7 Best WordPress Plugins to Display Customer Reviews on Your Site

7 Best WordPress Plugins to Display Customer Reviews on Your Site

Are you looking for the best WordPress review plugins? If you are, keep reading this article. Here, we will mention seven of the best tools to display reviews on your website.

Have you ever used the internet to read product reviews before buying them?

Obviously, right?

From products to blockbusters to hotel reviews, the internet has given everyone a voice to share their feedback on anything. So, this has made reviews and ratings a crucial part of modern life. And any business owner or entrepreneur should never overlook this aspect of branding and customer services.

Today’s article will examine seven essential WordPress customer reviews and rating plugins to help add beautiful review widgets to your website and boost your online revenue.

But before going further, let’s see why you should display customer reviews on your website.

Why You Should Display Customer Reviews?

When running a customer-centric business like an online store or selling any specific service, you should display how well the products/services are. By default, most people look for product reviews before purchasing anything online.

For example, let’s look at the eCommerce giant Amazon. You will probably look for customer reviews if you purchase anything from them. This will give an idea of how the product is, what a verified buyer has to say about it, and so on.

Similarly, displaying customer reviews is an ideal option when you handle a website where you need to deal with customers. By default, you could use WordPress text/widgets for displaying customer reviews.

But that is not a viable option for the long term. In this case, you can rely on dedicated customer review plugins.

Now, you know why you should display customer reviews on your website. The next section will show you the top seven plugins you can use for the task.

Best Customer Reviews Plugins for WordPress

In a nutshell, the top seven customer review plugins are:

  • Google Places Reviews Pro
  • WP Business Review
  • Site Reviews
  • Customer reviews for WooCommerce
  • WP Review Pro
  • WP Customer Reviews
  • Taqyeem

Below, we will explain what makes each tool unique. So, based on your needs, you can pick an option.

Without any further ado, let’s get into the list!

1. Google Places Reviews Pro WordPress Plugin

Google Places Reviews Pro WordPress Plugin

Social proof is a powerful part of any business website. Now, answer the questions we have below.

Do you want to build online credibility but don’t know how? Do you want customers to buy your products in seconds but don’t know how?

If your answers were yes, keep reading. Google Places Reviews Pro WordPress plugin from Ninja Team is another essential customer review plugin you need since it helps you display your business reviews and ratings on your website.

Once you have activated the plugin on your website, you can automatically pull in reviews from the Google service and choose where to display them. The benefit of displaying these user-generated reviews directly on your website is that they provide vital social proof while also helping to establish the reliability and credibility of your business.

So, this handy WordPress Google review plugin can significantly improve your conversion rates, helping you generate more sales, leads, and profits from your website.

If you want to improve the credibility and trust of your website, then displaying user-generated reviews from the Google Places service is a great way to do so. With this super helpful WordPress review plugin, you can display a wide variety of reviews to show the strength of your brand on your WordPress website.

We highly recommend checking the plugin out.

Check out the best WordPress review themes if you want to monetize your blog by making your product review system.


  • Showcase your business profile brightly
  • Display your business reviews in the body or widget
  • Provide multi-option reviews widget
  • Attract more reviews for local business
  • Improve your website’s Google ranking
  • Ensure the most recent reviews are positive


Google Places Reviews Pro is a premium WordPress plugin. You can download the tool from the CodeCanyon marketplace, which will cost you $39 (one-time fee).


2. WP Business Reviews

wp business reviews

If you need to import reviews from multiple sources, you should check out WP Business Reviews. You can import reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Zomato using the plugin. The plugin has an easy-to-use interface, making the review-importing process a cakewalk.

Once you have configured the plugin, you can leave it. The plugin will automatically fetch reviews from the sources and display them on your website. Another notable feature of the plugin is the review filtering option. As you know, displaying 1-star or 2-star reviews will affect your business badly.

To protect you from that, you can use the filtering option available in the plugin. By setting up a minimum rating, you can eliminate every negative review from the site. Apart from importing reviews, you can also create a custom one. This will help you craft reviews promoting your business’s main features or parts.


  • Integrates with multiple platforms
  • Fully automated
  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Review filtering


WP Business Reviews is a premium plugin. Their basic subscription starts at $49 a year.


3. Site Reviews

site reviews

Site Reviews is another excellent WP customer review plugin that allows visitors to submit their reviews for your products or services with a 1-5 star rating on your website, similar to how TripAdvisor or Yelp works.

