4 Effective Ways to Download WordPress Media Library

There are many scenarios in which downloading all WordPress media files becomes required.

It could be when you create a brand new website and you want to keep those valuable files in place. Or you simply want to create a backup for media files during WordPress migration. You can also regularly export a full media library archive in case you’re about to install a new plugin or update WordPress core and you don’t want strange conflicts.

What to look for when downloading WordPress media?

Downloading the WordPress media library helps keep your media files safe when testing new updates or staging new developments.

While it is possible to go through each image, download it one by one, and then sort them out, that manual work is not enjoyable at all. It is even very time-consuming when you have thousands of media files. You would want something fast, simple, and neat.

This article is going to show you 4 straightforward ways to download the entire library of your WordPress media files. It works perfectly for FileBird document library as well.

With a few clicks and a full copy of your WordPress media library will be ready on your computer or cloud storage services with minimum effort.

Now let’s hop on the first method.

1. Use FileBird plugin

FileBird is a media library organizer plugin that has frequent new features from time to time. And Download media folder is one of them!

FileBird media folders for WordPress

This plugin is super useful for media-heavy websites like cuisine blogs, fashion showcases, photographer websites, or designer portfolios.

How to download your entire WordPress media library?

FileBird comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to drag and drop to organize all media files. After you categorize them the way you want, you can easily use the right-click to access its smart context menu.

From the menu dropdown, click Download to download the entire selected folder.

Export or download a WP media folder easily

This action will save your media folder in a ZIP file, keeping the same folder structure of the main folders and nested folders. With this method, you can scientifically keep the media data backup in the organized order — thus very easy to check back and sort them out.


The exported ZIP file contains the original files only. By excluding the WordPress auto-generated image sizes, you will have the main files and the structure of media folders to save on your hard disk or cloud drive services.

How to export WordPress media library folders?

CSV export/import is an exclusive feature of FileBird Pro to allow you to keep a backup of your folder organization. Imagine that you’ve done the hard work of categorizing thousands of files into folders in your development environment, and now you want to migrate them to your live website.

In order to export your WordPress media library structure, go to FileBird Settings > click Export and then Download File. This will be saved as a CSV file to your computer.

Export and import filebird folders

After that, just go to your live website, import the CSV file, and you’re good to go. You will be able to restore the folder organization on your main website in just a few clicks.

This feature is available in FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders (Pro Version).

Learn more about the comparison FileBird Free vs Pro.

Now let’s head over to other download/export options for your WordPress media library.

2. Filester File Manager Pro plugin

Filester is actually a handy yet versatile file manager for all of your WordPress server files. The free version already offers all the professional features you need to manage WP configuration.

In this section, I’m going to show you only a tiny built-in feature to help you see how it works in exporting the WordPress media library.

To start off, you need to go to your WordPress admin dashboard and install Filester – File Manager Pro.

This can be done easily by running a search of FilesterActivate the plugin.

Filester file manager pro for WordPress


After activation, the Filester plugin creates a new menu item File Manager on the left sidebar. And you can click on it to view all the files that compose your current WordPress website.

Filester file manager pro user interface

This user-friendly interface allows you to browse files and folders with ease like on your computer. I would expect it’ll be extremely simple for you to find the folder for all WordPress media files. By clicking on the folder wp-content > uploads, you’ll locate all your media files arranged in folders by year and month.

By now you can just right-click the folder you want to download and choose Download to get them automatically downloaded to your computer in a ZIP file.

download wordpress media library using filester

Quick note:

In case you have many other addons and page builders installed in your WordPress, you’ll see their own folders nested under wp-content/uploads/, too.

For instance: elementor folder & css folder in the screenshot below.

filester file manager folders

You can just ignore them and only choose the folder you want to keep an extra copy.


This download process right from WordPress file manager is conducted very fast and smoothly.

It maps the whole year- and month-based folder structure so that you can import to the new site correctly.


If you haven’t set up user role permissions in File Manager, other users might interfere with your settings.

That said, for those who are more of a techie, refer to the second method below.

3. Use FTP Client

Your next option is to use the FTP (file transfer protocol), which requires you to download an FTP client and install it on your computer. FTP is basically a method of transferring files between a client (your computer) and a server (your WordPress website).

FTP is, of course, an excellent solution for WordPress management.

Caution: However, if you’re just taking the first steps in creating a blog on WordPress, it’ll be quite frustrating with this file transfer software’s user interface. When you accidentally move or make changes to a file or folder, it can easily break your website.

Now that when you feel confident to run FTP client, connect to Site Manager and navigate to your WordPress contents via the path /public-html/wp-content/uploads/.

Every time you upload images and videos to WordPress media library, they will be stored in year- and month- based folders. This system follows a chronological order which means the files uploaded in the year 2020 will be stored in the folder 2020, and so on and so forth for the subfolder of months.

You can do almost the same as the operations of Filester, let’s find the folder you want to keep and right-click to download them.



You don’t have to install a new plugin just for the export.


Can be hard for WordPress starters.

4. Use Export Media Library Plugin

If you have an excellent collection to be backed up on your system or simply because you need the media files for immediate distribution, using a dedicated plugin for this task is very much recommended. With this WordPress media library export plugin, you can utilize it as a one-off and then uninstall it once all media files are safely stored.

This is an easier way to download the entire media library for non-techies, like me. Just download the free Export Media Library plugin and you’ll be able to download a zip file of your entire library!

Upon activation, you can find the Export settings right under Media menu. Simply choose the folder structure (a single folder for all files OR nested folders) and compression mode for all media.

Those are great for the media library, be sure to check out this additional guide if you want to export WordPress users with custom fields.

export media library


Simple and easy to use.


You have to install a new plugin with the sole purpose of downloading the WP media library.

Note that, depending on your media library capacity, downloading media uploads could take too long and lead to a timeout. You may need to discuss how to best utilize this plugin with your hosting provider.

The WordPress media library seems unresponsive? Check out to learn how to fix WordPress media library not loading.

Conclusion on downloading WordPress media library

Once you have correctly downloaded your WordPress media library, you will have a full backup of WordPress documents and media files. Bear in mind that WordPress generates many different sizes of one image, so the media library you get has more files than the original files.

Therefore, using FileBird folder download (premium feature) comes in handy when you need to sort out all pictures and videos for your next projects later on.

If you would love to organize your WordPress media files better with folders, just install FileBird for free.

Did I mention that Filester has many other powerful features? Something you can do with the help of Filester includes drag and drop to move files, right-click to the smart context menu, restrict access for user type, advanced settings for different user roles, etc.

If you like this article, you should check out this useful tutorial: How to Upload and Create a Document Gallery in WordPress

See you next time!



9+ Best WhatsApp WordPress plugins

Are you trying to achieve more or better exposure for your blog posts or website? If you want a proven way to attract more traffic to your site or blog, you have to connect it to various social networking sites. Doing this is easy when you use WordPress, thanks to the wide array of WhatsApp plugins that are now available.

Keep in mind, if you ever reach a point where you believe you have too many old, out-of-date apps installed, application rationalization can help by updating or eliminating unneeded or outdated apps you still have installed.

Keep reading to learn about the top WordPress WhatsApp plugins you can use today to help achieve your goals and propel you towards success.

1. WhatsApp Chat WordPress

whatsapp chat for wordpress

WhatsApp is a massively popular tool. Once you integrate WhatsApp into WordPress, you can allow the service’s billions of users to connect with you and share your content through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Chat WordPress is a simple and user friendly WordPress plugin that brings WhatsApp experience to your websites and allows you to come back to your customers/clients via WhatsApp on your WordPress website.


This plugin allows you to display a click to chat button, widget, web beason, WooCommerce WhatsApp button to your site. WhatsApp Chat WordPress is definitely your next secret weapon to help connect and interact with your clients anytime, anywhere by providing support promptly as well as strenghthening customer loyalty.


There are many features to focus on, with some of my favorites including:

  • Support multiple accounts
  • Easily personalize
  • Shortcode included
  • Works in realtime and compatible with all caching plugins

After installation, you can personalize where to put the WhatsApp widget or button on your WordPress site. It can be showed up on all pages or only desired pages you set.

After installing the plugin, you have all settings in hand to customize a WhatsApp widget or button on your WordPress site by adding member accounts or support agents with phone numbers or group chat links.

WhatsApp Chat WordPress is a lightweight yet configurable WordPress help chat plugin that makes it easier to integrate a floating WhatsApp chat button into your WordPress site. It will always stay at the bottom of the webpage no matter how you scroll down or up the website.

whatsapp chat ninja

Let’s join in conversations with your customers anytime anywhere and give it a try today! 

2. WP WhatsApp Button

wp whatsapp button


WhatsApp Contact Button is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that can create chat with you at WhatsApp.

The WP WhatsApp button plugin is a unique option, as it provides users access to 10 templates and 10 hover animations. The tool is shortcode-ready and is compatible with users on both mobile devices and desktop computers. The main features include a choice between an eight-button position or sticky button, color customization, and a text display option.

There are many features to focus on, with some of my favorites including:

  • Works with any theme.
  • Customizable style of button and popup window.
  • Cross-browser support.
  • Mobile adaptive.
  • Simple and Friendly user interface.
  • Ease to use.

3. WordPress WhatsApp Support

WP Whatsapp support


The WP WhatsApp plugin lets you integrate your experience with WhatsApp into your website. It is the ideal way to not only connect, but also interact with your customers. With the app, you can provide direct support, while building trust and increasing your customer loyalty levels.

Once the plugin is installed, the features are impressive. It provides support for multiple accounts, it’s easy to customize, no coding required, provides support for WPML, and the shortcode is included.

