Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Pro Documentation

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Here is the documentation of  Multi Step for Contact Form 7 Pro plugin.

Once Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Plugin activated, the Contact Forms dashboard has a new look. You can see additional separate tabs represent Step 1, Step 2, Step 3…

Contact Form 7 Multi Step Settings

  1. Add a new step

  2. Show an answer from a previous step

  3. Preview the full form before submit it

  4. Animation options and button colour settings 

  5. Enable and set progress bar feature

  1. Add a new step

  • Click the plus icon to add a step (1)
  • Fill in Step name and Back, Next button titles (2) (3)
  • Add form fields (4)

Note: By default, in the last step, the submit button is located on the left side. To make it float to the right, please add a submit button like this:

<p style=”float:right”>
[submit “Submit”]

  1. Show an answer from a previous step

Contact form 7 Multi Step Recall

  • You can enter only one field name here (1)
  • Enter an ID or Class attribute for adding CSS rules later (optional) (2)

Note: If you use checkbox, please add”-cbmls” into checkbox name (e.g: checkbox-123-cbmls)  so that Njt Answer can recognize and display it.

  1. Preview the full form before submit it

  • Enter a title for the preview button (1)
  • Enter an ID or Class attribute for adding CSS rules later (optional) (2)
  1. Animation options and button colour settings

  • Back button background colour and title colour (1) (2)
  • Next button background colour and title colour (3) (4)
  • Toggle this ON if you want the form to scroll to top of the page when Next button is clicked (5)
  • Toggle this ON and select from the dropdown options if you want appearance animation for the Back and Next buttons (6)
  1. Enable progress bar feature

  • Toggle ON progress bar if you choose to have it shown (1)
  • Watch the form preview on the right side (2)
  • Set colour for the progress bar (3)
  • Choose your preferred style for the progress bar (4)
  • Choose progress bar arrangement style (5)
  • Activate or deactivate form progress percentage (6)
  • Set colour for the form progress percentage (7)
  • Tick this option if you want users to be able to click on each steps to see its contents without filling it first (8)
  • Save the form!

Your form is now done!

I hope you can easily find how to customize Contact form 7 multi step plugin after reading this tutorial.

In case you have any question or need support, please submit a ticket at Our Support Portal or feel free to chat with our support team at Our Official Facebook Page

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How to submit App Review for Facebook Auto Reply plugin (Jan.2020)

Permissions needed:

  • publish_pages
  • manage_pages
  • pages_messaging

Step 1. Publish_pages and manage_pages (APP IN DEVELOPMENT MODE)

You need record a screencast like this first

Then follow this guide to submit the screencast and enter the content

Step 2. Pages_messaging (APP IN LIVE MODE)




You need record a screencast like this

Then follow this guide to submit the screencast and enter the content

Review DoopChat – An automated tool for your Facebook page comments

You definitely do not have enough time to answer the same constant questions raised by customers, right?

To free up your time, while still giving customers support and enough information in an organized way, you might consider using an automated solution.

Say hello to DoopChat, and don’t be surprised when it automatically sends a message to those who comment on any of your Facebook page posts or ads.

Exciting yet?

Additionally, DoopChat also supports live chat feature that is useful for helping your business deal with everday queries related to services or products.

With the great help of the DoopChat, it has now become possible for your company to provide full customer support 24/7.

Thus, DoopChat plays a critical role in a variety of daily tasks such as collecting email address, phone numbers or any other important details.

DoopChat is the official tool developed by Ninja Team. It was born to help you overcome the obstacle and take your customer support service to the next level.

In today’s article, I’ll take you through exactly how this tool works to help customers, then I’ll go further into all DoopChat’s features to let you manage your Facebook page a whole lot easier and less time consuming.


First, you need to create your own campaign by choosing one of two below packages, namely $39 per month and $295 per year.

doopchat price

Next, you have to connect your Facebook account to DoopChat and then set up your new campaign.

connect facebook

After connected, all of your Facebook pages are listed. You just choose the page you want to set up the automated reply.

setup new campaign

When everything is on the right track, you will see a list of your page posts displayed on the left corner. Choose one post and click Enable Private Replies button, you can set specific key words for each particular comment by choosing Reply if option. For example, when customers want to ask the price of your product, set the key word “how much” in the box.

Conversely, if you want to reply automatically no matter what the queries are, just click on Reply anytime option and type appropriate answers for their questions.


Things are the same for the remaining sections. Finally, click Save Changes.

