CartBack – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart & Remarketing in Facebook Messenger Tutorial


Below is how to set up CartBack plugin for your WordPress website with WooCommerce.

There are two ways that you can set it up:

1. Use our team’s default app

  • No need App Review
  • Can use Checkbox Plugin options only (Reminder message of Abandoned cart)
  • Cannot use Send to Messenger Plugin options (i.e. coupon button and send-to-messenger shortcode)
  • Cannot use Audience response option and other options

2. Create your own app (Recommended)

  • Can use ALL funtions of the plugin (All Checkbox Plugin and Send to Messenger Plugin options are available.)
  • App Review is required, and it takes an estimation of 1 – 2 weeks including Business Verification or Individual Verification. (often sooner than that)

#1. Use our team’s default app

Step 1: Activate plugin

Follow this guide

Step 2: Submit a ticket at

  • Title: CartBack Setup
  • Including:
    • Your personal Facebook username or ID (for example, or 100024043250493). We will invite you to become a tester for the app, so you can use it. We DO NOT need your Facebook Business Page link.
    • Your OAuth Redirect URIs

Then confirm the request at
Note: As a Tester, after confirming the request, you will not see the app listed on your “All Apps” page, and that is completely normal.

After that, you will receive the app ID and secret via the ticket.

Next, in General Settings, enter that app ID and secret, click Save Changes, then click on Login Facebook.

Accept these two permissions:

Finally, now please set up “Reminder Options”. You must select a Facebook page, then click “Save Changes”.

Note: If you don’t click “Save Changes” in “Reminder Options”, the checkbox will not show up.

#2. Create your own app

Step 1: Activate plugin

Follow this guide

⚠️ Some notes:
– Please set it up with a new Facebook app, do not use the same app with other plugins or services.
– Do not make your app “live” until it is approved by Facebook.
– Only admins, developers, and testers of your app can see the checkbox if it has not been approved yet.

Step 2: Set up plugin in WordPress backend and Facebook Developer App

Step 3: Submit your app for Facebook Review

Please follow this tutorial to submit the app for Facebook Review

Wait for the approval and Done!

If you have any question, please submit a ticket at our Help Deskor feel free to chat with us at our Official Facebook Page.

Many thanks for coming with us!

Ninja Team