installing new unguaranteed plugins. Using FastDup keeps your site away from those risks of becoming unavailable or broken.

Pay nothing, possess everything

FastDup is not a SaaS. So your database will always be there for you and under full control. You don’t have to rely on a 3rd party service to clone or stage your website.

What’s more?


FastDup doesn’t make changes to your website SEO value. So you can transfer your SEO juice to the new domain by setting up a proper 301 redirection.

Full compatibility

Compatible with most popular page builders such as WPBakery, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, WooCommerce Page Builder, Elementor, etc.

Good for most servers

FastDup works well on a handful of the different web servers such as Nginx, Apache, LiteSpeed, Lighttpd, IIS, uWSGI, and WebServerX.

Multisite supported

Perfect for worry-free troubleshooting, staging, adding users to a new or existing site and distributing content across multiple sites.

New feature wanted?

Please leave us feedback if you need any features that are not already included in the premium version. And we can develop them in the next versions.

Common use cases

Pick FastDup when you want to migrate your WordPress site.

Test your developments on a duplicated WordPress build
Move the WordPress copy to a live site
Switch hosts
Migrate from localhost
Transfer to a new domain
Copy your website to a similar project
Rebrand, thus changing names and domain
Heavily warned by Google, thus starting over with a new domain
Rebuild your website after being hacked
Simply keep a full site backup for rainy days


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Best website duplicator & migration tool!

Even if other similar duplicator plugins don’t work anymore, FastDup is definitely the best choice and does the job super fast!
Also works perfectly on Windows IIS platforms. The best choice ever. 😉

Alain Melsens

Elementor user


Simple backups, lightweight and fast! 

It’s working reliably for me. Updates and support are high quality. Recommended. Improvements are steady and the developers take support seriously. Encouraging and worth a spin for simple on demand backups.


WooCommerce developer


Just like the name says, Fast.

Very simple and go 🙂

This plugin is such a time saver.




Incredibly fast and incredibly easy!

I was frustrated after trying 5 popular back-up/migration plugins and just happened to notice FastDup. I was able to duplicate and set up my relatively small site in under ten minutes (partially due to slow bandwidth). Excellent work, guys!



Thousands downloads from WordPress directory

We got 50,000+ downloads and 3,000+ active installations


Yes, they do. Everything presented in the prior site and theme migrates exactly the same on the new site.

Yes, FastDup is free and full-fledged.

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