How to Download an item purchased from CodeCanyon market

This guide is to show you how to download an item you purchased from CodeCanyon market.

You should download item(s) immediately after purchasing because they may be taken down any time.

Go to and you will see a list of all the items you purchased.

Hover on “Download” button on the item you want and choose ‘Installable WordPress file only’ which contains the plugin code only, or ‘License certificate and purchase code’ for the item license information only.

In case you’re not sure which package you have on file, please unzip the file to see its nested file.

If you’ve downloaded the Full Plugin Package, which includes license and help files; you will see a secondary file, this is the one you select to install.

For example, if you have a codecanyon-gIdpgWYQ-media-folders-manager-for-wordpress package, be sure to extract all possible archives, and then rezip the folders as shown in the screenshot below. The filebird-pro folder is the one you select for uploading.

zip filebird pro

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