4. WhatsApp button for WordPress by Userlike

WhatsApp button and support chat by Userlike

Userlike is an interesting option: It is not a standard WhatsApp plugin, but a website chat solution that also offers a WhatsApp channel.

When you activate it in the Userlike website widget, your website visitors can choose whether they want to start a conversation with you through the website, through WhatsApp, or through other messaging channels that you offer.

So indeed, Userlike offers more channels beyond web chat and WhatsApp, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and SMS.

Adding the Userlike plugin to your WordPress site is simple and you can connect with your visitors through WhatsApp within minutes.

Userlike also offers more “professional” features that are interesting for larger service teams focused on providing professional support, such as advanced routing, chat analytics, and chatbots.

Userlike also allows you to fully customize the website plugin. For example, you can let your web visitors decide which agents to chat with, set up customer ratings and surveys to get feedback, make use of the proactive chat mode, and more.

  • Plugin can be fully customized to your web design
  • “Multi-messaging” plugin with website chat and the connection to apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Threema, or SMS.
  • Share various types of media files (image, video, documents)
  • Canned messages (“chat macros”) for faster support
  • Proactively invite visitors to a chat
  • Live translations
  • Connect your chatbot platform or build one within Userlike
  • Live preview allows you to see what your customers are typing before they send it
  • Audio / Video calls and Screen Sharing

5. The WhatsApp Contact Button

whatsapp contact button


The name says it all. Designed specifically for WordPress, the WhatsApp Contact Button is a smart plugin that is simple to use and that helps users create an instant chat setup with WhatsApp.

The prime benefit of this plugin is to help you add WhatsApp button to your WordPress webpages with an extremely user-friendly and a easy-to-use user interface.whatsapp contact button

The plugin also comes with 8 different animation effects and supports much personalization like changing fonts, icons and colors. It also features mobile adaptability and works well with any WordPress theme.

Some of the things that I like about this plugin include:

  • Works with any theme.
  • Customizable style of button and popup window.
  • Cross browser support.
  • Mobile adaptive.
  • Simple and Friendly user interface.
  • Shortcode support.

6. Cresta WhatsApp Chat

cresta whats chat


With Cresta Whats Chat, you can allow your audience easily contact you via WhatsApp by simply clicking on a button. Now, you can forget the complexity of multiple button presses.

It also comes with a mobile version, which allows you to open your WhatsApp automatically. Users may contact you directly in private messages on your WhatsApp number and continue the conversation on WhatsApp web or WhatsApp application (from mobile). One of the features of the pro version of Cresta WhatsApp Chat is to include an option to change the size or colors of the box buttons, or to include several animations.

7. Click to Chat for WhatsApp

click to chat for whatsapp


Another customizable option is the WordPress WhatsApp plugin called Click to Chat. With this, you can see the details of each team member you have. But that’s not all. It also allows you to use page targeting features and have specialized buttons for any WooCommerce pages on your site. You can also find options that allow you to change the language, text, themes, and color.

My top favourite features include:

  • WhatsApp Chat
  • WhatsApp Group Chat
  • Nine pre-configured Styles
  • Add Own Image or GIF
  • Floating style can position at any place on the screen
    (at any pixel of the screen, not limited to fixed positions)

8. Social Warfare

social warfare


If your goal is to increase the traffic going to your blog or website, the Social Warfare plugin is a smart option. The premium version of this plugin includes several features, such as text customizations, network integrations, short links, custom designs, and more. This particular option also provides content protection.

You can pick up from the top social networks sharing buttons including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

You can also choose where you want the share buttons to show up with the following positions:

  • Above the post content
  • Below the post content
  • Both above and below the post content
  • None (or) Manual placement

Get more social shares which can lead to more website traffic with the best WordPress social sharing plugin!

9. WhatsApp Me

whatsapp me


WhatsApp me is a simple-to-use plugin that adds a clean-looking WhatsApp icon to the bottom-left or bottom-right corner of your site.


Or, you can display more of WhatsApp button with various customization options. Here’s how it looks:


10. Ultimate Contact Buttons



When it comes to premium plugins, this is considered one of the best. Ultimate Contact Buttons features more than 10 different designs, along with 10 different animation effects. The other options provided by this plugin include buttons, tooltips, and color customization. All these help to make this plugin especially engaging and attractive to users.


This can be seen on of the best plugins to help you connect multiple communication channels, namely Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger and Skype in your WordPress website.

The plugin also comes with 10 pre-designed button templates, 10 hover animation effect and 8 different positions for button placement – you can insert the contact buttons in anywhere you want. Also, this plugin is equipped with a great deal of interesting features such as color customization, sticky buttons, and tooltips helps make the contact buttons more fun and engaging. Plus, the chat button option for Messenger and Skype enables customers to maintain contact with you even you’re offline.


No coding needed! All you need is just 5 minutes setup and configuration! It works perfectly with all ‘well coded’ themes!

WordPress and WhatsApp: A Smart Combination

Using WhatsApp with your WordPress site makes sense. This helps to encourage social sharing among your audience, and the apps listed here help to encourage this further. Make sure to read each of the options carefully to determine which of these is right for your site. You won’t be disappointed with the additional traffic it helps to drive to your site.

Try WP Chat App Ninja Team at:


Printful Alternatives – Best Print-on-Demand Plugins for WordPress

Print on Demand (POD) is a fast-growing solution for many entrepreneurs, especially for people in dropshipping eCommerce.

POD ensures that they don’t have to print and create their product by themselves, saving the entrepreneur’s cost, energy, and time. This allows people to start an eCommerce business with high potential and not worry about high startup fees or overhead costs.

Printful is unarguably one of the best tools available to carry out the POD functionality for people within this space. It has been used to derive excellent results for people all over the world. It also has several excellent features that users can explore, such as a reliable mockup generator to test the design’s appearance before committing to printing.

However, it has to be said that Printful is one of the best tools doesn’t mean that it is going to be the right solution for everyone in this space, nor does it mean that there aren’t other products that are just as good. This is why we are considering some of the best POD WordPress plugin alternatives to Printful.


Alidropship for woocommerce

With the AliDropship plugin, it is easy and quick to start a dropshipping business as it requires minimal time to set up. In addition, you can easily import the product to your online store from AliExpress, so you start up quickly irrespective of category or niche.

As an all-inclusive solution, this plugin provides three main options for people going into dropshipping. They can:

  • Use it to create a new online store and host their website.
  • Use the plugin on WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify websites.
  • Buy a prebuilt off-the-shelf store within the platform.

An exciting feature of this tool is that it provides comprehensive solutions such as addons, plugins, themes, and custom stores that integrate seamlessly with your dropshipping and POD online stores.

AliExpress store front

It’s all pretty easy to implement, especially if you focus upon building brand, you can even customize print-on-demand order confirmation emails. Thus you will be able to create a greater brand engagement.

Customize Emails


  • A massive product catalog (more than 100,000 suppliers with 100 million products).
  • Set up and product importation are easy.
  • Works with WordPress seamlessly.


  • Customer support can be better.
  • Product quality may differ based on the supplier.

AliDropship is one of the best ways to create or improve the dropshipping functionality of your WordPress store. It has an easy installation process and a product range that makes it simple to use.


Printify print on demand clothing and other products

This is undoubtedly one of the first names that come out of any lips when discussing the best Printful alternatives. This plugin helps create a brand image and has custom printing options that help your business stand out within the digital landscape beyond just clothes. For example, you can use Printify to make t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, hoodies, accessories, and so on.

Whenever and wherever you want to, your products can be sold from Printify, and it also includes shipping to make it easier. These products are also printed and shipped all over the world. However, you must plan the price for each option based on the provider you’re using.

There are several printing options on Printify, ranging from cut-and-sew to sublimation, embroidery, and garments, etc. The price for each depends majorly on the shipping and location and the quantity being shipped. However, it doesn’t have subscription fees unless users choose “Premium.” This tool gives access to unlimited product designs every month and supports all stores, and has a 20% discount on their products. The premium model is available for only $29 monthly including Printify drag & drop mockup generator.

Get Printify


  • Access to several vendors around the world.
  • Hundreds of product ideas can be created.
  • Wide selection of products and printing options.
  • Wholesale selling opportunities.
  • Good customer service.


  • Not all vendors are reliable.
  • It may not be the best to differentiate your brand.

According to essay help, Printify is recommended for people that want a cost-effective and flexible way of printing and shipping their designs around the globe. With Printify, it is easy to create a strong POD brand.


Spocket ecommerce

Spocket for WooCommerce

You can’t talk about Printful alternatives and not mention Spocket in the discussion. It is an app that integrates seamlessly with Shopify and WooCommerce stores, and unlike others, it combines both a marketplace and a design system in one place. Instead of creating a new identity on Etsy, you add the dropshipping functionality to your existing store.

Currently, Spocket has a number of suppliers that offer customized products that you can pre-order and sell in your store. Here are some suppliers available:

  • Orange Apollo
  • Magenta Shadow
  • Gold Molly
  • Azure Juniper
  • Turquoise Andromeda

This tool has an enormous marketplace for you to browse through for your POD products and dropshipping items. With Shopify, you are able to sell through several suppliers while also automating most of your sales activity to allow you to focus on building and growing your business. However, there’s a limitation in the supplier locations, and your packaging can’t be customized.

From the price perspective, note that you must consider taxes and customs when placing a price on your products, so you don’t pursue your customers. Also, you must remember that who you are working with may determine your price.


  • Inventory updates automatically.
  • Inventory can be tracked easily, and new features added.
  • There are not only POD products to choose from.
  • Product importation is easy.
  • Integrates easily with existing Shopify or WooCommerce stores.
  • Several automation options are available.


  • Limited supplier locations.
  • It doesn’t include taxes and customs.
  • No one-time payment pricing. A monthly subscription starts from $24.99.

