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How to Boost WordPress Email Deliverability

Emails, utmost widespread means of communication online, are amongst the most effective web marketing techniques. Even if some marketers disagree with this statement, the benefits of this method are clear. Emails increase customers’ loyalty, convert website visitors into clients, encourage users to make additional purchases, and, most significantly, this advertising technique saves the company money. […]

Best WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Plugins

WooCommerce is an extremely popular eCommerce platform that’s used by 4.4 million websites worldwide. This is roughly a third of all online businesses, and if you’re one of them, you may want to implement convenient shipment tracking so that your customers can benefit from the best service possible. After people make a purchase on your […]

5 Best WooCommerce Wallet Plugins

What are the best WooCommerce wallet system plugins? This is the question we get from our blog readers who understand the importance of deploying a WooCommerce wallet system into their websites. Having a WooCommerce wallet system in your online store can be beneficial in many ways. It helps improve conversions as it provides customers with […]

Tools for Building and Editing Shopify Themes

Selling online is the most popular and easiest way to generate additional income. Consumers these days prefer to buy products through e-commerce websites or special marketplaces. Many of them earn from the difference between the wholesale and retail prices. In any case, people who want to automate processes will need Shopify. Even after people have […]

10+ Great Examples of WooCommerce Shop Page

Are you starting your own business but don’t know how to maximize your resources to expand it? If yes, you might feel ecstatic to know that your business’ growth lies on the tip of your fingers. Using the internet, you can attract numerous customers all over the world. To introduce your products or services, you […]

HostArmada vs Bluehost – Which is Better?

Picking up the right hosting provider for your needs can be a crucial and challenging choice for anyone, especially if he is new and just getting started. There are various factors to consider, and knowing what to look for is vital in figuring things out. Today, we will make a head-to-head comparison between these two […]

Da Best Free WordPress Themes for Small Business

In today’s market, every business needs a website to attract new clients and network with other companies. The easiest way to set up your own is through the WordPress CMS, given its flexibility and online community support. Based on published data, WordPress accounts for 59.7% of software-built websites, with its WooCommerce plugins accounting for 22% […]

9 Email Marketing Types to Monetize Your Audience

Email marketing might seem a relatively old-fashioned method of marketing your business these days with new kids on the block like Instagram and TikTok often being touted as the best way to advertise brands and make online sales in the modern market. However, taking a look at the current statistics still says otherwise with email-based […]

How to create Facebook app for messenger bots

Step 1: Go to the Facebook Developers page at https://developers.facebook.com/ Step 2: On the page’s top-right corner, choose an existing app, or create a new one: Step 3: After choosing (or creating) an app: on the left navigation, click “Messenger”, then on the right, hit the “Get Started” button. Step 4: Setting up Token 4.1: […]