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10 Best Email Marketing WordPress Plugins

As WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems globally, there are thousands of plugins available. Regardless of the type of plugin you are searching, from pop-ups creation to online forms design, you can surely find it.  Email marketing plugins for WordPress create a very competitive market. As more companies focus on […]

How to submit App Review for Facebook Auto Reply plugin (Jan.2020)

Permissions needed: publish_pages manage_pages pages_messaging Step 1. Publish_pages and manage_pages (APP IN DEVELOPMENT MODE) You need record a screencast like this first Then follow this guide to submit the screencast and enter the content Step 2. Pages_messaging (APP IN LIVE MODE)       You need record a screencast like this Then follow this guide […]

5 Challenges in Creating a Membership Site on WordPress

No website development projects occur without friction, especially something as complex as a membership site. You might think of using WordPress’s built-in user levels as a starting point for creating membership features. While you can go down that path, it’s much faster, cheaper and easier to configure an off-the-shelf WordPress membership plugin to meet your […]

WordPress Marketing Plugins to Help You Earn More

With over 55,000 plugins available on WordPress today, how do you know what’s right for your business? You want to earn more, and you know some plugins can help you do it, but where do you start? Since nobody has time to review all the possible plugins for WordPress to find the best options, we’ve […]

WordPress Advertising Plugins to Boost Revenue

WordPress is an excellent piece of software for both hobbyists and professionals. No matter whether you want a casual blog or a powerful e-commerce website, WordPress has something for you. We will focus on the latter category today—the ones earning with WordPress. No, better yet, we will focus on those who want to earn with […]

How to get Facebook Access Token

Copy the script in the link below https://github.com/kellynguyen2393/fbaccesstoken/blob/master/FBaccesstoke Go to your Facebook Profile > Right click and choose “Inspect”  Paste the script in the Console tab and replace your Facebook email and password.4. Enter and the result is 5. Copy the token and paste into your plugin. Done!  

How to troubleshoot WordPress media library not loading with FileBird

This article show you a plugin to help you troubleshoot your WordPress media library not loading. FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders was born to let you manage thousands of your files in WordPress media library quickly and easily. You’ll be able to use your WordPress media library just like the folders on your computer. You […]