If you already use the dropshipping model for selling other products that are not POD products, then Spocket is the ideal choice for you to use. On the other hand, if you are looking to explore several types of items while also considering sticking with your existing websites and WooCommerce product pages , then Spocket is the ideal tool for you to use.

Envato Plugins Banner


There’s no doubt about the importance of Printful for individuals and businesses exclusively interested in POD. However, as mentioned earlier, it may not be the best solution for everyone. Therefore, there are several alternatives to Printful that you can settle for, some of which are discussed in this article, and each has its peculiarities.

Envato Plugins Banner

Guest Author

John Peterson is a journalist with four years of experience providing essay writer service for a London magazine “Shop&buy.” He is also known to provide PhD dissertation writing help. In addition, he is a professional mini-tennis player, and he has written a novel, “His heart.” You can find him on FB.

How to Upload and Create a Document Gallery in WordPress

Want to create a good-looking document gallery in WordPress?

A content-rich WordPress website is not only written in words but also showcases plenty of media, documents, and graphics.

When you want to share those contents, you can’t upload them to the WordPress media library. Or when you managed to do it, it looks kind of austere and unappealing to readers. They might think that is some issue or harmful file and hesitate to click on it.

This article will help you successfully upload those necessary file types. And display them nicely on any WordPress page or post gallery.

Uploading Document File Types to WordPress

What’s allowed to be uploaded and what’s not?

WordPress by default allows many document file types:

  • .pdf (Portable Document Format)
  • .doc, .docx (Microsoft Word Document)
  • .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx (Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation)
  • .odt (OpenDocument Text Document)
  • .xls, .xlsx (Microsoft Excel Document)
  • .psd (Adobe Photoshop Document)

Those are the most widely used file types. But if you need to upload a document file type that is not supported, you can easily get the know-how below.

WordPress 5.8 adds WebP support

Also, it’s worth mentioning that WordPress 5.8 adds new fields to Site Health to help determine if a site is capable of processing WebP format image files. And you can also manage these WebP files efficiently with the FileBird plugin.

In my personal experience, I often use these ebook formats including .prc, .epub, .mobi, .azw, .djvu, etc. Despite not being common, those file types have been existing for a very long time and actually got many advantages in terms of sharing among platforms and reading user experience on different devices.

Or when designers want to upload their graphic files such as .svg, .cad, .dwg, motion graphic files, etc. And Apple documents such as .numbers, .pages, and so on?

Upload unpermitted document file types

To allow those file types to be uploaded, you got to install some WordPress pre-built code to implement it, and here I choose File Upload Types. This is a fast and direct solution.

A plugin to allow uploading more file types

Right after activation, you’ll see a list of file formats that are well categorized in different functionality and media types.

A quick tip: You can use Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F) to search for the file type/format you want.

So when I want to get webp file types, I can easily locate them and tick the corresponding checkbox. Then all I have to do is to click Save changes and carry on uploading those files. Yayks!

Categorized File Type list in Upload Plugin

Another good thing about this plugin is it allows you to add custom file types. It’s just as easy as shown in the screenshot above. Just fill those fields including the file description, MIME type, and its extension, and then you’re good to go.

We won’t have to refresh or leave the page in order to complete those tasks. But of course, make sure you click Save Settings after making changes.

When you finish uploading all the necessary file types, we move on to the next step of adding those files to a document gallery.

How to Create a Document Library with FileBird and Gutenberg

1. Organize Your Documents in Folders

This tutorial is about how to post a document gallery page in the WordPress Gutenberg block editor.

These are the prerequisites to make this guide work for you:

Let’s start by categorizing your uploaded document attachments. It can be done very easily thanks to FileBird’s drag-and-drop user interface and smart context menu.

Categorized document folder files

2. Install FileBird Document Library plugin

FileBird Document Library is a free plugin to help you showcase your document category on your WordPress page/post. So please install and activate this plugin on your WordPress site.

filebird document library plugin


3. Add the Gutenberg Document Library Block – and Done!

Search for “FileBird Document Library” and add it to your current page.

Creating document gallery with Gutenberg block

On the left settings panel, you can choose a single folder, alternatively, hold Ctrl or Shift to select multiple folders. There are various built-in options to help you display the library layout in the perfect design for your web styling. So feel free to play around with pagination, number of document items per page, sort type, sort by, and so on.

Select a folder to output files and display document library

Those folders will then output the list of document files. If you choose to publish the library as a grid gallery, then the page looks like this on the front end.

FileBird document library grid view

If you want to publish the library as a list table, then here’s how the end result of your published page looks.

FileBird document library list view

Great, this little task is done now! I hope you’re able to achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted for your document gallery. :)

Alternative Ways to Publish a Document Library

Create a Document List in WordPress

If you manually add a document to a WordPress page or post, all it shows is the file name which is also linked to that file’s URL or download link.

A document file without its thumbnail makes it less appealing and fewer people will click it.

Here’s a document with its link.

Link to Document in WordPress post

In Gutenberg, you can make it look a bit better by using the File block. This is how it looks when I use File blocks to add documents one by one.

Document list in Gutenberg

That’s all you can do within WordPress default.

Fortunately, there’s a plugin to help you enhance the document gallery with thumbnails for each file type and also provides multiple options to display them in a good-looking showcase.

Now think about which page/post editor you’re currently using because Gutenberg editor takes some different aspects from the classic editor. Following are the guidelines for these 2 different WordPress page/post editors.

Create a Document Gallery in Classic Editor

Required plugins: Document Gallery

In order to add a well-aligned gallery of documents in WordPress classic editor, all you need is the plugin Document Gallery by Dan Rossiter. Just download and install it for free from the WordPress repo.

1. Navigate in Document Gallery plugin

Upon activation, you’ll see a new menu Document Gallery created under Settings menu. That is where you head over to when you need to adjust advanced settings.

In the scope of this tutorial, you don’t need to dive into it too much as this plugin actually allows convenient access right from the WordPress page/post editor.

2. Add Media to your document library

When editing any page or post, click Add Media > Create Document Gallery > select all necessary document files > Create a New Document Gallery.

3. Set up links, layouts, and thumbnails

Next, you’ll be seeing the setup part for this gallery.

Edit document gallery settings

You would want to care about these settings:

  • Link To: choose Media File if you want the users one-click to download, or Attachment Page if you want to direct users to the file page.
  • Columns: how many columns you want your gallery to display in
  • Use auto-generated document thumbnails

Then you click Update to save all the changes. This is how your 3-column document gallery looks on the front-end.

Document gallery display in WordPress post

Create a Document Gallery in Gutenberg Editor

Like it or not, Gutenberg is enforced and will likely replace the Classic editor in a few years. The fact that many clients really enjoy using Gutenberg blocks makes sense for us to keep it updated with the right Gutenberg-friendly plugins.

Below is the tutorial on how to use Document gallery for Gutenberg users.

Required plugins: Document Gallery & FileBird

For those who are not familiar with FileBird, it is a WordPress media organizer that comes with a great Gutenberg image gallery block. Now FileBird v4.3.1 and its later releases also support document gallery block via dg shortcode (Document Gallery plugin supported shortcode).

1. Organize document files in a folder

After activating those two plugins, navigate to your Media library and upload your document files to a folder. If your files were already uploaded, just bulk select and drag n’ drop them to the destination folder.

Here I’ve renamed the folder as Document and placed it on the top of the folder tree for easy view.

Document Folder ID in list mode

2. Look for the folder ID

In the media library’s List mode, select that Document folder and look into its URL. You’ll see fbv=folderid. Refer to the screenshot above, fbv=308 meaning the folder ID is 308.

3. Paste the document display shortcode to your page/post

[dg id=-1 fbv=308]

To display this document folder in a page or post using Gutenberg editor, you add this shortcode along with the folder ID:

Create a document gallery with shortcode in Gutenberg

This shortcode pulls the document gallery settings and applies them to this FileBird folder to help those contained documents display on the Gutenberg front-end.

Just as simple as that, when published, your new WordPress document gallery looks like this.


As you can see, there are some workarounds to creating a document library for your WordPress website. If you want to have predesigned icons/thumbnails for your file types, just use FileBird Document Library. It is ultralight and works seamlessly with Gutenberg. It also comes with a shortcode to work with other WordPress editors.

Final Thoughts

This article aims to demonstrate all the steps you have to take to upload extra file types and create a nice document gallery in WordPress with auto-generated thumbnails.

If you are already familiar with Gutenberg, setting up the Document Library with FileBird plugin will be a very solid solution for you. And it is totally free!


Should you have a better solution, don’t hesitate to leave your opinion in the comment box or chatbox below.

We hope you can get it done in no time. Can’t wait to see your document gallery published!

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7 Best WordPress Document Management Plugins

Today, almost everyone is so eager to get away from the crowded offices and transfer all the processes to the online space. But not everyone understands that even in a digital mode, you can meet with the same problems with unorganized documents that everyone encounters in ordinary offices.

Running a WordPress website is not a one-man job. Nonetheless, it can be possible if you take the advantage of those useful plugins that can automate many manual processes like keeping your documents organized and publishing them to the website front-end.

Web administrators understand how much documentation is needed to manage and run an online business. It is important for such specialists to have everything at hand and streamline their work with documents.

Fortunately, there are WordPress plugins that are ready to offer just such a solution. We have compiled a list of the best plugins very carefully, taking into account the feedback from real users. This approach allows us to select only the best WordPress document management plugins. Together, let’s explore these free and paid plugins.

1. FileBird Document Library

When it comes to publishing a well-aligned document gallery, FileBird Document Library plugin is a free and quick solution. It works on top of the organized folders from FileBird core plugin.

FileBird - WordPress Media Library Folders


If you have a site with many different file types, then it is difficult to do without such a plugin. Greater than just a WordPress document management plugin, FileBird allows you to organize all your files regardless of their types.

