5 Best WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugins

WooCommerce is an excellent platform for building eCommerce sites. However, there’s a hitch that It shows all the prices in American dollars (USD) by default.

So, what about the countries that don’t use USD as a local currency?

Off course, there needs to be an option for the users to switch to the local currency to counter this. Doing so would make the shopping experience of customers convenient and smooth.

But how can you achieve this in a WooCommerce platform?

Fortunately, there are WooCommerce Multi Currency plugins available that make this work fast and efficient.

But first, Let’s check out why you need a Multi-currency plugin and what wonders it can do for your ecommerce store.

WooCommerce Multi-Currency Plugin: An Overview

Many of you would want to know what these WooCommerce multi-currency plugins are?

So, before we discuss the best multi-currency plugins available out there, let’s understand what this plugin is and what it can do for your eCommerce store.

As discussed above, the prices are shown only in American dollars, which is not convenient for the users to access the site outside the US. Therefore, to overcome this issue, WooCommerce web admins need to show their prices in local currency to enhance user experience and conversions for the business.

This, however, requires a lot of manual coding work on behalf of WooCommerce developers. Luckily, there are plenty of multi-currency plugins already developed by WordPress & WooCommerce developers to make the process fast, efficient, and straightforward.

These plugins work tremendously, and like all the other plugins available for different features, they are also easy to set up and configure.

A few benefits of using multi-currency plugins for the WooCommerce store are shared below:

  • Enhances the entire shopping experience of customers by sharing the product prices in the local currency.
  • The customers don’t need to convert the price into their local currency using some currency conversion app.
  • Plugins are hassle-free and prevent inaccuracy and confusion regarding pricing.
  • Helps to reach audiences all around the world to grow your business successfully.
  • Efficiently deals with multiple currencies by offering a lot of flexibility.

Now that you are clear on the ability to use such plugins for your eCommerce store, let’s dive into the top 5 multi-currency plugins for Woocommerce that are available out there:

1. YayCurrency

YayCurrency is a WooCommerce Multi Currency plugin that allows customers changing the currency to the required local currency while browsing the site. You’ll have the option to display currency switching options at different locations such as at the shop, cart, and check-out pages.

The plugin displays a list of available currencies, which can be implemented on the shop page to help customers select the required currency for making the payment. The plugin handles all the conversions from one currency to another.

The best part is that the YayCurrency switcher automatically detects page view’s location and displays the corresponding currency likewise. Moreover, the customers can also switch currencies manually.

YayCurrency does not require any lengthy and complicated configuration. The plugin works great, even on a low server.

However, it can only be implemented to your WordPress site if you use a WooCommerce plugin since it is an add-on for WooCommerce. YayCurrency is also compatible with the early PHP 7.0+, WordPress 3.0 +, WooCommerce 3.0+ & Browser versions.

Important Features

YayCurrency is an advanced WooCommerce Multi Currency plugin and has a lot of options available. Some of the main features include:

Supports Multiple Currencies

It supports multiple currencies from the backend to enable the frontend users to select their desired currency when needed quickly.

Auto Detection

You can even set the auto-detection option for setting the currency for frontend users based on the country.

Checkout in Different Countries

The admin can make it possible for the customers to checkout in different countries at the checkout stage.

The customers will get a privilege of selecting their preferred currency from the dropdown menu hence more currency options will lead to better sales conversions.

Automatic Updates

The plugin can be set to automatically update currency exchange rates after a specific time at the frontend.

Display Currency switcher as a Widgets

Admin can also add the currency switch option as a widget.

Display Currency switcher in Menu

 It also gives the option to display a currency switcher on the header menu.

Flexibility for Frontend Users

Frontend users have the flexibility to change the currency on the Shop page, Cart Page, and even on the Checkout page if need be. The currency switcher option can be added to the menu.

The Pro Version gives more options, such as unlimited currencies. You can add multiple currencies, automatically detecting prices based on the customer’s IP and an automatic exchange rate on set intervals.

How Does YayCurrency Work?

YayCurrency works well with all the payment gateways such as PayPal, Cash on delivery, Bank transfer, Check or Stripe.

To set currencies in WooCommerce, go to Settings, click “Manage Currency” option and add all the currencies.

