6 Tips to Use TikTok Page for Brands and Business

6 Tips to Use TikTok Page for Brands and Business

Previously in time, most people had no idea how TikTok works – everybody thought that this is a very random social media platform that has no development rules to it, only luck and trends could help you on the way toward success. However, quickly enough all of them have figured out that this is not true: there still are many ways you can affect your profile’s growth and lots of promotion hacks tumble around the net today. Sadly enough, not all of them work as they should, and this is why we have decided to write this article.

In this Ninja Team blog post, we’re going to talk about 6 tools and hacks that you can use to quickly push your page towards popularity. One of the most important ones of them being a chance to buy TikTok followers – we’ll explain how you will be able to create a pool of followers for your page using it and what else you should add to make your whole promotional campaign work for 100%.

Buy TikTok services

What to begin with?

If you’re completely new, don’t rush into filming each trend you see. It won’t bring you lots of followers and views asap, on the contrary, it might make your way harder and longer than it could be. The first thing that you need to do is to analyze your competitors – the people, who are posting similar content on TikTok as you do. You should look through their pages and note what type of trends they’re filming, how often they’re posting and what type of feedback they’re able to get from their audience because of all their actions.

If you have built your online shop with WordPress, try TikTok for WooCommerce to connect your store with its ads platform.

After you do that to several pages of your competitors, you will be able to form your own blueprint of how you can start off on your new social media page on TikTok.

Advice number one: we’d recommend you to not blindly copycat what you’ll see on the pages of your competitors, but to use it as your inspiration and a guide.

What to do next

When your page is filled with the first new TikToks, it is time to choose and use your first promotional tools.

Advice number two: don’t postpone using a chance to purchase followers for your TikTok page, do it at the very beginning of your promotion. You don’t even realize how quickly and how efficiently it can boost you and what results you might simultaneously get.

The key here is to purchase real TikTok followers: the ones that are going to be able to affect the statistics of your profile and to increase the number of subs itself all at the same time. The better your statistics are, the more often TikTok starts showing your videos to random people who might get interested in them. This is how the algorithm works, and you can definitely tangibly affect it with this paid third-party service.

Plus, for sure, this service will create an illusion of an already successful page – when somebody sees a profile that already has plenty of subscribers, quite enough thumbs up and views, they don’t have any questions about the content’s worth and they are way more willing to check it out on a regular basis. So, here we have advice number three: if you decide to use the paid option that is a pack of TikTok subscribers, make sure that you also include some paid likes, views and other features for your profile’s promotion.

How to progress by yourself

This is surely possible, but you will still need some help from the side. Advice number four: never stop working with the other TikTokers and making collabs with them. This is the best way to stay in the field of view of the wide audience and attract more and more people over time. You should definitely always keep up with the trends, but people are also trends, and if you’re seeing that somebody is booming right now, there will be no better decision rather than reaching out to that person and trying to take on a small piece of their luck.

Advice number five: always produce something unique. Trends are great, but people get bored of them quite quickly. If you want to really catch people’s attention and make it stay with you, you have to come up with something truly unique and new. But don’t worry, everything new is something old and good forgotten, so you can definitely easily get inspired by watching some old-school video content creators, or by rewatching your own old favorites from TikTok. Fashion is a never-ending loop, so you shouldn’t try to get out of your head to generate something truly entertaining and interesting. Steal like an artist, you know what they say.

When are you going to get results

Well, it solely depends on what type of results we’re talking about right now. If you buy subscribers, likes and views, you’re going to get results literally in several minutes or maybe hours, depending on the size of the packages that you order.

If we’re talking about results that come after you collaborate with some other TikTokers – it might take days, weeks, and sometimes even months for algorithms to notice your video and show it to the people. The same applies to any type of unique content that you create: it might take very long to get a boost from the algorithms, or it might be phenomenally quick – you really just never know.

However, if you want to succeed here and now, you should be trying to use all of the methods that we have listed in this article.

Advice number six: complex promotion is the best one, no matter what level of success you’re trying to reach. Buy subscribers, buy likes, buy views, form a base and then proceed to working with other TikTokers who are also keen on collaborations and development. Never stop creating quality content and never stop inspiring by the people who have already reached success. If you’d be active all the time, there is no chance that you’re going to stagnate on this platform; it loves creative people who are ready to work.

Useful and successful TikTok videos

And don’t forget that your audience can also do a lot for you – they can spread the word about your videos around their friends, they can share your clips, they can film replies to your TikTok videos on their pages and promote your content like this as well. To make sure that they will be willing to do so, you need to engage your audience into the process, entertain them and offer them something fresh every time you post. This is the only way to win their love – if you’re not online for them, they won’t develop any special emotions for your clips and won’t stay with you for a long time.


The only thing you cannot buy is the love of your audience, so make sure to work on that hard, whilst professional managers from the third-party promotional websites are going to take care of all the rest. This and following all of the pieces of advice from this article will get you to success in a blink of an eye. Good luck!


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