Voilà. Done. Easy enough, right?

Live Chat Feature

A customer live chat is a small floating icon that usually appears in the bottom-right corner of a website. Like traditional live chat software, you can install a Messenger customer chat plugin on your website.

This plugin makes it easy for any website visitors with a Messenger account to have a live conversation with a human, leave a message, and interact with your Messenger bot.

test livechat

When I tested this feature, it seems to me that this is greatly useful for those who want to keep contact with customers and beneficial for dealing with all queries from clients.

Benefits for enterprises

In addition to the striking feature that replies automatically and privately customers’ queries on any Facebook page posts and ads, DoopChat is also greatly beneficial for businesses to increase Facebook engagement and boost sales in a number of following areas:

  • E-commerce

This is my go-to business category in using DoopChat. I’m running an e-commerce shop selling street fashion items, specifically sneakers and T-shirts that are wildly popular in teenagers’ taste today. For example, if customers comment which types of sneaker they prefer and tag their friends who also feel interested in this, they’ll get a coupon for 20% off right into their inbox. Yay, super excited!


  • Education/ Courses

In addition to the above online boutique, the other section I’m running is the online French course for those who love learning another language besides English.

As demonstrated below, I can create a post asking people to tag someone who also has an interest in leanring French. Then, I will send the link forwarding to the sample lesson through Messenger or my website for further information about the courses as well as instructors.

french course

  • Real estate

This is another interesting and fast-growing area that DoopChat aims at.

If you are a real estate agent, you can create a post containing a number of images or an album of a house or apartment and ask customers to write down their thoughts about the property as well as the price in the comment section. If possible, you can strike up a conversation and negotiate the price with them via Messenger.

You could compose a post with Yes No question to ask those who are inclined to seek or rent an apartment in a month. If possible, you can send the website for them to learn more about this. If no, you can ask them what type of real estate they wish to own?

real estate

  • Services like restaurant

Another fascinating type of business sector you can use DoopChat to explore is restaurant. If you are using social network to operate a BBQ restaurant, just ask customers to comment or tag friends who have the same taste. You could set the private auto-reply with a coupon “Buy Two get One Free” to gift them. That way helps increase the chance of them coming to visit your store.


Other ways to increase Facebook page engagement

The following ideas are quite handy to help increase Facebook page engagement and boost sales for your business. As a result, you can attract and build up your potential and loyal clients.

  • Comment to receive a coupon or discount code.
  • Comment to get access to a webinar
  • Comment to get access to a case study or ebook, document
  • Comment to receive message containing secret link


Final thoughts

DoopChat is such an amazing lifesaver with a great help of increasing Facebook page response rate and sharing custom coupons, promotions in conversations. With a massive support of live chat function, you are cultivating strong relationships with visitors and converting them into profitable clients.

It’s obvious to say that DoopChat cannot be a full replacement for human interaction, they can be a reliable customer assistant to provide support and information instantly to customers.

So let’s give DoopChat a shot today and see how it can help you handle your Facebook pages’ comments.

Thank y’all and warm welcome from Ninja Team! 😊

How to get Facebook Access Token

  1. Copy the script in the link below
  2. Go to your Facebook Profile > Right click and choose “Inspect” 
  3. Paste the script in the Console tab and replace your Facebook email and password.4. Enter and the result is 5. Copy the token and paste into your plugin. Done!


Ninja Team Blocks for Gutenberg Documentation


Here is the documentation of Ninja Team Blocks for Gutenberg

  • Make sure you have installed Gutenberg, get it here
  • After install Ninja Blocks, you have more blocks to build any page for your site
  • Go to create a post or page, choose blocks you need



  • Example: Add Testimonial Block 


Customize text, color, border, etc.



  • Add Counter Block

  • Add Pricing Block


There many more premade blocks for you to discover. Take time to explore it!

If  you have any question, please submit a ticket at Our Support Portal or feel free to chat with our support team at Our Official Facebook Page

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How to set up Youtube Pro for WordPress


Thanks for being our customer.

Here is the tutorial on how to set up Youtube Pro for WordPress:

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know.

You can message us on Our Facebook Page or submit a ticket at Our Support System.

Many thanks from Ninja Team! ;)

Ninja Team Gutenberg Form Builder Documentation


Here is the documentation of Ninja Team Gutenberg Form Builder 

  • Make sure you have installed Gutenberg plugin, get it here
  • Now create a form in Ninja Team Gutenberg Form Builder
  • Go to Form Builder, select “Add New”








  • A basic form backend looks like this

  • Paste the form shortcode into a post or page to display it


There much more blocks you can insert in your form to make it beautiful and colorful. Take time to explore it!

