WordPress GDPR CCPA Compliance

WordPress GDPR CCPA DPA Cookie Compliance



Getting GDPR compliant shouldn’t be a struggle.

In a nutshell, you need to apply these steps on your website:

  • Get clear consent before collecting any data.
  • Tell the user who you are, what data you collect, why you collect the data, for how long you retain it, and which third parties receive it (if any).
  • Let users exercise their rights including: access their data, download their data, delete their data.
  • Let users know if a data breach has occurred.

Customize cookie popup

You can fine-tune the cookie consent pop-up in a live editor and see every change you’ve made without having to leave the current admin dashboard menu.

GDPR compliance - Cookie Popop Settings
GDPR compliance - EU traffic options

Display options based on countries

This free plugin helps your WordPress website comply with the new GDPR and other national e-Privacy laws. Especially, you can further customize regional rules for EU traffic.

Full feature set packed in a single WP plugin

Each menu leads to a specific section of GDPR requirements. You simply have to fill content and switch on/off to configure the options:

  • Privacy policy
  • Forget me request
  • Data access
  • Data breach
  • Rectification
  • EU traffic rules

GDPR compliance - Privacy Policy options


Cookie Consent

Informs users about cookie use and gets their consent.

Term & Conditions Consent

Take users automatically to your Term & Conditions Page and gets their consent.

Privacy Policy Consent

Take users automatically to your Privacy Policy Page and gets their consent.

Request Data Archive

Collect Data access requests and automatically inform admin.

Forget me form

Create a form for users to request for their stored data to be deleted and automatically notify website admin

Data Rectification

Allow users to request their stored data to be rectified.

Data Breach Notification

Notify data breach to all users as required by law.

Control EU Traffic

Now you can display Cookie Popup for EU countries users only or refuse them.

New feature wanted?

Please leave us feedback if you need any features that are not already included in the premium version. And we can develop them in the next versions.

Your languages supported

Use WordPress GDPR in your languages. Just one click to install and you don’t have to look up any word.

Supported themes and plugins

We have done extra work to ensure complete compatibility with all themes, page builders and major plugins.


Get compliant with these personal data protection rules and national privacy laws:

  • GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR affects all businesses both inside and outside of the EU. Any non-EU company dealing with EU customers will have to comply with the GDPR.)
  • DPA – Data Protection Act 2018 (UK)
  • APPI – The Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Japan)
  • PIPEDA – The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada)
  • CCPA – The California Consumer Privacy Act (California, US)
  • CPRA – The California Privacy Rights and Enforcement Act to replace CCPA in 2023
  • AAP – Australia’s Privacy Principles (Australia)
  • LGPD – The Brazilian General Data Protection Law (Brazil)
  • DSGVO – German GDPR (Germany)
  • CNIL, PECR and other cookie law, data and privacy regulations

Disclaimer The information above is not the same as legal advice, where an attorney applies the law to your specific circumstances, so we insist that you consult a local attorney if you’d like advice on your interpretation of this information or its accuracy.

Don’t ignore this regulation if you are one of these users

WordPress Website Owners

It doesn’t whether you sell on your website or not, or even if you don’t collect any data. If you have cookies and other features enabled on your site you will be liable for GDPR.

Content Marketers

Are you tracking your users on your website? Do you have Facebook pixel or track your users in other ways? Do EU visitors come to your site and they interact with your articles, leave comments etc?

Ecommerce Sellers

Do you store personal data? Does your site have forms that let people create accounts on your site or share their emails or contact details?
Do you use a bulletin board or a communication center for your visitors?

Affiliate Marketers

Are you tracking traffic of your site? Collecting people’s name and email?
Do you use Google Analytics or anything else to store personal data for statistics purposes?


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Geo-Targeting Works With Cache!

There are many similar plugins available, but this seems to be the only one that is able to show the notice to just EU users with LiteSpeed cache activated. Also super easy to configure.

Elementor user

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It helps me grow my business with confidence.

As a small business owner, ensuring my website is fully compliant with GDPR regulations is crucial. With this plugin, I was able to implement the necessary changes to make my website secure and user-friendly for global visitors. 

WooCommerce user

via WordPress.org


Easily customize my website in line with strict data protection laws.

The comprehensive features and step-by-step instructions gave me the control to tailor my site’s privacy settings. This plugin has helped me to build trust with my audience, reinforcing the integrity of my brand while supporting their right to privacy online.

WordPress user

via Envato Market


Highly recommended!

Clean, clear, and straightforward! Great plugin for getting GDPR-compliant.

WordPress user

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Yes, we will update it as much as required and you will get FREE upgrades lifetime.

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