Best WooCommerce Barcode and QR Code Plugins

Best WooCommerce Barcode and QR Code Plugins

Managing a WooCommerce store in today’s digital world can be overwhelming. Online store owners must pay close attention to every detail to ensure that their operations run smoothly. However, this can quickly become exhausting and demotivating, causing some store owners to lose their motivation to improve their store further.

So, how to operate the WooCommerce store effectively to achieve good results from revenue, reputation to customer satisfaction?

Don’t worry, we’re here to suggest tools to help you get rid of those issues. We’ve got a lot of articles to show you powerful helpers to keep your WooCommerce store running smoothly.

Continuing like that, in this article, we will provide a list of Barcode and QR Code plugins that can help your business utilize the latest technology practices and prevent confusion or brand imitation.

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What is the Barcode and QR Codes?

A barcode is a square or rectangular image. It usually consists of parallel black and white bars of different widths that a barcode scanner can read. Barcodes are applied to products as a means of quick identification which helps retailers automate the data collection process and reduce human error when tracking inventory and processing transactions at the point of sale.

QR Code is the Quick Response Code which are scannable barcode that stores data or information so that computers can understand it easily and also can be scanned by utilising QR code scanners to fetch the data. QR codes are frequently used to track information about products in a supply chain and are often used in marketing and advertising campaigns.

The Importance of Barcode and QR Codes in WooCommerce

After the devastation of Covid 19 on the global economy, now, a change in the way businesses is essential for economic revitalization.

All types of stores are gradually adopting digitalization for all business activities. The use of Barcodes and QR Codes for business optimization has become popular almost overnight. And its outstanding results are undeniable.

Your WooCommerce store will stand out from the crowd if you have QR Codes as a form of digital marketing, to apply online payment or booking forms. A QR Code can contain information along the supply chain that helps the store attract customers such as brand story, brand benefits, brand composition environmental impact, etc.

As for Barcode, it will help you easily manage the information of products in the logistics management system. From there, it enables you to manage products effectively, speed up the shipping and receiving process, ensure the accuracy of product information, as well as track the location of products in the warehouse efficiently. Your store will both save labor costs and reduce errors in the process of arranging and managing inventory.

Therefore, let’s find out the best plugins to help you set up Barcodes and QR codes for your WooCommerce store!

YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes

Yith Barcodes and QR Codes Plugin

The first plugin we want to suggest in our list is YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes. This plugin allows you to automatically generate and integrate barcodes and QR codes to your WooCommerce products in an easy way. 

You can generate it both on products and orders in one click, even though you have a catalog with hundreds of products. Not only that, you can choose the format of code to apply. From that, your store can easily connect with customers to improve their experience with these codes such as contactless payments and product information.

Additionally, YITH also lets you set a specific action whenever you scan a code to automate and speed up your workflow. Therefore, you can search for a product or an order, manage the stock, and edit the status of orders. 

Another exciting feature of this plugin is to export a printable PDF file with a list of all the products in your shop that will assist you in creating product stickers. Your customers easy to scan codes via these stickers to connect all the information about products and stores. 


  • Show the barcode on the product page.
  • Show barcodes in order emails.
  • Compatibility with the most popular WordPress and WooCommerce plugins available on the market.
  • Get a printable list of barcodes.
  • Use the barcode/QR code to search for a product and manage the stock/ for an order and edit the status.

Using YITH for a year just costs €94,99, includes 1 year of updates, and supports a 30-day money-back guarantee.

WooCommerce Order Barcode

WooCommerce Order Barcode

WooCommerce Order Barcodes is a versatile barcode plugin. It is designed to generate unique barcodes for all the orders placed on your WooCommerce store, it assists in the quick retrieval of order details and increases the accuracy of products with orders, restrictions manual errors such as shipping mistakes and customer dissatisfaction.

Besides, if your store allows the customer to reserve a seat or cooperate with other events, this plugin can also create barcodes for your store to make e-reservations or sell e-tickets by scanning these codes.

This plugin offers five different types of barcodes (from standard barcodes to QR codes) that let your customers scan and process directly on your site, or they can print out this code via email they receive. Similarly, store owners can print out barcodes. 

One more special feature of this plugin is integrates well with the WooCommerce Bookings plugin and the WooCommerce Box Office plugin for smooth handling of bookings and tickets.


  • Streamline order processing.
  • Provide five different types of barcodes (from standard barcodes to QR codes).
  • Printable barcodes for store owners and customers
  • Fully compatible with WooCommerce and major WooCommerce plugins
  • Barcodes to sell e-tickets, e-reservations, packing slips, or anything.

WooCommerce Order Barcodes is a premium plugin, You can buy it to use for a month costs $8.25 or $99 annually. This plugin is available on the official WooCommerce website.