The required currency is entered in the list of currencies on the default format. The format comprises a currency icon, thousand and decimal separators following the numbers after the decimal. You can then change each currency format option in the currency drawer panel.

The plugin is available both as a free and premium version. YayCurrency Premium version has three price plans with the basic package starting at $49/year.

2. Multi Currency for WooCommerce

The Multi Currency for WooCommerce is another great WooCommerce Multi Currency extension to use for your eCommerce store. It helps you to display the rates of currency for your products on the store’s website. This makes customers comfortable as they have direct access to the different currency’s conversion rate.

Install this plugin to make all the rich features of the plugin available for every country. Configuration is also easy and takes just a few steps.

The plugin helps users to get the price in the local currency rates. It has two options: manual and auto for setting it. Doing so would increase your online shop’s user experience and sales, as it would make shopping easy for everyone globally.

Important Features

Switch Currency

It helps customers to make transactions in their currency by switching to the local currency of their country.

Currency Conversion

It gives access to multiple currency conversions according to the market rates.

Increases Revenue

It enhances customers’ experience and helps your shop to grow.


The conversion rates are automatically updated for the required currency to prevent inaccuracy.

Default Currency

It has the option to select back the original currency while checking out if need be.

It also comes in both free and paid version. The paid version price starts at $39/year.


WPML Currency plugin is an extension of WPML plugins that helps to convert the pricing of the shop as well as the products page. The checkout and the order page follow the WooCommerce original currency.

Important Features


Use widgets to display currency against the corresponding currency icon.


You can also use shortcodes for further settings.

Keeps a Record of Customers’ Orders

It also offers an option for recording customer orders according to their currency.

Currency Exchange

Price is calculated as per the forex rates available in the market.  The rates are auto-updated on an everyday basis.


It works with almost all the popular WP themes such as NewsPaper, Avada, and FlatSome.

Manual or Auto-Calculation

The product’s price is calculated either automatically or manually as per the currency exchange rates.


WooCommerce geolocation option helps the plugin to detect the customer’s address to show the local currency automatically.

The WPML plugin is available for free and premium versions. However, the premium version has more options and is priced at $29/year for the basic package.

4. YITH Multi Currency Switcher

YITH’s plugin for Multiple Currencies helps you set a standard payment procedure on your online store. It lets you expand your store by making it possible for the customers to make payments in their local currencies worldwide.

This means that the online shop owners can do the payments in their local currency as an alternative. Moreover, there is a feature that showcases conversion currency rates of the different countries in real-time. Install this plugin and integrate the option to display the customers’ multiple currencies to enhance their shopping experience. It shows the flag of the country to set its currency.

Important Features

Coupon Code

Helps to set the different currencies with a coupon code.

Manual Price Settings

You have to manually set the product pricing since the currency rate fluctuates worldwide.

Currency Switching Option

Helps you to implement the currency switch option wherever you want on the website.


Provides shortcodes to customize the different options quickly

Display Different Currency Values

It lets visitors view different currency values on the side while paying the local currency of their country.

It is available as a premium version and costs $99.99/year for a single site.


WOOCS Currency Switcher is another Multi Currency plugin for the WooCommerce platform. It lets you add a multiple currency feature to your store in an absolutely simple way. The users can either pay the price in their currency or the default currency set for the store. It also has the option to switch product prices and convert currencies according to the current forex rate.

Important Features

Compatible Against Different Payment Methods

The plugin is compatible with Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, and Skrill.

Supports WooCommerce GEO IP

It supports the geolocation feature in WooCommerce that detects customers’ IP to enable payments in their local currency. It changes the currency automatically according to the customer’s country.


You can display the option to switch currencies through a widget anywhere on the site that supports the widget area.

No Default Currency

It doesn’t set any price in a default currency, which means that you can set any currency based on your requirememts.

There is a free Woocs plugin and a paid version. The paid version is priced at $32.


Currency switching is critical to the success of your eCommerce store. All the plugins have their features and abilities. However, we recommend YayCurrency based on our choice for its excellent multi-language and multi-currency support. Not only is it equipped with more features than the rest of the plugins, even in the free version, but it also has this option to add the currency switcher in the header menu and the widget area of your online store. Check out the free version first, and then switch to the paid version later on when you are delighted with the free options.