The plugin helps you easily sort all files and have quick access to them. It is worth noting that the product will not create copies of files, which can slow down the work of both the PC and the site. Instead, it quickens the process of creating badass content.

The tool allows you to spend less time managing various media files. And this is ideal for owners of larger sites with a complex hierarchical structure. The free version has everything you need and at any time you can switch to using the paid version of FileBird plugin. The paid version allows you to browse files via third-party themes and page builders such as Elementor, Divi, WooCommerce, NextGen gallery, FooGallery, etc.

FileBird document library front end grid view

Key Features

  • Available free versions: Both FileBird core and FileBird Document Library are sufficient for many users.
  • Simple drag and drop interface: Easily categorize documents based on their file types.
  • Premade layouts: Display your WordPress documents and other files in grid or table layouts.
  • Multi-lingual: It supports WPML, Polylang, other translation plugins and RTL languages.

2. Embedder For Google Drive

Embedder for Google Drive - WordPress document management plugin

Familiar name, isn’t it? This plugin allows you to access your Google Drive and add all the necessary files directly to the site. It is noteworthy that the plugin can work with numerous types of files, in addition to those presented in Google Docs. It is possible to work with photos, ZIP files, videos, and so on.

Who is this plugin for? To all those who manage public Internet sites. Please note that you need Google Apps Login to activate this product. The plugin is available in both free and paid versions. But the paid version has much more features ranging from support to free updates.

Key Features

  • Access to all files of Google Drive through the WP admin dashboard.
  • The plugin is easy to use and intuitive.
  • There is the ability to publish Google Docs files to your site.
  • The plugin is available in 10 languages. 

3. Filr – Secure document library

Filr - WordPress document management plugin


Filr is a document library management plugin with a focus on protection and sharing features.

The free version of Filr allows you to create multiple document libraries and display them on any page/post using shortcode. In addition to the inline Download/Open Folder button, the document gallery shows the files in tables with multiple columns for sortable details like expiry date, file preview, version, size, type. You can also set password to protect each document.

Becoming a premium user costs you $69.99, but you will have access to advanced features:

  • Front-end uploader: your visitor can upload file types upon allowance
  • External files supported: you can use external URLs to display those documents in your own Filr library
  • Filename encryption: hide display file name
  • Password-protected ZIP files
  • Enhanced customizability

4. weDocs – Knowledgebase and Documentation Plugin for WordPress

weDocs - WordPress document knowledgebase plugin


This plugin is free and allows you to manage documents and knowledge bases. Although this tool has nothing supernatural, it allows you to simply manage all your documents. So if you want a simple yet powerful tool that is also free, then this tool might be the perfect solution.

You can easily design documents for products, insert new documents, add tags and organize all the data. The lack of numerous features makes this plugin easy to use even for beginners.

It is worth noting that the plugin was created with an emphasis on the WP, which makes it seem to be part of the functionality. The plugin does not require any code intervention, and the drag-and-drop function allows you to manage everything quickly and easily. Also, the plugin allows you to add a rating system for each document, which will allow you to understand the reaction of your users.

Key Features

  • There is the ability to use the plugin for free.
  • Ideal for small or beginner blogs.
  • You may receive documents from external sites.
  • The presence of a drag-and-drop function.
  • There is the ability to create and edit documents.
  • A quick search for any documentation you need.

5. SP Project and Document Manager

Sp Project Document Manager plugin for WordPress


This plugin is a great option for managing files. The product allows you to create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders, completely organizing all your content and files. The advantage is that the plugin supports working with different types of files, from simple documents to complex spreadsheets and video files.

Also, the plugin allows you to open access to files depending on the type of profile on the site. This makes it easy to share documents with clients and authorized users. In addition to accessing files, users can edit and even change documents directly on the site. If you work with third-party specialists, for example, writers, then this plugin is what you need. All of these features will be available for multisite too.

Key Features

  • Simple interface that suits even novice site administrators.
  • There is the ability to monitor audience engagement.
  • Ability to add employees, suppliers, and customers to manage the document.
  • Full control over site files.

6. MEMPHIS Document Library

Memphis WordPress document management plugin


This plugin has several feature sets. The plugin makes it easy to organize and even distribute files. Using the plugin is easy as you get a custom interface in the WP console. The plugin makes it easy to embed documents into the site with some advanced features. The point is that there is the ability to preview the document for formats. These will vary from browser to browser, but you can find a complete list of all formats on the plugin page.

There are also additional functions, including the ability to archive. Using the plugin, you can add a social media button for each post. The ability to monitor document uploads is available to assess audience engagement. Therefore, this tool not only copes with its main function but also offers several interesting functions.

Key Features

  • The presence of a social media button for each article.
  • Ability to export and import document libraries.
  • Possibility of creating, deleting, editing both categories and subcategories.
  • Availability of data export and import.
  • Preview function for every documentation.
  • Ability to track file downloads.

7. Wiki API Docs

Wiki API Docs WordPress plugin


This plugin allows you to put things in order in the documentation and make interaction with files simple as well as fast. With this plugin, each user will be comfortable working with documents and not spend a lot of time creating them. Agree, it sounds like the cherished dream of any web administrator.

The product interface looks like a template, which allows it to adapt to absolutely any WordPress theme. Therefore, interaction with the plugin will be as simple and intuitive as possible. The plugin does not make auto or hidden changes to your documents, but only allows you to easily manage them. It is noteworthy that the plugin will enable you to manage not only “simple” file types but also such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and so on.

Key Features

  • The product should be paid for and has several packages.
  • The plugin integrates with any WP themes.
  • The product works well with other add-ons.
  • It is compatible with the latest version of the WP.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have curated the best WordPress document management plugins available to all WP site owners. As you can see, there are quite a few free products that are perfect for those who need to keep an order with files and documents but are not ready to pay. There are also tons of decent plugins that offer advanced feature sets but for a fee.

These listed different solutions offer various sets of functions, however, the basic ones that are necessary for document management are still the same or almost the same regardless of the plugin. Which one you should focus on depends only on your needs, but as you can imagine, FileBird is the obvious leader. Test products, especially those that are free, and then you can find your workhorse or magic wand.



Best WordPress Dropshipping Plugins

In our modern world, online shopping became an integral part of everyday life. It’s more convenient to stay at home and have your purchase delivered, instead of spending a lot of time visiting different shops. 

Dropshipping allows you to do your business and make a profit without any risks and additional spendings. There is no need to buy and store your product as it is shipped directly from a supplier to a customer. You are a third party in between who helps them to find each other through your site. That’s why you need to make your website good-looking to create a favorable impression on the customer. You can develop CMS solution and make your web content well-organized and structured. 

WordPress is a website that enables entrepreneurs to start their businesses without much effort and time. With plugins, you’ll be able to benefit from a full range of features and functions to operate the online store properly. It’ll be useful both for experienced business people who want to improve their store as well as novice entrepreneurs who try their hand at the dropshipping activity. 

Want to make your business profitable? Discover a list of WordPress dropshipping plugins to choose the best for your online store.

Why is WordPress Great for Dropshipping?

The website gained its popularity due to quality and straightforwardness that allows everyone from hobby-bloggers to big companies to create their website. It’s reported that 41% of the web use WordPress for designing sites that are 60 million people worldwide chose this platform for meeting their goals. There are more than 58,000 plugins that facilitate users’ activity and provide a user experience. WordPress has plenty of attractive features allowing you to reach high performance and take advantage of customizable designs, mobile responsiveness, high security, and powerful media management. It’s SEO-friendly, easily accessible, and can be managed on the go. You can get WordPress either by downloading or through a hosting provider, for example, SiteGround. There are as well mobile applications available for download on Google Play and Apple Store. 

Before we start describing the best plugins for WordPress, let’s outline their features you can take advantage of:

  • Possibility to import products from other dropshipping platforms easily
  • Operate products using your dashboard
  • Manage payments without any difficulty 
  • WooCommerce and WordPress integration 

Here are some of the most popular dropshipping plugins to make your WordPress experience full of positiveness and high profits. Move on to find more details about each plugin!

1. WooCommerce


WooCommerce plugin is one of the most popular options for WordPress users. You can quickly and easily handle your eCommerce business and derive profit from your activity. Consider that WooCommerce has a vibrant global community that is aimed at giving each other a helping hand and sharing valuable experiences. A developer-friendly plugin allows people to design any projects without much time and effort due to its scalability. With a WooCommerce mobile app, you can run your store from any part of the world. Besides, real-time key statistics will provide you with valuable information on selling. There are plenty of extensions necessary for your store customization, such as booking, shipping, tax, subscription, and Google Analytics. Some of them are paid, but there are many free options. Get everything you need for a dropshipping store in minutes and enjoy your profitable business. 

Key Features

  • Numerous extensions available
  • Mobile app available
  • Product ratings and reviews feature
  • Ability to offer coupons to your customers
  • One-click refunds

2. AliDropship 


AliDropship plugin is extremely popular among entrepreneurs since it allows them to import products from Aliexpress with one click. You can manage orders from your WordPress dashboard and even place them automatically. This plugin has a set of compelling features you may need for your dropshipping site. There is an unlimited number of products to choose from and the possibility to send orders to suppliers with one click that saves your time and increases profits. Image editors, pricing automation, and ePacket shipping option will also be at your disposal. You can get your plugin just by paying for it once and take advantage of free updates and support. Moreover, the cash-back system gives you the possibility to get an 8% commission from each purchase on your site. Consider AliDropship Google Chrome extension to make importing products on the site as easy as possible. 

