How to get Subscription Messaging Approval for your Facebook page

Below is the instruction of how to get Subscription Messaging Approval for your Facebook page.

Go to your Facebook Page Settings > Messenger platform. Scroll down to “Advanced Messaging Features”, then click on “Request”.

Provide required information as specific as possible. I recommend you to tick on “News”

Additional details content sample: 

We are running a blog which provides articles for dog lovers. We want to send messages to our messenger subscribers about new articles. We will send two messages in a month.

Click on the checkbox, then click “Save draft”.

Messages content sample: (It’s easy to be approved when your message is about news or blog post)

♦Dear subscriber,

Do you know we have just released a new product for your beloved puppy?

Check our site for details.

♦Dear subscribers,

Do you know how to pet your dog properly and make your dog feel loved?

Check our blog post for details.

♦Dear subscribers,

Do you know all the tips to take care of your dog?

Check this article for details.


Click on “Submit for Review”, and you’re done.

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