CartBack – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart & Remarketing in Facebook Messenger Tutorial


CartBack is a WordPress plugin for those stores who use WooCommerce and Facebook fan page. It helps reduce cart abandonment rate and boost your sale revenue.

Below is how to set up CartBack plugin for your WordPress website.

Step 1: Activate plugin

Follow this guide to get personal token for CartBack plugin

⚠️ Some notes:
– Please set it up with a new Facebook app, do not use the same app with other plugins or services.
– Do not make your app “live” until it is approved by Facebook.
– Only admins, developers, and testers of your app can see the checkbox in case it has not been approved yet.

Step 2: Set up plugin in WordPress backend and Facebook Developer App

Step 3: Submit your app for Facebook Review

Please follow this tutorial to submit the app for Facebook Review

Wait for Facebook app approval and Done!

If you have any question related to set up CartBack plugin, please submit a ticket at our Help Deskor feel free to chat with us at our Official Facebook Page.

Many thanks for coming with us!

Ninja Team

How to set up Facebook Secret Spiderlink WordPress plugin (Updated Apr 2020)

  1. Set up WordPress backend

2. Prepare screencasts for Facebook App Review
Prepare two screencasts as below

3. Submit Facebook App review

Notice: This video below is old permissions, new permissions since May 2020 are pages_read_engagement, pages_manage_posts, groups_access_member_info, but the same method is still working.

*Text Document:

When all permissions are approved, it looks like this


Done! Enjoy your SpiderLink!

If  you have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with our support team at or submit a ticket at

Many thanks from Ninja Team ;)



How to set up NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress (Live Chat version)

Please follow this video below to set up this live chat tool for your WordPress site:


In case the Messenger Popup does not show up, please make sure these settings are placed inside your Facebook Page:

In General Settings:

And in Messenger Platform Settings, whitelist your domain:

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know.

You can message us on Our Facebook Page or submit a ticket at Our Support System.

Many thanks from Ninja Team! ;)

How to set up Facebook Auto-Reply plugin

Below is step-by-step guide on how to set up Facebook Messenger Auto Reply.

Step 1: Set up Facebook Auto-Reply plugin from your WordPress backend

*Note: Please set it up with a new Facebook app, do not use the same app with different plugins or services.

Please follow this video:

Step 2: Submit the app for Facebook Review

Please follow this link:


If  you have any questions, feel free to chat with our support team at Our Official Facebook Page

If you get stuck with technical issues, please submit a ticket to Our Support System

Many thanks,

Ninja Team


How to set up Facebook Messenger Bulksender plugin

Step 1: General settings

Please view the video below to know how to make some general settings for this plugin

Step 2: Submit for Facebook app review

**Note: Do not make your app public (live) until it’s approved by Facebook; otherwise, it will show an error.

Please follow this process to submit your app for Facebook review

Done! Enjoy how amazing Bulk Sender does for you!

If you have any question, feel free to chat with our support team at Our Facebook Page or submit a ticket to Our Support System.

Many thanks from Ninja Team!

How to setup Notifly – Facebook Push Notification WordPress Plugin

Please view the video bellow to know how to setup Notifly plugin.

If  you have any questions, feel free to chat with support team at

How to get Facebook Page Access Token

(Scroll down to view video version)

I will show you how to get Facebook Page Access Token to use for Facebook Messenger Bulksender plugin just 5 steps.

Step 1:

Go to Graph API Explorer tool at:

Step 2:

Select Get User Access Token, see image bellow:

Step 3:

Select pages_messaging and pages_messaging_subscriptions premissions from the popup, then click Get Access Token button

Click Continue and OK in next screens.

Step 4:

Get Page Access Token, see image bellow

Click OK to confirm in next screen.

Step 5:

Select page you want to get token and copy it from Access Token field

Finally, paste the token you just created into Custom Token field to send bulk messages

We made a video to show you how to do it, you can view bellow (only 40 seconds):

The Boom and Future of Bots

Chat bots are overtaking the planet.

Or so it seems. Consumers can now book a flight, hail a ride, reserve a hotel room, buy clothes, manage their bank accounts online — now all without ever leaving the convenience of Facebook Messenger.

There is just one tiny fly in the ointment. Bots might be the future, but “the future” accurately describes any and all the time between next week and when Elon Musk successfully colonizes Mars (and beyond).

And while that bot-based future may well be glorious, it isn’t quite here just yet. For a simple reason, the bots are, well, still learning how to interact with humans correctly, and the learning curve has been a bit steeper than some had initially predicted. Said simply, the average bot is just not smarter than a sixth grader.

“Chatbots are primitive. In fact, many of them are primitive to the point of being annoying, if you can figure out how to use them in the first place,” Karen Webster recently wrote of the burgeoning bot hysteria. “Most of the time, I just want to punch Poncho the Weather Cat since all I want is the weather when I ask about the weather. Spare me the cutesy icon that tries to make a joke about it. We take our weather very seriously in Boston. Shopping with a bot is tedious — it takes 20 exchanges to finally get a link to a just-OK pair of black pumps that you have to then go outside the bot to the retailer site to buy.”

And Webster is not alone in these observations. David Marcus, president of Facebook Messenger, whose big bot announcement early this year sent a million developers off to build an army of chatbots, has noted that bots are still in their embryonic phase and will need to undergo several rounds of evolution before they become a truly useful and desirable part of the ecosystem. Wired made a similar point over the summer. Bots are at their beginning and, as such, work better in concept that in actuality.