11 Ideas for Messenger Bot to Boost Your Business

Chatbots will be successful in reinforcing their position as the most preferred channels for engagement. 
Given the ease and convenience with which businesses can integrate Facebook Messenger chatbot in their lead-generation activities, it is about time to get on board the chatbot express!

Announcement – Facebook Messenger Changes in Development

Dear WordPress Users,

As you might have already heard, Facebook is updating on improving data security to strengthen user privacy experience, and recently they announced they have been making changes to their Platform.

In the meantime, app review process is paused which includes the ability to connect/ reconnect a plugin to any Messenger app or new authentications on approved/non-approved apps.

>>>>>> Here is what they have stated:

“Today Ime Archibong, VP Platform Partnerships, announced some updates to the Facebook platform, which also impacts Messenger. These critical steps will give people more control of their data, and put stronger protections in place to prevent misuse. As it relates to Messenger, we are currently pausing app review, which means there will be no new bots/experiences added to the platform while we review our policies and make necessary adjustments. Existing Messenger experiences will continue to function as is.”

Read the full article here → Messenger Platform Changes in Development

So what does this means?

⇒ Existing apps will not be affected: Everything will be as per normal and you will still be able to continue running your campaigns with our plugins. Be noticed that don’t disconnect an app, it will be impossible to connect again.

⇒ New apps signups will not be able to connect Facebook page: Review app for submission is pausing and connecting webhooks get an error.

We are expecting this temporary “pause” to last for just a couple weeks. During this period of time, please seek your kind understanding and patience.
If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will be happy to help.

Ninja Team

Facebook Marketing – Tool No.5: CartBack

What is it and how is it beneficial? 

CartBack is a tool that helps you send Facebook messages to those who added to cart but have not checked out. Once they have opted in your list, you can send them messages anytime you want afterwards.

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Facebook Marketing – Tool No.4: Bulk Sender

It’s 2018, and Facebook is where it’s at. Sending bulk messages to all your Facebook leads is easier than ever before. This is a tool to help you send mass messages to all those who have messaged your Facebook pages.

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Facebook Marketing – Tool No. 3: SpiderLink

What is it and how is it beneficial? 

It is a tool developed to help you attract more views, likes & comments on your Facebook posts.
Your special links are hidden and your fans will have to like or comment on your posts to get access to it.

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Facebook Marketing – Tool No.2: Auto Reply

                         Facebook Messenger Auto Reply

What is it and how is it beneficial?

If you are an owner of multiple Facebook fan pages, it is very important to reply to all comments and private messages as soon as possible to provide a good relationship with your fans.

Otherwise, your potential clients can see directly on Facebook that your fan page has a low response rate. And this is harmful for your business. With Facebook Auto Reply you can set auto reply for all posts of all your Facebook fan pages.

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Facebook Marketing – Tool No.1: Live Chat (Customer Chat)

                          Facebook Messenger Live Chat

What is it and how is it beneficial?

Based on Facebook Messenger, this plugin runs like an instant messaging system. It allows your customers to interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger.

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