Key Features

  • Integration with AliExpress
  • Ability to purchase a lifetime license
  • ePacket shipping filter
  • Quick pricing automation
  • Order tracking feature

3. AliExpress Dropshipping WooCommerce


What is the AliExpress dropshipping plugin? It is a powerful WordPress plugin that has plenty of advanced features for your eCommerce. It’s clear that you’ll be able to import any products from AliExpress, integrate shipping and order fulfillment. With Ali2Woo, you can get profit from affiliate programs like AliExpress Portal, Admitad, or EPN. You can get immediate support if you wish to migrate to Ali2Woo from another plugin.  

Key Features

  • Shipping tracking
  • Product variants splitting
  • Free Chrome extension
  • Translation into different languages
  • Multi-currency pricing

Envato Plugins Banner

4. WooDropship


WooDropship plugin is a great option enabling you to perfectly integrate with your WordPress website enabled by WooCommerce. In order to benefit from the WooDropship plugin, you need to install it and allow access to your store. The next step is importing Aliexpress products to your website. The limitless membership costs only 49$, and you will be able to import products without any limits, take as many orders as you can, benefit from priority support and variant mapping. Chrome extension will be helpful for importing from Aliexpress with one click. Besides, you can edit product descriptions, titles, and images if they do not match your site. What is more interesting is that you can change product prices to control your profit. 

Key Features

  • Lifetime license
  • Chrome extension available
  • Ability to customize product descriptions
  • Ability to adjust prices
  • Order tracking feature



With the plugin you’ll be able to run your online business as easily and effectively as possible. They offer you more than 50,000 sites where you can take products for sale. You do not have to worry about their quality as they were hand-picked by experts. There are three simple steps for starting your business with install a free plugin, import products on your WordPress site, and enjoy the process of making money. Moreover, professional titles and images are available for each product, so you don’t have to spend tons of time editing. Real customer reviews on the products are at your disposal as well. Download the the plugin and take advantage of a free plan that does not restrict the amount of money you can earn. 

Key Features

  • Free plan available
  • Over 50,000 handpicked products from trusted suppliers
  • Access to real customers reviews  
  • Recommended pricing markup
  • Edited titles and images

6. WP Amazon Shop


WP Amazon Shop for Dropshippers is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to import products from Amazon to your site. It has more than 7,000 active installations and plenty of positive customer feedback. People earn money with this plugin by adding a custom tax on each product. The style pricing option enables you to have automated calculations and an appropriate marketing look of prices: instead of 16.8674%, you will have 16.99$. You can also take advantage of a product availability option and have the item automatically removed from your site if Amazon runs out of it. Besides, Auto Import allows you to import products automatically with the help of keywords. 

Key Features

  • Free plan available
  • Automatic removal of products that are out-of-stock
  • Easy pricing settings
  • Product importing based on keywords
  • Product description import 

7. Dropified


Dropified is an amazing plugin that offers you two unique plans: an Import plan is great for importing products from Aliexpress and eBay, and a Private label on-demand plan for those who want to promote their own brand. It’s possible to add your custom design labels on premium consumable products. Dropship your brand without any risks and additional costs. You will save your time uploading products to your site since it happens only with one click. Forget about order details that you had to copy-paste for hours because Dropified does it automatically. Another useful feature is that you can use the AliExtractor tool to find profitable products for your online store. It’s important to have positive reviews from real customers, and you will get them imported from Aliexpress vendors. You can rely on constant support from Dropified and take advantage of their 60-days training program. 

Key Features

  • Free plan available
  • Product description import 
  • Private label option
  • Access to real customers reviews  
  • 60-days training program available

8. Ezusy


Ezusy plugin deserves your attention due to its stunning features that are constantly updated. Your WordPress Woocommerce store will be full of great AliExpress products just with one click. More than 12,000 stores chose Ezusy for their drop shipping activity due to clear tutorial and fast support. There is a quick video guide on how to connect the plugin to your store, so check it out if you want to avoid any difficulties. Now, let’s take a look at a number of Ezusy advantages. With ePacket, you can filter your products. Moreover, there’s no need to make the orders manually on AliExpress since it’s done automatically. Customize the product before it’ll appear on your site and make it match your style and concept. In general, there are so many features that it’d be better if you familiarize yourself with them and benefit from this easy and comfortable to use plugin. 

Key Features

  • Free plan available
  • Video tutorials available
  • Automatic order placement on AliExpress
  • Ability to customize product descriptions 
  • Inventory and price auto-updates

In Conclusion 

The abundance of different WordPress dropshipping plugins makes it challenging to make the right choice. Please, do not install many of them as it may affect your site performance. We wish you good luck in building your profitable business.

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10 Best Plugins to Customize WooCommerce Product Page

WooCommerce accounts for almost a third of all online stores, and it is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. The number of plugins that help customize this platform to meet store owners’ needs has increased its popularity. 

The default product pages that come with a standard WooCommerce install are a pain for most store owners. However, the right plugins help you customize your product page with WooCommerce custom product fields.

Once you get the right plugins, you can optimize your pages, just like paper writers did, to increase sales and improve your customer experience. Let’s look at some of the best WooCommerce plugins to customize your product page.

1. YayExtra – WooCommerce Extra Product Options

YayExtra – WooCommerce Extra Product Options

If you’re looking to add extra product options to WooCommerce, YayExtra is the ultimate choice.

It is packed with tons of product field options and CSS styling so that you can tailor-fit the new product custom fields to your favorite WooCommerce themes. These modern and mobile-responsive extra product options are there to expand your customer’s initial purchase. For instance, in your wine store, you might want to add a checkbox to make sure the customer is over 21 years old; or in your wholesale store, you want to add document file upload permission to collect the company documents required for invoicing.

Start now to explore a wide range of customization options, like color swatches, text/number fields, date/time picker, and file uploads. You can even offer discounts for bulk orders. Adding extra fees is also quick and easy thanks to the conditional logic built in. YayExtra plugin is the perfect way to let your customers personalize products while they’re shopping on your WooCommerce store.


  • Create custom description text, error notice, and success message.
  • Set default values, placeholder text, help text, and hover text for product options.
  • Customize colors for image upload, buttons, color swatches, image swatches, and other theme elements.
  • Allow for featured product image changing when using custom image swatches.

2. Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce product page


Customers can get more information about your products from the tabs that come with the default WooCommerce product pages. However, this standard product page only gives three tabs in which you can put your information. They include additional details, reviews, and the description.

The WooCommerce Product Tabs Manager helps you customize your tabs and display important information about your products’ features. You can add any content after creating an unlimited number of tabs. You can assign specific products, customers, user roles, and categories. You can also remove the default tabs completely.


  • One can easily add, delete, and/or rearrange tabs.
  • Tabs content can include HTML, text, or shortcodes.
  • Reordering of tabs easily with a visual drag-and-drop interface.
  • Detection of the most 3rd party tabs added by other plugins.

3. WooCommerce Multilingual

WooCommerce Multilingual with WPML


You can create versions of your website in other languages to give your customers multiple language choices. Internationalization helps businesses expand significantly. With this plugin, everything on your site – including products, pages, and categories –  is translated into other languages.


  • Translation of product pages based on the visitors’ preference/location.
  • Sending emails to clients/admins in their language.
  • Tracking of inventory without hassles of breaking into different languages.
  • Single site, multiple currencies, and languages.

4. Booster for WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce


If you have found a couple of features to be missing from Woocommerce, you will find this plugin helpful. It enables a collection of many features that may be missing. These features include global discounts, currencies, essay writing service reviews, bulk price converting, etc. They also offer tools that allow your customers to suggest their prices.


  • PDF Invoicing and Packing slips.
  • Product Input fields and addons.
  • Prices and Currencies customization.
  • Cart and Checkout customization.
  • Payment gateways customization.
  • Administrative tools.

5. Flexible Product Fields for WooCommerce

Flexible product fields plugin

Flexible Product Fields (FPF) extends WooCommerce product options with additional fields. It is an alternative to variable products without the need to create separate products in the database for each variation. Configuration in the admin panel is simple and then flexible for making changes.

The advantage of the plugin is a wide selection of fields in the FREE version because 18 out of 20 fields are available for free.


Main Features of the Pro Version

  • Adding extra product options on the product page
  • Showing labels and field values in the Cart and Checkout page
  • Marking a field as required or not
  • Editing options for each placeholder and tooltip
  • Assigning CSS classes for field targeting and designing
  • Saving product configuration

6. Beeketing for WooCommerce

Beeketing for Woo


Beeketing has more than ten marketing features and is considered one of the best all-in-one marketing tools for Woocommerce. This plugin has tools for boosting online sales, cart abandonment remarketing, and improving your email marketing. Beeketing has a full suite of products. So, it provides better value than getting multiple marketing plugins.

It improves your cart values by bundling and offers upselling and cross-selling. Coupons and discounts are offered anywhere in the checkout process. You also have a popup sale, personalized recommendations, and a quick Facebook chat box to choose from the large collection of extensions.


  • Traffic conversion such as by showing a sales countdown clock.
  • Increase of order value by showing best seller bundling products and suggesting similar items.
  • Ability to enhance checkout rate through cart-level discounts, countdowns, and checkout offers.
  • Promotion of repeat sales.

7. YITH WooCommerce Compare

YITH WooCommerce Compare


If you sell products that have features that can be compared side-to-side, this plugin is an important one to have. Several features can be added to WooCommerce using the plugins and extensions by the YITH developers. 

Once you install this one, you will need to set the attributes you want to compare for every item. You will then include the add button for your customers to click on. This helps them compare products next to each other once the popup appears.


  • Easy comparison of products.
  • Simple widget to manage the added products and compare them.
  • Customization of the comparison table to match your store and products.

8. Product Addons for WooCommerce

Product addons for WooCommerce single product page


This plugin is a great alternative to advanced product fields for WooCommerce. It incorporates extras into the product page and offers a unique gift experience. Some elements include extra items added to the packages, gift-wrapping sets, or different colors for your products. 

