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Value of image To Find a Product Online

We all use Google daily to find out what’s happening in the world. We also scroll to find new products we want to buy or news about an expected movie. We touch-type in so several searches each day to know about what we see or hear.  In this busy world, we often see things that […]

120,000 WordPress media libraries are powered by FileBird!

It’s not every day that you got something to celebrate. Our great pride for today is not that we got a six-figure number of active installations. Rather, we are so glad that we have helped thousands of WordPress users save hours and hours of having to organize media items. Thanks for all the suggestions, reviews, […]

How to Customize Dokan Emails

As an experienced WordPress and WooCommerce user, I have come to realize the importance of having nice and much better Emails sent out to WooCommerce store clients. Since the basic WooCommerce Email does not allow for much customization that would help serve store customers in the best possible way. Thus, it is necessary to introduce […]

How to customize WooCommerce Emails

WordPress is a great e-commerce platform and WooCommerce is the best WordPress e-commerce plugin so far. Nearly 30% of online stores all over the world are now using WooCommerce. However, the WooCommerce transactional emails which store owners use to communicate with their customers are so underdeveloped and does not offer much in terms of customization […]

Ecommerce Marketing: 6 Strategies You Should Be Armed With

The eCommerce business has never been smooth. It has drawbacks that prevent business owners from the steady growth of sales. The absence of sales leads to a decrease in revenue growth.  Eventually, eCommerce website owners conclude that they must either stop their business or search for solutions on how to save it. The main issues […]

How to add Telegram Chat into your WordPress website

This is a step-by-step guide to show you how to add Telegram Chat into your WordPress website. You need a plugin to help you do it, it is NinjaTeam Chat for Telegram. It’s lightweight with cool features. Upload Telegram Chat plugin In your WordPress dashboard, go to Menu Plugins > Search for “NinjaTeam Chat for […]

Best WordPress Dropshipping Plugins

In our modern world, online shopping became an integral part of everyday life. It’s more convenient to stay at home and have your purchase delivered, instead of spending a lot of time visiting different shops.  Dropshipping allows you to do your business and make a profit without any risks and additional spendings. There is no […]

How to use Growmatik to run cross-channel marketing automation for WooCommerce

The secret to effective marketing automation lies in the customer journey, not in individual channels. Simply put, a journey involves at least two touch points across various channels. The main drawbacks of single-channel solutions is that they only cover one touchpoint and tend not to be integrated with other solutions. This results in contradictory, ineffective […]