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Best Plugins to Accept Donations with WordPress

Raising money for a great merit is not always an easy task, but you can make it a little easier for yourself by adding a noticeable Donation button on your website. Visitors now will pay more attention to that button on your website so that asking for contributions and managing donors can be displayed on […]

9 Best WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugins

I’m sure you’ve heard of WooCommerce before. Right? It allows you to build an online store with your WordPress website and adds products, digital goods and even subscriptions. But, in addition to all the awesome features WooCommerce includes, there are only a few default payment options built-in. Don’t worry, because there are tons of free […]

9 Best WordPress Notification Plugins

You want to let your readers keep informed with up-to-date news on your website? Have you ever heard push notifications? If yes, just give it a try today. The concept of push notifications is becoming more widespread every single day, and you can also see new sites using them on a regular basis. Notifications surely […]

9 Best WordPress Abandoned Cart Plugins

Do you know most of customers just add products to the shopping cart and then leave without making any purchase, and you worry about losing potential customers, right? This is called cart abandonment. You’re trying to recover abandoned carts manually but this is so time-consuming. No need to worry. Today’s articles will give you a […]