Suppose you sell products that require customers to add more information to fulfill the order accurately or customize products in any way. With this product add-ons plugin, your customers can personalize their products with a handful of extra choices, fields, prints, etc. These options can increase the final product price, too.

In that case, you should consider this plugin.


  • Add extra product options, including marking required/unrequited.
  • Show labels and field values.
  • Save product configuration.
  • Editing option.
  • For targeting and styling, assign CSS classes.

9. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

Direct Checkout for Woo product page


This plugin speeds up the checkout on your WooCommerce site. It also makes it easier for your customers to get to the payment area easily. You do not need to reload the site each time something is added. The very plugin lets you add the variable, single, and grouped products to the cart. 

Users are not sent to the shopping cart but instead redirected to the checkout page to buy items. You can even make the process faster by removing some of the checkout fields.


The plugin offers simplified checkout process with measures such as:

  • Skip add to cart.
  • Eliminate checkout field.
  • Fast purchase functionality.
  • Avoid frustrating checkout page reloads.

10. WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips


Invoices and packing slips are required for many businesses. This explains why Woocommerce PDF invoices and packing slips have a large following. 

This plugin provides a different kind of functionality by allowing you to have your PDF invoices attached to certain emails. You also get the option to create and print packing slips, whether individually or in bulk. Most users prefer this plugin because of its simplicity and streamlined nature.


  • Bulk PDF invoices and packing slips generation.
  • Automatic PDF invoice attachment to an email(s) of choice.
  • Customize HTML/CSS invoice templates.
  • Sequential invoice numbers.
  • Downloadable invoices from My Account.

11. WooCommerce Customizer

WooCommerce Customizer by SkyVerge


This one allows you to add and save custom features without extra effort. You don’t need to rework any templates or write a code. It is especially helpful if all you need is to change some text on your store’s product page. You can change the text of an out-of-stock product if you don’t like the default text. The plugin also allows for changing the product page until you find the formula that works for you.


  • No code customization for areas including:
    • store notice;
    • product catalog;
    • product page;
    • product images;
    • checkout.
  • Ability to add, remove, or edit almost anything, all without overriding Woocommerce templates.


WooCommerce is just one of the e-commerce platforms, but a popular one. As with any technological product, it has its flaws. Yet, in combination with the plugins listed above, you can enhance its functionality. You can tackle many issues using the WooCommerce plugins without digging deeper into the specifics. So, consider incorporating them into your next projects.

7 Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

Your website is a window of opportunity when it comes to growing your business. For all website owners with a mindset towards ongoing prosperity, it’s a healthy practice to continuously check your website performance. While you might consider design or content as your top priority, we believe website speed is not to be ignored.

Websites are chosen for their speed as well as how they look.

There are three main factors to have an impact on your site loading speed including hosting, code quality, and media file optimization. In this article, we’ll cover the topic of optimizing your WordPress media files which is totally easy to do and brings no additional cost to your maintenance budget.

So now you’ll be looking into compressing your images using lossless compression technology. There are already many good WordPress plugins out there to help you have smaller file sizes without reducing the image quality. We’ve tried pretty much all the image compression plugins available in the WordPress repository. And now we’d love to share the best 7 plugins that we strongly recommend.

Imagify – Convert WebP, Images Compression and Optimization


Imagify is an excellent plugin to allow image size to be compressed by 50 – 70% with no impact on the quality. After activating the plugin, all your uploaded images will be automatically processed. As far as we do tests on .png images, Imagify tops over all other plugins in cutting off image weight.

Imagify helps remove redundant data which means we could have the same visual result with less information. You can also use Imagify to convert images to WebP format for free. Its settings menu also gives you an option for getting WebP versions for each image you optimize with the Imagify plugin.

Smush – Compress, Optimize and Lazy Load Images


Smush is a big player which lets you optimize all of your images up to 5MB in size, free and without limit, while Imagify sets a monthly cap of 25MB of images. Among the best WordPress image compression plugins, Smush offers the most versatile premium plan for websites with a huge amount of media.

Smush has some more advanced image optimization options including lazy load, bulk smush, and incorrect size image detection. In addition to smushing your media uploads, you may want to compress the images stored in other folders. Smush now lets you compress any image in any directory so that you can optimize all the images on your site.

EWWW Image Optimizer


EWWW provides another comparable lossless compression solution to Smush. They both keep the perfect image resolution although the weight reduction rate ranges only between 10 – 20%.

The UI of EWWW is quite confusing with many tabs if you want to get all media file compression under full control. However, their default settings are fine enough for typical demand. The greatest benefit here is EWWW Image Optimizer doesn’t limit your upload file size or file amount per day / month / year.

Besides, their Easy IO service are also available for you to tackle all image optimization needs with a single click! Considering that they offer feature-packed services as well as excellent support, your subscription will surely pay off.

WebP Converter for Media


WebP Converter is just released in mid-2019. That is to say, quite a newcomer in the market. However, it got real big potent with their WebP format conversion technique. Its download and active installation count are also constantly on the rapid rise since release.

This plugin provides a very clean user interface that is absolutely easy to navigate and adjust supported file extensions, conversion methods, image quality percentage, etc. As Google says, WebP is the future, so WebP Converter is also updated, modern, and worth trying.

Image Optimizer and Compression plugin


Image Optimizer is a simple and straightforward plugin to compress, convert, and reduce the size of large images throughout your website. With just a few steps, you are able to configure and perform optimization for all images. This lets you quickly decrease the amount of used storage space on the hosting of your website and speed up its performance.

This plugin also gives you the ability to optimize images from directories other than the WordPress media library. This feature lets you optimize the images by simply providing the URL of the folder containing your pictures.

WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache


As their name suggests, WP-Optimize is a versatile plugin to help you in many aspects of your website maintenance and optimization. Yet this doesn’t prevent WP-Optimize from being more efficient in compressing media files. After many tests in PNG, GIF, BMP & JPG images, this is our favourite plugin with the most cutting-edge lossy compression techniques.

Apart from image optimization, if you do care more about site cache or database defragmentation, just head to WP-Optimize premium version now and explore its full capacity.

Compress JPEG & PNG images


Finally, the plugin that we really love. TinyPNG with their online compression service has never let me down for years. Manually uploading images to has so far been the greatest way to gain the most reduced image weight. But if you don’t want to head back and forth between their website and your download folders in your PC, then their WordPress plugin will automatically do its job for you.

Featuring the simplest UI/UX, TinyPNG does a very focused job of saving your site weight since it also has options for optimizing previously uploaded images.


So, which one would be the most suitable image optimizer for you?

Imagify – Best choice for compression, keeping the same image quality yet the smallest image capacity
Smush – For unlimited images to be compressed losslessly, yet the free version does not include WebP options
EWWW – If you simply want a free WordPress image optimizer offering unlimited file sizes
WebP Converter – For those sites which have loads of images and take file weight seriously
Image Optimizer and Compression – If you’d compromise your image quality a little bit to increase loading speed
WP-Optimize – For an all-in-one optimization tools & WordPress Image Compression Plugins
TinyPNG – Second-to-best for compression, if you want the most tiny file sizes

What’s more, all of those above are perfectly compatible with FileBird – the Best WordPress media library folders plugin, so go ahead and get them now!



9 Best WordPress File Manager Plugins 2022

Developing a website is never a straightforward process. It can take years of experience and training to have the know-how to build from the ground up. That, or outsourcing to professionals.

Because of this, services like WordPress allow relative amateurs the capability to take a more proactive role in their web design. With WordPress, site creation can be a more pleasant task for the uninitiated. 

One aspect of web design that might maintain its complexity is file management. No matter what kind of background you have, keeping track of all your important files might get confusing when building a site. This can be further complicated by the fact that there are a host of plugins available for WordPress. There are so many on the page that going through all the choices might take some time. 

But then again, you could always opt to outsource web development altogether. Find a web design firm that can do the development on WordPress so that you can jump in when you can. Below, we’ve compiled 9 of the best file managing plugins to get you started on your web development.

1. Filester


Filester is a plugin that keeps its users in mind. The plugin utilizes a modern User Interface. It also allows all the basic functions of your typical file manager. NinjaTeam, the team behind Filester, stated that the focus of the plugin is to boost productivity. This is reflected in the plugin’s design interface which is compact and utilitarian. It’s not set in stone though; the plugin also allows for customization of the interface. 

The plugin itself functions like your average file explorer on your desktop with all the typical drag and drop functions, and the creation and management of folders. Another point would be setting hidden files. You can do this if ever you feel like you should hide a file somewhere on the page.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to manage archives. This means you can extract and compress files straight from the plugin. You can manage page source files seamlessly without having to establish FTP or cPanel access from your website. This alone should help you speed things up a little.

The best part? It’s totally free. Filester promises to give all its features to all users. They will not be asking you to upgrade or subscribe to a payment plan in the future.

Key features

  • Drag and drop
  • Context Menus: right-click to create, rename or delete files and folders
  • Manage files and folders on remote servers
  • Flexible configuration: access rights, upload file types, user interface, and others
  • Manage archives with support for multiple file types: .zip, .rar, .7z, .tar, .gzip, .bzip2
  • Clean & productivity-driven design interface.

2. FileBird

FileBird – WordPress Media Library Folders & File Manager


FileBird is a media organizer plugin that advertises itself as a “media library folder creator and file manager,’ and honestly, it seems to do the trick.

For its users, FileBird is a great way for managing both documents and media files. The user interface is pretty simple and uncomplicated but still pleasant to look at. At its core, FileBird is a versatile file manager. It allows for multi-file type support and full control with the sidebar. The sidebar will hold all the tools for file and folder management.

