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Ecommerce Marketing: 6 Strategies You Should Be Armed With

The eCommerce business has never been smooth. It has drawbacks that prevent business owners from the steady growth of sales. The absence of sales leads to a decrease in revenue growth.  Eventually, eCommerce website owners conclude that they must either stop their business or search for solutions on how to save it. The main issues […]

How to add Telegram Chat into your WordPress website

This is a step-by-step guide to show you how to add Telegram Chat into your WordPress website. You need a plugin to help you do it, it is NinjaTeam Chat for Telegram. It’s lightweight with cool features. Upload Telegram Chat plugin In your WordPress dashboard, go to Menu Plugins > Search for “NinjaTeam Chat for […]

Best WordPress Dropshipping Plugins

In our modern world, online shopping became an integral part of everyday life. It’s more convenient to stay at home and have your purchase delivered, instead of spending a lot of time visiting different shops.  Dropshipping allows you to do your business and make a profit without any risks and additional spendings. There is no […]

How to use Growmatik to run cross-channel marketing automation for WooCommerce

The secret to effective marketing automation lies in the customer journey, not in individual channels. Simply put, a journey involves at least two touch points across various channels. The main drawbacks of single-channel solutions is that they only cover one touchpoint and tend not to be integrated with other solutions. This results in contradictory, ineffective […]

How to Set Up Google Site Kit in WordPress

Most likely, as a site owner, you have heard a lot about how convenient and effective Google tools are. But not everyone understands how they can be used if you have a site on the WP functionality. Such a product as Google Site Kit has become a must-have for almost all site owners. It’s all […]

8 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress 2021

Elementor, the leading WordPress page builder, has crossed over four million active users after its debut in 2016. This WordPress page builder plugin offers an exceptional web designing experience and consents people to build and design their website themselves without creating a single code line. Most of these versatile page builders provide various Elementor widgets […]

8 Best Instagram Feed Plugins for WordPress

Instagram is an excellent platform for visual content, and its simplicity makes it one of the most popular marketing tools at the moment. This popularity explains why companies and businesses are finding ways to import their Instagram content to their websites. Besides, you can save time on content creation and delegate this work to your […]

10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins in 2021

Desire to get a magic wand that will turn website visitors into regular subscribers and customers? You need to add popups as this is an effective way to increase sales and provoke your visitors to subscribe to your site. The point is that they attract attention and prompt action since they are great at instantly […]

The Best Web Design Trends That Build a Strong UX in 2021

The digital world is fast-paced, and user’s expectations change every day. Something that was in trend yesterday might be too outdated today. Therefore, when it comes to building a strong UX of your website, brands need to continually follow web design trends to create a memorable user experience and set their company apart from the […]

5+ Best Online Grammar WordPress Plugins

Jetpack grammar checker feature is a great way to tackle spelling and grammar errors while blogging with WordPress. As of Jetpack v7.3, however, the Proofreading module is no longer included. Still want to get the best out of your grammar when you blog or host a site on WordPress? Then you’re in luck! We get […]