google analytics 4 WhatsApp event tracking

WhatsApp Chat Event Tracking in Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager

Wondering how to properly track WhatsApp chat events in Google Analytics 4? Well, you’ve reached the right place. Dive in this guide to figure out a suitable way for you to do it. This tutorial comes in two parts: Basic Guide (recommended for regular use) Advanced Guide (for further event categorization and alias setup) Basic […]

9+ Best WhatsApp WordPress plugins

Are you trying to achieve more or better exposure for your blog posts or website? If you want a proven way to attract more traffic to your site or blog, you have to connect it to various social networking sites. Doing this is easy when you use WordPress, thanks to the wide array of WhatsApp […]

Top 4 Free WhatsApp plugins

Top 4 FREE WhatsApp plugins for WordPress (Comparison)

A free WhatsApp button can improve your customer service just by being there and listening to your visitors when they need it the most. Providing a convenient support channel like WhatsApp button for WordPress can help you collect their contacts, then you can offer them discount coupons, recommend blog posts, and so on. If you’re […]