It also allows users access to a smart context menu, just like your regular desktop file explorer. The organization of your files is similar to a desktop explorer. This helps users navigate more quickly and seamlessly. The plugin was developed with ultimate compatibility in mind. Currently, it boasts compatibility with lots of popular WordPress page builders, themes, and plugins. This makes it much easier for users to think of using many add-ons to plan things out.

The plugin shows no limitations with the number of folders. The basic version allows users to create unlimited folders and subfolders, which is a generous allowance compared to other WordPress media folders plugins out there.

Key features

  • Smart Context Menu: Right click on a folder to perform actions such as changing folder color/folder theme appearance, renaming, deleting, and more.
  • Unlimited Folders/Subfolders: Free version allows creating as many folders as you want.
  • Multi-Language: It supports many languages including RTL and works with WPML, Polylang, Weglot, etc.
  • Full Control from One Toolbar: From the integrated sidebar, you can search, sort files/folders, and adjust startup folder settings.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Drag-and-drop works smoothly and responsively on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Supports WordPress Document Library : Publish a sleek and modern gallery of your categorized documents and other file types.

3. CatFolders – WP Media Folders 

CatFolders - WP Media Folders Plugin Banner


Have you ever had to deal with a client who uploaded tens of thousands of files to their WordPress site? And they’re clueless about cleaning up a mess like that?

If you’ve ever wanted to give them a piece of advice for organizing WordPress media files, CatFolders is the ideal answer!

CatFolders – WP Media Folders is an organizer, browser, and file manager for your WordPress media and documents. It allows multiple-level folders rather than just creating separate categories/tags. The folder tree and parent folders are also collapsible to help you get full control of your folder organization. This plugin works super smoothly with a large number of folders (tested with 10,000 folders on a single WordPress install).

On top of that, it is built with performance and third-party extendability in mind. If you want to give it a test, try PluginTests for CatFolders and you will see it loads considerably much faster than HappyFiles or Real Media Library.

Key features

  • It uses newer and lightweight coding technologies.
  • Provides superb UI/UX design and responsiveness.
  • It leaves hooks and filters ready to be integrated with other WordPress access control or users management plugins.
  • Pricing plans come with licenses for multiple sites and unlimited sites to better help digital agencies, designers, and freelancers alike.

While the other media plugin development teams might fall asleep, the CatFolders team is always listening to user feedback and implementing new features upon request. You can check out the CatFolders roadmap here.

4. Wicked Folders


This plugin comes in handy if you’re thinking of managing many pages. Additionally, custom post types are also given attention with the dynamic nature of the plugin.

At its most basic, the plugin allows you to organize all your files; having organized files without fear of altering your site’s structure. 

This means that you won’t have any problems with removing permalinks and all that. Just feel free to organize to your heart’s desire. Your only limitation will be that the basic license only allows posts to be placed in folders. 

The plugin creates these virtual folders for your benefit. They have no direct effect on the files themselves. The plugin just helps you organize your files in a very convenient manner. The selling point for this plugin would be the Dynamic Folders. These are folders that can be organized based on the filters you set. The best part? You don’t even have to make them yourself. Just enable the option after installing and let the plugin do the work.

Wicked Folders also has a yearly subscription for more invested individuals. They have two options for this; the pro and the agency. These licenses will allow you to include media, plugins, and even users to name a few features.

Key features

  • Folder pane is resizable
  • Drag and drop features for easy management
  • Organize items into multiple folders
  • Allows you to create an unlimited number of folders
  • Files pages, posts, and custom post types

5. Advanced File Manager


Advanced File Manager is an open-source software. It is a free release from modalweb and the Advanced File Manager team.

This plugin boasts of multifunctionality in a user-friendly package. It allows all the basic functions in a neat little package. Also, just like Filester, you can do all these without cPanel or FTP access. Additionally, you can even access files outside of the WordPress directory. This should come in handy if you don’t have all the files you need right there. 

Its basic functions include archive management (compressing and extracting), file download, and file previews. You even have a basic image editor handy straight from the file manager. 

For those working in teams, Advanced File Manager also lets users set access or role restrictions. This method of advanced access control allows teams to function more systematically. It’s also customizable and allows themes to be used through a shortcode. You can set custom keyboard shortcuts to streamline your work. For simpler changes, the plugin features a dark mode.

As a bonus, this plugin is also responsive. This means that the plugin can be viewed from your smartphone or tablet as well. This should help developers access the backend of the site any time they choose.

Key features

  • Access files inside and outside WordPress root directory
  • Feature to hide the file’s real and actual path.
  • Drag & Drop file upload support
  • Image and File, Edit Support
  • Keyboard shortcuts available

6. SP Project and Document Manager


From the Smarty Pants team, we get this very versatile plugin. According to the team, this plugin has been used in many industries including healthcare, education, and banking. 

The SP Project and Document Manager is a handy little tool with a clean look. Interface-wise, it’s nothing extraordinary but it is clear and easily navigated. The plugin lets users organize everything through the use of categories and folders. It even lets users upload an unlimited number of files.

That just goes to show how this plugin focuses on functionality. To help users, the plugin readily comes with SSL support. The plugin also allows the embedding of YouTube videos as files. For security, the plugin will let administrators set restrictions for file uploads and downloads. Additionally, the plugin lets administrators restrict users to a role. 

The best part is that it also allows for remote file sharing. You can do this with your clients and other organizations. This lends itself to the plugin’s collaborative function. You can also use this function to access your files remotely. And you get all this on the community version. The plugin also has a premium version that requires add-ons but adds a host of new features. 

Key features

  • Create unlimited folders
  • Capable of securing documents 
  • Upload and manage files
  • SSL Support
  • Restricted download of files
  • Embed YouTube videos and other media as files

7. Frontend File Manager Plugin


This plugin focuses mainly on the uploading of files for admins. It does that well and hides the files from other users to keep things neat and tidy (and private!). It’s not limited to just uploading though. This plugin will function more or less like your typical file manager. The great thing about this plugin is that it prioritizes utility without sacrificing on the form.

The UI is designed to be fast, foregoing the fancy layout for something more utilitarian. Clicking on files gives you the important details and you can use this information to know what goes where. The plugin also boasts of a secure uploader script. This ensures a clean and safe upload of files, helping you to minimize risks.

For those looking for more punch, the premium version lets the users do way more. With the premium version, users can create directories, set a maximum file upload limit, and group files to name a few. Based on the reviews, users who purchased the pro version have not regretted it. Amongst the premium features, the most frequently praised was the ability for guests to upload. 

You can imagine how this extends the capabilities of your site even further.

Key features

  • Detail file popup
  • Sorting through filters
  • Size settings and file type
  • Secure script for uploading
  • Fast and responsive UI

8. Secure File Manager


This file manager went for both form and functionality. Boasting of security and performance, Secure Manager also comes in a variety of themes for customization. The plugin comes out of the box with multi-site capabilities. This means that you won’t have any problem if you wish to expand your site into a network of sites. 

The basic functions are all there too. You can cut, copy, paste, and generally manage your files through the plugin. This includes the management of archives and file previews on the explorer itself. Like Filester and the rest, you can do this without FTP access. This means you can do all that right from the dashboard. Alternatively, you can still make use of FTP and connect to a remote location. In this way, you can access the files that you’ve stored off-site. 

The plugin will also allow administrators to set file permissions. This will help administrators ensure file security. It even has the option to allow only one user access to the files. At least this way you guarantee no one can mess with your files.

The plugin will also be available for free, forever. On their page, the team behind Secure File Manager says that the product is yours once installed. 

Key features

  • Create Files/Folders
  • Delete Files/Folders
  • Multisite Compatible
  • Download Files/ Folders
  • Drag-n-Drop Files/Folders
  • Compress Files/Folders

9. Folders


Folders is the plugin that focuses largely on the user’s organization through the use of, well, folders. Knowing how to organize your WordPress with folders will surely be an advantage here.

The plugin allows for seamless folder creation and management. This is coupled with the customization features of the plugin which allows users to customize the color, font, and size of your folders. This can help users categorize and access their files in a much more streamlined process. Add to that the sticky toolbar that lets you navigate and organize, and your workflow should see some improvements.

On a basic level, the plugin allows users to use drag and drop functionality for easy organizing. You can also upload directly to the folder and track those uploads with a progress bar. A recently added feature gives users the ability to sort folders through the name or the creation date, too. That should help users find what they need right away.

The plugin even goes further by showing you which files you haven’t added to a folder yet. This helps users make sure that they’ve got everything covered.

The plugin also has a premium feature that allows users to create an unlimited number of folders. Premium also allows users to access the Sticky Folders feature as well as to download folders as Zip files.

Key features

  • Creation and management of subfolders
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Move files to a folder using our dropdown menu
  • State specific folders when adding media to any post type
  • Ability to drag and drop folders, change the order and hierarchy
  • Folder name search

10. File Manager


File Manager is a straightforward file management tool. It offers all the basic functions along with a few extras to spice things up.

Among the most basic functions, File Manager will let users manage files as usual (e.g. cut, copy, paste) but will also allow for archive management and file preview. The plugin also boasts of a responsive UI, meaning you can work on your page no matter what device you are using.

One unique feature is that this plugin allows you to create shortcuts. This should come in handy if you find yourself bouncing from one directory to another. You can now also share files by email. This helps teams collaborate better and faster online. With files, the plugin is not dependent on FTP and cPanel access. Like Filester before, it allows users to access page files straight from the dashboard.

With File Manager, another feature that comes in handy is the integrated development environment (IDE). This allows users to debug and alter code straight from the file manager. It even comes with a Syntax Checker to make sure your site doesn’t crash needlessly. 

The only downside here is that you’ll need to shell out some cash for the premium features. This includes Private folders, hidden folders, and a couple of integration options. 

