Facebook SpiderLink

Make your Facebook posts GO VIRAL! Build recognition, maximize engagement, and boost sales.

Facebook SpiderLink

Meet Facebook SpiderLink

Looking for the best solution to attract more views, likes & comments?

Try this restrict content plugin for Facebook to hide your special links. Your fans will have to like and/or comment on your posts to get access to it.

Create post link with meta data

Compose your post in the visual view with all customization in the backend. Try to make the post with perfect image and description to attract your leads

Subscriber List

Collect and manage subscribers

Collect all of your users Facebook info such as name, profile picture, email, gender, locale, etc. Export your list into CSV file for later campaigns.

How it worked

  • One click to install the plugin. Enter App ID & App Secret and configure some settings to connect to your timeline, fan pages and groups.
  • We design the popup template so you don’t have to! Just type your own request to fit your fan page niche. Click Save changes to save your own design. One plugin to use for your timeline, all fan pages, groups & get lifetime updates!
  • Create post link with meta data. Fill your post details, description, image and tailor your posts so that they can attract your fans, generate more clicks, more interactions and promote your fan pages BETTER.

Heads up!

I’m Tommy, product manager of Facebook SpiderLink. All this time, we have been improving the plugin, providing support, and implementing your suggestions —and we did it all for a good while.

From 2019, Facebook SpiderLink will no longer be available as a standalone app. But don't worry, your communication needs are still covered!

We've integrated some features you know and love from Facebook SpiderLink into DoopChat, our powerful marketing messaging platform.

Head over to DoopChat and explore its full potential!

I hope you'll love it.