HT QR Code Generator

HT QR Code Generator

HT QR Code Generator is a plugin that enables to automatic generation of QR Codes. 

With the features of this plugin, you can create your QR Codes for custom text or links, that store data and information in-depth about your brand. 

You can also use this plugin to directly connect with your customers via QR Codes to access social media accounts, email messages, make calls, and Skype contact. You will save money on advertising and marketing because QR Codes can do this, it quickly gives all the information about your brand to customers. For example, when visitors scan this QR Code, they receive a coupon discount and they will immediately use this coupon to purchase your product.

Additionally, the HT QR Code Generator lets you custom style codes, you can change the background, color, logo, dots and much more in your favorite to make an exciting feeling for customers. 

This plugin also allows you to download and print QR Codes to create labels for products. 


  • Multi-language Support.
  • QR Code Download and Print.
  • Support custom Position Pattern inner fill and outer border color.
  • Generate unlimited QR codes with huge styling options.
  • Works with any theme or plugin

You can activate the HT QR Code Generator plugin to use lifetime for 1 website costs $19, 3 websites cost $29 and unlimited websites cost $59.

EAN and Barcodes for WooCommerce

Product Page: Polo with barcode create by EAN and Barcodes plugin

If you want to create code in another form, the EAN and Barcodes plugin can be a good option for you. EAN means European Article Number is used to describe barcode symbols. You can bring your products to the global market because this plugin is dedicated to EAN code, it is used globally for product lookup.

Furthermore, this plugin allows setting EAN numbers and barcodes for each product individually or all products at once. Also, you can search for your products by using the EAN number, because this plugin lets you display the barcode in the backend and frontend. 

Currently, EAN and Barcodes have more than 10,000 active installations on WordPress. This also means although this plugin doesn’t have the benefits of QR Codes, it still offers the best barcodes for users to manage product SKUs and product attributes.

You can show EAN anywhere related to your product, such as on a single product page, shop pages, in-cart, or order items table. And also easy to generate, copy, assign, and delete EANs in bulk, automatically, or periodically. 


  • Save the product’s EAN in the backend.
  • Export and import EAN.
  • Generate EANs automatically with customizable EAN type, country prefix(es), and seed.
  • Compatible with major WooCommerce plugins.
  • Barcode color and size customization options.

This plugin has a free version for try. To use all the features of this plugin, you can consult its price. A single site costs $49.99 and unlimited sites cost $129.99, all of them include 1 year of updates and support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Kaya QR Code Generator

Kaya QR Code plugin

Another plugin we want to show in this list is Kaya QR Code Generator. This plugin has achieved more than 10,000 active installations, which means the QR Code plugin was well-regarded. 

This plugin is an effective tool to assist in creating QR Codes through a widget or a shortcode. After creating QR Codes, which contain any text, link, and even a Bitcoin address or the current page URL, you can easily insert those codes into pages, posts, sidebars, WooCommerce products, and more. 

A unique feature of this plugin is generates both static and dynamic QR codes. Besides that, you can customize the QR Code image size, and color, change the background color, and image horizontal alignment. 

Similar to all plugins above, Kaya QR Code Generator is also available to show on pages, posts, WooCommerce products, and any public custom post types of your WooCommerce store. However, the plus point is this plugin doesn’t steal or store any user’s data, which will make you reassured when working with this plugin.


  • Add a query string/anchor link to the automatic current page URL.
  • QR Code preview and download on Shortcode Generator assistant.
  • Setting to enable or disable the reduced shortcode generator assistant in the editor.
  • Available languages: English and French.
  • Compatible with WordPress MultiSite and WooCommerce.

Kaya QR Code Generator is a completely free-to-use plugin.

Comparison Table

Plugin Name Form of Code Free version Premium plans Overall rating
YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes Barcodes and QR Codes No €94,99 for a year 4,5/5
WooCommerce Order Barcodes from standard barcodes to QR codes No 1 Month: $8.25 

Annually: $99 

HT QR Code Generator QR Codes No 1 website: $19

3 websites: $29 Unlimited websites: $59

EAN and Barcodes for WooCommerce EAN numbers and barcodes Yes Single site: $49.99

Unlimited sites: $129.99

Kaya QR Code Generator QR Codes Yes Free-to-use 4/5

Wrapping Up

Above are some of the best WooCommerce Barcode and QR Code plugins that we researched and selected for your WooCommerce store. As an owner, you should keep in mind the outstanding results of using Barcodes and QR Codes to leverage them in your store. 

It helps you to establish and create brand identity awareness for your online store. Most importantly, it also helps prevent counterfeit products from your brand and helps increase traffic to your store.

So, kindly take this article seriously, and choose the plugin that is the most favorable for you.

Hope our list will be helpful to your store!

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