Key features

  • Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop
  • Create, archive, and extract files
  • Admin/User can upload any size files
  • Control what files can be uploaded and what files can be downloaded.
  • File Manager comes with a built-in integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Easily and quickly share files by Email


At the end of the day, you still have to understand what your website needs. From there you can figure out how best to solve your problems. That’s way easier than trying to guess the solution to a problem you didn’t know you have.

As with anything, web design is going to be a long road and anything you can do to ease that will surely help. Picking the right plugins will do just that.

Web design is a process, a process that is going to yield great results. The trick now would be to find the patience and determination for it.

8 Best Elementor Addons for WordPress 2022

Elementor, the leading WordPress page builder, has crossed over four million active users after its debut in 2016.

This WordPress page builder plugin offers an exceptional web designing experience and consents people to build and design their website themselves without creating a single code line.

Most of these versatile page builders provide various Elementor widgets to employ to your website and bring your vision into reality.

The elementor page builder offers the liberty to personalize all the attributes to get the best out of your WordPress website. Although it’s built-in features are already broad enough to make your desired website, you can still extend it with addons.

Top eight Elementor addons for 2022

Currently, 131 Elementor addons are accessible in the open market, from which these eight are the top ones to build your website stand out and sparkle.

1.     Premium Addons

Premium Addons For Elementor


Premium addons for elementor are one of the most popular plugins at WordPress. Regardless of their name, they provide the newly launched premium version and the free one.

Premium addons offer more than 30 widgets in its premium and 20+ of the same in the free version to enhance and upgrade your website design.

The free version with 20+ elementor widgets includes notable widgets for modal box, blog post and dual header. When you pay for the premium version, you can slack 30+ more elementor elements, including iHover, Facebook Messenger, Facebook reviews, WhatsApp chat, Ken Burns effect, etc.

The features include:

  • Lottie animations integrations
  • Freehand design experience
  • Lightweight and modular
  • WPML ready
  • Cross-browser ready and fully responsiveness, etc.

Its recently integrated Lottie animations offer an icon or image option, and the elementor section template library is provided with both pro and free versions.

Insert, preview and surf the template you want and add to your post with a single click.

2.     Essential Addons


Essential addons should be your go-to third party addon as it offers a massive set of elementor widgets that reaches in free and premium version both. These addons for WordPress have recently acquired the milestone of being the first elementor addon to succeed with 100,000 plus active installations.

Its free version is well-rated and popular. It gives you access to 40+ widgets, including a few ones that can only be found in elementor pro, such as post grids and timelines, testimonials, etc. The essential addons free version fulfil the basic needs for you to pull a jaw-dropping fantastic site.

You can also get your hands on the pro version; it offers you more than 25 new widgets, including some unique ones like post blocks, data tables, modal popups, interactive promo etc.

The key features of Essential addons are:

  • They are very lightweight and doesn’t slow down the site
  • Modular control capability
  • Customizable thriving templates and blocks
  • potential to enable or disable individual elements, etc.

The essential addon pro allows you to show off your creativity with its premium widgets, including:

  • Gallery widgets
  • Lightbox and modal
  • Off-Canvas
  • Parallax effects
  • Advanced posts
  • Form styles

With its premium version, you can import templates on your page and customize them to get your preferred results.

3.    Exclusive Addons for Elementor

Exclusive Addons for Elementor


Exclusive Addons for Elementor is one of the most trusted addons with all the reliable and functional elements.

The Elementor addon allows you to design an advanced website with modern and sophisticated features with 85+ widgets and extensions.

Amazing features like Cross-Site Copy Paste, Header Footer builder, Sticky, Glassmorphism will only boost your ability to build WordPress sites.

This is a freemium addon. 36+ elements come with the free version of Exclusive Addons. You can build complete websites with the basic functionalities using the free version.

However, if you want to add exclusive optionalities, consider getting the pro version. Get access to 48+ premium widgets & extensions that will unlock the door of adding advanced features to your website.

If we go for name-calling, Post Navigation, Slider, Image Hotspot, Lottie Animation, Mega Menu are some of the pro widgets you find interesting to look for. While Modal Popup, Dual Button, News Ticker, Image Magnifiers are among the free ones.

The addon comes with 23+ pre-built templates and more than 700 ready-made blocks and offers a quick and scalable design utilized by all business levels.

A custom Elementor icon library with 3000+ high-quality icons like Feather Icons, Remix Icons, and Teeny Icons makes the addon really unique.

  • A Well-Optimized Plugin
  • Flexible Design Scheme
  • 85+ Fully Functional Elements
  • 23+ Pre-built Templates
  • Over 700+ Readymade Blocks
  • Icon Library with 3000+ icons
  • Endless Customizable Options
  • 24/7 Support with Personal Touch

4.     Livemesh Addons

Live mesh Addons for Elementor


Livemesh addons come with a vast collection of evolutionary, premium, and easy-to-use extensions to enrich functionality and user experience.

It can be a fierce addition to your elementor page builder because of its exceptional extensions you usually can’t find in any other premium plugin.

Its free version addon comes with 15 new elements with a heading style option that you can employ to make your website spectacular for your visitors.

Some of the prominent widgets of the free version are:

  • Animated pie charts
  • Blog post grids
  • Pricing plans
  • Testimonial slider, etc.

Moreover, with this plugin, you can build a personal, professional or any other website type.

The key features of Livemesh include,

  • Portfolio page
  • Piecharts
  • Client list, etc

The pro version of Livemesh adds has more than 19 widgets with some new custom animations to apply to those widgets.

FAQ, image slider, responsive tabs, etc., are some of the pro version’s new widgets.

Envato Plugins Banner

5.     Elements Kit

Elements kit Elementor addons


It is an ultimate all in one addon that includes 50+ custom Elementor addons, 17+ home page ready layout packs and more than 500 section packs with layout kit.

You can find the most prominent features including:

  • Header and footer builder
  • Off-canvas style in tablet view
  • Parallax effects
  • Multi widgets area
  • Extendable custom controls
  • Cross-browser compatible

Elements kit comes with an advanced parallax option with SVG library, mouse move effect, background parallax tilt option, CSS animation, etc. Its exclusive features are mind-blowing, and the multi widgets are specially built for using one widget inside another without any hassle.

The free plugin comes with 40+ addons, from which few are:

  • Accordion
  • Countdown, clock timer
  • FAQ
  • Testimonials
  • Call to action
  • Mail chimp
  • Offcanvas menus
  • Drop caps
  • Caldera form

Its exclusive pro addon widgets include:

  • Advanced tab
  • Data table
  • Vertical mega menu
  • Motion text
  • Timeline

This plugin for Elementor includes some unique custom controls, all the high-quality widgets, templates and sections you need to have to increase the site productivity and performance. So why go to multiple plugins when you can have them all under one roof.

6.     Element Pack

Element Pack For Elementor


It is a premium set that offers over  150 widgets for elementor. The element pack is up for sale at Codecanyon with 150+ reviews and a 4-4.5 stars rating.

The pack offers a massive range of widgets, 1100+ block templates, 110+ page templates, and more than 160 header and footer templates to get quality-oriented elements and design excellence.

With this vast collection of website building tools and feature-packed widgets, you can add content blocks, pricing tables and much more.

Some of the element pack’s popular widgets are cookie consent, easy purchase history, custom login, sticky section, accordion, WooCommerce, etc.

Its ready-made templates favor every popular WordPress themes and support third-party plugins like Gravityforms, TablePress and Events calendar.

The list of unique widgets of the element pack includes:

  • Circle menu
  • Member profile
  • News tickers
  • Weather
  • Cookie consent, etc.

However, before choosing the element bundle, make sure you know that it does not have a free version, and the costing starts from $39 per site and $249 for unlimited websites license.

7.     Happy Elementor Addons

Happy addons for Elementor


Happy addons is a freemium widget bundle that offers you insert a ton of new widgets to your elementor site.

The team behind the Happy addon is the same that is behind many popular plugins such as Dokan WooCommerce multi-vendor market place plugin, i.e. WeDevs.

In the free set of the happy addons, you get 20+ widgets with a deep level of customization in each one of them. Whereas, in the premium one, you have a collection of more than 35 of the same addon along with various exclusive and unique features.

To boost the elementor page builder’s essence, it has two exclusive features, floating effects and CSS transform. You can sail any element to animate and rotate the object on its axis through the floating effect and apply various transformations like translate, scale, rotate, etc., as per your need by CSS transform.

The unique features of Happy Elementor addons include:

  • Section nesting
  • Cross-domain copy-paste
  • On-demand asset loading
  • Custom column order
  • Happy clone, etc.

8.     Powerpack Addons

PowerPack Addons for Elementor


WordPress experts have designed this premium addons plugin at IdeaBox. The powerpack addons come with creative elements to increase your WordPress site’s visual representation and have 70+ features divided across three widget categories.

  • Content widgets: these widgets let you add an advance menu, content toggle, tabs, etc
  • Form styler widgets: it allows you to design Gravity forms, Contact form 7, Ninja forms, Caldera forms and WP forms.
  • Creative widgets: it includes a popup box, promo box, image gallery, etc.

This Elementor addon boasts both a free and a premium version. In detail, the premium version starts at $49 for unlimited sites.


The wholesome set of features, functions, and tools makes these the best add-ons necessary for designers and developers.

If you are looking for the top Elementor addons for WordPress, we got you covered. These are quality options you can pick from. They have all you’ll want, from features to widgets and templates. Check them, and if you find them fitting in your budget, no one can stop you from making a perfect page and site.

Guest Author

Stella Lincoln is an Assistant Editor at Dissertation Assistance. She is a tech geek and a business and marketing expert. She has also been featured in business2community and Elephantjournal.

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