If  you have any question, please submit a ticket at Our Support Portal or feel free to chat with our support team at Our Official Facebook Page

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How to rate our plugins a 5 star rating on CodeCanyon?

Hello our awesome customers,

If you love one of our plugins and/or you are satisfied with our support. You can surprise us by leaving a 5-star rating on CodeCanyon.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log in to your Envato account at
  2. Go to your downloads page at:
  3. Click on “Rate this item”:
  4. Follow the popup, you can give a comment if you wish.
  5. You’re done, thank you so much!

From Ninja Team with 

How to get Subscription Messaging Approval for your Facebook page

Below is the instruction of how to get Subscription Messaging Approval for your Facebook page.

Go to your Facebook Page Settings > Messenger platform. Scroll down to “Advanced Messaging Features”, then click on “Request”.

Provide required information as specific as possible. I recommend you to tick on “News”

Additional details content sample: 

We are running a blog which provides articles for dog lovers. We want to send messages to our messenger subscribers about new articles. We will send two messages in a month.

Click on the checkbox, then click “Save draft”.

Messages content sample: (It’s easy to be approved when your message is about news or blog post)

♦Dear subscriber,

Do you know we have just released a new product for your beloved puppy?

Check our site for details.

♦Dear subscribers,

Do you know how to pet your dog properly and make your dog feel loved?

Check our blog post for details.

♦Dear subscribers,

Do you know all the tips to take care of your dog?

Check this article for details.


Click on “Submit for Review”, and you’re done.

How to submit for Facebook App Review – Bulk Sender

Below is the process of how to get Facebook app approval for Bulk sender plugin.


  • A live website (your website must look like a real site with articles and products)
  • Business License/ Personal Documents to be verified

Approval needed:

  • pages_messaging
  • manage_pages
  • Page Subscription Messaging

===pages_messaging and manage_pages

♦ Please watch this video to know how to submit for these two permissions

♦ For the screencast needed to submit, you record one video like the one below. Remember don’t use exactly this one. You need record one by yourself showing how the permissions demonstrate clearly.


♦ For the content submitted, you can refer to this document but remember to provide your own information such as admin login credentials. If your site has “My account” page, please provide one more account for this so that Facebook team will easily access to test.

You can read more about Facebook verifications here:

===Page Subscription Messaging

Follow this instruction to get this permission.




The following are the possible events that you could experience:

1. A good number of the review team would go ahead and send this kind of message to the associated test page that you added during the setup “This is a test message from the Facebook team. Please respond from your App within 2 days to confirm that the integration is functioning”:

Then, you need to respond within 2 days as stated by them from the App by going to your website dashboard and then opening the Bulksender plugin to check for new leads, where you should see some of the reviewers already added as leads in the plugin, some of them do not have profile pictures shown while some would not have their Names displayed, so make sure you check for these strange leads then send them the response message that was requested by them, just select all their leads and send a message like this “Hi there, this is a test message from the App as requested by you. Thanks for considering to accept our permission request.” :

After, the message has been sent, then you should get your App permission requests approved:

2. If you followed step 1 from above and your App permission request still gets rejected, then it is most likely due to the fact that  majority of the review team are not so learned about the App review processes or they failed to check the well outlined text instructions and screencast submitted with the review. So, here are the two options that we do employ to solve this issue:

(a). We keep on submitting the App permission request until maybe once a time the request gets to someone else amongst the review team with better understanding of the review platform then gets to see the request and accept it normally, because surely, the team does have work rotations, so it’s not just a single reviewer on the other end who does the reviewing forever.

(b). Right at the App review result interface, there is an option which says something like this “Confused about your App review results? Ask a direct question from support” You could get in touch with the support unit at this App review section, because the team at the support unit have shown to have more experiences in the process and surely would take a closer look at the request which increases the chances of the App request getting accepted.


– Sometimes the support team at this section replies very slowly, so you need to send them sequential follow ups if they seems taking more than 48 Hours to reply.– Whilst you get in touch with the support team, make sure you are still resubmitting the App request. Here are some of the sample feedbacks we got from the support team:


If  you have any question, please submit a ticket at Our Support System or feel free to chat with our support team at Our Official Facebook Page

Many thanks,

Ninja Team