This WordPress customer review plugin comes with a simple settings page allowing you to control how you want to collect reviews and how you want to display them. Using a shortcode, you can customize the review form and display it anywhere on your website.

Since the developers are actively maintaining the plugin, you can ensure there won’t be any compatibility issues. Plus, they will release new features with every plugin update. Overall, Site Reviews is a great WordPress review plugin for beginners.


  • Lightweight code
  • Gutenberg optimized
  • Elementor ready
  • Multisite compatible
  • Developer friendly


Site Reviews is a free WordPress plugin. You can download it from the WordPress plugins repository.


4. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

customer reviews for WooCommerce

If you are running an online store using WooCommerce and need to integrate a review section, check out the plugin Customer Reviews for WooCommerce. It is a popular plugin on your online store to improve social proof. As the website owner, you can fully control the review process.

You can manually moderate individual reviews from the plugin’s settings. This way, you can pick the best ones and display them on the front end of the website. You also have the option to leave a reply to individual reviews. Whenever you do this, an email will be sent to the customer. This is a great feature offered by the plugin.

Another thing we loved in the plugin is the automated coupon code generation for reviews. When someone leaves a review, you can provide them with a custom coupon code. This feature has two advantages. One, you can get more reviews for your products. Second, you can increase the sales and conversions using this strategy.


  • Google shopping integration
  • Multilingual optimized
  • SEO ready
  • Pre-made review forms
  • Automatic coupon for reviews


Customer Reviews for WooCommerce is a freemium plugin. The basic version can be downloaded from the plugin repository. Their premium subscription starts at $49.99 a year.

Lite Version Pro Version

5. WP Review Pro

wp review pro - wordpress review

If you need to use a plugin to show custom product reviews and customer reviews, check out WP Product Review. MyThemeShop created this plugin with performance in mind. The website’s speed will be unaffected since WP Review Pro has a lightweight code.

The plugin will work well with WooCommerce and almost every WordPress theme. Plus, there are multiple review types and styles. If you are reviewing a product, you can choose the type as product/service/book or anything you like. The schema code will be changed automatically to get maximum SEO benefits.

While running an online store, you can let the customers rate your products via WP Review Pro. The reviews will be added to search engine result pages, too. This will give you more credibility, and people will trust your store. Apart from WooCommerce products, you can add reviews to regular blog posts using this plugin.


  • Works with every theme
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Schema optimized
  • Multiple review types
  • Review box customization


WP Review Pro is a freemium WordPress plugin. It will cost you $67 a year for unlimited domain licenses.


6. WP Customer Reviews

wp customer reviews - wordpress review

If your goal is to use a WordPress review plugin that won’t affect the performance of your website and is compatible with multisite, check out WP Customer Reviews. Since the plugin is compatible with a multisite network, you can handle it efficiently using a multisite website. The spam protection feature will also come in handy in multiple situations.

When customers leave reviews, you will moderate all of them. You can choose to approve or delete custom product reviews from the website. All the approved reviews will be visible on the front end of the website. Since WP Customer Reviews adds schema code, search engines will display reviews in the results.

To add reviews to any page or post, there are custom shortcodes. This way, you can easily display the customer reviews without any hassle. You do not need to edit theme templates or use PHP to display the reviews.


  • Compatible with multisite
  • Spam protected
  • Comes with shortcodes
  • Schema ready
  • Lightweight


WP Customer Reviews is a free WordPress plugin you can download from the repository.


7. Taqyeem

taqyeem - wordpress review

Taqyeem is a premium reviewing and rating WordPress review plugin. This excellent customer review plugin is developed to add ratings and reviews to your posts, pages, and custom post types.

The plugin is appropriate for users who prioritize aesthetics and want many customization options. More than 500 Google Web Fonts are supported, and users can easily change element fonts from theme settings.

Also, you can use the customization options to create the perfect rating addition to your website. You can change the fonts, images, unlimited colors, and style through the plugin’s settings. Since the plugin supports RTL languages, you can ensure the tool will work seamlessly with almost every website and theme.


  • Multiple review styles
  • RTL support
  • Google fonts integration
  • Customization options
  • Excellent support


Taqyeem is a premium WordPress plugin. You can download it from the CodeCanyon marketplace for $29 (one-time fee).



That finalizes our round-up of seven essential WordPress customer review plugins, and we hope this article will help you find the best WordPress review plugins to put you at ease. Third-party customer review plugins will increase your social proof and make your business seem more trustworthy.

Each plugin has different features. So, based on your requirements and preferences, choose a plugin.

Which plugin are you going to use on your website?

Let us know in the comments.

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