6 Best WordPress Watermark Plugins (2023)

6 Best WordPress Watermark Plugins (2023)

As a WordPress website owner, sometimes it is necessary for you to protect some of your image works, especially websites whose businesses are in the niches like Photography, Graphic design, and any other form of artistical illustration businesses.

Watermarking your images, of course, will help you copyright and thus protect them from unauthorized duplication, selling, or inappropriate usage of those images. The beautiful thing is that there are a couple of really nice WordPress watermark plugins that could help you easily add watermarks to your website images or WooCommerce product images.

In addition, images with proper watermarks can help boost your domain or business exposure. By sharing those image assets via Facebook or Instagram, for example, you make your audience recall faster and build familiarity/intimacy with them.

In this article, we will take a look at 6 of the best WordPress watermark plugins that we have tested.

1. Image Watermark 

Image Watermark 


We love this WordPress watermark plugin because it is completely free, open source code and you don’t have to worry about any upgrade or limits of functions. It allows you to set a general rule to automatically watermark all the images you will upload to your website, you can set the positions of the watermark to any of the automatic alignments available in the plugin.

It also allows you to bulk watermark previously uploaded images, it has got options for translation (.pot file) and you can set the opacity of the watermark as you want.

Key features

  • Image backup functionality
  • Bulk watermark
  • Watermark images already uploaded to Media Library
  • Option to remove watermark
  • Flexible watermark position
  • Watermark image preview
  • Protect your images from copying via drag&drop
  • Disable right mouse click on images

2. WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugin 

WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugin 


This plugin is a premium plugin and it is one of the best for WooCommerce. With a very nice and simple interface, it helps you secure your product images with either a text watermark or an image watermark. It also has advanced watermarking functions whereby you can create some rules to specify products or select a whole category to apply watermarks automatically.

Automatically apply watermark on product images, product image pop-up, catalog thumbnails, and any other place where the image appears. You can configure text & image watermarks with custom font type, size, color, opacity and watermark position.

Key features

  • Allows you to add Text or Image as Watermark to product images
  • Add Watermark to Specific Products & Categories
  • Apply the same or different watermark to shop and catalog
  • Configure separate watermarks for product thumbnails and popup image
  • Set background color of product images
  • You can use the multiple watermarks display option
  • Select any position to place your watermark from the available positions.

3. Pro Bulk Watermark Plugin for WordPress 

Pro Bulk Watermark Plugin for WordPress 


This is a premium WordPress watermark plugin, fairly cheap. It is a nice watermark plugin with a simple interface, the source images are not affected! There’s only a watermark applied to them without doing any modifications to the source code. It allows you to use either text or image watermarks. This plugin also has some advanced functions like excluding files, you can exclude images/folders e.t.c

Key features

  • Select Watermark Type – Text or Image
  • Choose Watermark opacity
  • Select Watermark image min size
  • For developers – Activate the watermark only for this IP(s)
  • Live demo right on the administration to see what the watermark looks like on your images.
  • Upload custom watermark image
  • Add some margins to your watermark

4. Global Gallery – WordPress Responsive Gallery 

Global Gallery - WordPress Responsive Gallery 


This plugin is a premium plugin, but it serves more than just watermark functions, a lot of additional options also come with it, so it’s an extra advantage.

The watermark function is not so sophisticated, but it is okay for a basic image watermark option and it allows you to make some level of customizations too.

Key features

  • Images “right-click” protection
  • Simple to use overlay options
  • The plugin has a lot of additional functions
  • Fairly cheap prices.

5. Easy Watermark 

Easy Watermark


This plugin can automatically add watermark to images as they are uploaded to WordPress media library. You can also watermark existing images manually (all at once or an every single image). Watermark can be an image, text or both.

Envato Plugins Banner

On a single image, the plugin allows you to add two watermarks! One of them can be a text watermark and the other image watermark. You can control their position and size and apply them to your media independently.

Key features

  • Image watermark can be a JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Full support for transparency and alpha channel in PNG and GIF files
  • JPG and GIF files and text can have opacity set (from 0 to 100%)
  • Text watermark is created using TTF fonts
  • Text color, size and rotation can be set
  • All built-in image sizes can be watermarked (thumbnail, medium, large and full size).

6. Customizable WordPress Gallery Plugin – Modula Image Gallery 

Customizable WordPress Gallery Plugin – Modula Image Gallery


This WordPress watermark plugin comes with both free and a premium version, it allows you to create beautiful galleries for your photos and add Watermarks to the gallery photos.

The watermark can be applied to images that are already uploaded to your site as well as newly uploaded images. Once set, the watermark will be applied automatically to each new images you upload to the site.

Key features

  • Set password to protect your galleries
  • Disable right-click so nobody can steal your images
  • Apply various filters to your images
  • Set automatic watermarking for all uploads.


Watermarking your website images is very important if you are concerned about keeping your image assets away from abuses. That’s why in this article, we hope that you have learnt a thing or two about some of the best WordPress Image Watermark plugins out there that you can try on your website!

To easily organize your watermarked images in WordPress media library, you can divide them into different logotype/size categories based on your communication or marketing purpose. Luckily, FileBird WP media folder plugin can help you achieve that. Now you can start for free with unlimited folders by downloading FileBird Lite version.

FileBird media folders for WordPress




Have we left out any worth-mentioning plugins, don’t hesitate to tell us via the chatbox below!

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