20+ Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Lead Capture Forms

Underestimating the influence of lead capture forms can result in lower conversion rates.

Although a form seems like a non-issue, it is crucial when it comes to turning visitors into customers. That being said, applying optimization techniques to your WordPress lead capture form can also optimize your conversions.

Here are some tips on how to optimize your WordPress lead capture forms:

  • Place your form at the top of the page;
  • Distract with a purpose;
  • Align a copy;
  • Ensure strong call to action;
  • Keep the form short;
  • Consider the number of fields;
  • Stop asking too many questions;
  • Mark the required fields;
  • Be transparent;
  • Have a clear message;
  • Make the form mobile-friendly;
  • Do thank;
  • Ensure privacy;
  • Split test;
  • Aim for design quality;
  • Add a personal touch;
  • Make your form interactive;
  • Insert visuals;
  • Offer something in exchange;
  • Create popup forms;
  • Use captchas to block spam;
  • Include social proof;
  • Create a multistep process.

Place Your Form At The Top

According to the research, people spend 74% of the viewing time above the fold. When a page first loads, this refers to the part of your site that visitors can see without scrolling. Therefore any crucial action you want your audience to take should be placed right there (your WordPress lead generation form included).

Distract With A Purpose

Another good practice is to embed a form in the middle of the article so you double benefit: readers have a chance to get themselves familiar with your content and you still collect data without irritation.

Align The Copy

One of the key components of effective lead generation form is an alignment with the rest of the content, like keeping design and language (also the use of keywords) consistent. In that case, your form will achieve a greater impact on visitors with a persuasive message that creates a sense of moving forward (without interrupting the flow).

When in synergy, relevant call-to-action, body text, and a headline are aligned not only with your audience’s expectations but also with best search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

Ensure Strong (And Persuasive) CTA’s text

If your form is the cornerstone of the lead generation process, your CTA (call to action) is the cornerstone of your form. Your CTA should instruct people on how to complete an action you want them to take. Think of a CTA as a specific campaign with a single purpose.

A tip here: the text of your button should tell what will happen next once a visitor clicks. A small (yet creative) tweak in the copy can massively impact the click-through rate.

Keep It Short

Don’t indulge in long forms to achieve the primary goal of the form. You want your form to convert, that is why so crucial is to keep it short, engaging, and concise. The less you ask, the more likely visitors give away their personal information.

Put it simply, you need to ‘kill your darlings’ – eliminate any unnecessary fields (like an alternative phone number, etc.).

Consider The Number Of Fields

The number of fields included in your form depends on multiple things. You need to define at what stage of your sales funnel you are going to reach out to your potential leads and what is the main goal of the particular form as a part of your conversion rate optimization efforts.

After that, the remaining is to consider what personal data is absolutely necessary to ask.

But still, the shorter the form, the more likely visitors won’t resist it.

Stop Asking Too Many Questions

Long forms irritate because they create a feeling that a brand is asking for too much. When time and attention are the most valuable resources, you should keep people engaged throughout the process of filling the form.

Mark The Required Fields

Optional fields will make it easy to leave data even for those who are not very motivated while you will still collect the desired information. If you have both required and optional fields, you can either mark required fields with an asterisk or name optional ones right inside the field.

Be Transparent

If your form still requires to be a long one, introduce transparency into it. Show your potential leads how much time they need to invest in and display a progress bar to stimulate the process.

People are more likely to give up the task if they haven’t made any progress there.

Have A Clear Message

Clear communication doesn’t end with a straightforward copy and a strong what-will-happen next call to action. It also requires to align the form and the rest of the landing page and display users’ mistakes when misentering information or skipping fields.

To get more clicks and stimulate the right decision, your form should be simple and easy to understand.

Make The Form Mobile-Friendly

According to the recent data, half of all people who have access to the Internet use mobile devices to view websites. That’s why creating a site (and a form) optimized for mobiles is the rule of thumb, so you convert mobile users as well. To achieve these two aims at once, go for a website builder that ensures built-in auto responsiveness.

Because having an unresponsive form can hurt your conversion rate optimization efforts, you can also prevent it by sticking to a one-column layout, and skipping captchas for those using mobile devices.

Do Thank

Include a ‘Thank you’ message after visitors fill out the form. Thanking is a great way to show you value everyone who comes across your page – not only existing customers.

Because strong long-lasting relationships with your audience should be built as early as possible, let them know you appreciate their time and attention they have spent answering.

Ensure Privacy

It’s crucial to inform your visitors about how you are going to use their personal information to convince them to share one. Being transparent can reduce visitors’ hesitation, gain trust and credibility in your brand.

You can link to your privacy policy either at the very bottom of your form or include a checkbox asking for permission to use given data.

Split Test

Do test your forms. This is a great practice to keep abreast of whether your form (and its optimization) works or not.

You can perform split tests (also called A/B tests) by using a free Google Optimize tool by Google. It can help you to determine if and how you can optimize the conversion rate of your form by changing its position, the color of your CTA button, and more.

Aim For Design Quality

A well-polished form can increase your brands’ credibility because people associate the quality of the design with your company’s trustworthiness.
Some of the best practices to enhance the appearance of your form is to allow white spaces, follow color psychology principles, and use relevant eye movement patterns (visual hierarchy) when designing the form.

Add A Personal Touch

Decisions are often empowered by emotions that guide thinking and actions. Personalizing the design and the copy of your web form humanizes your brand. Human language and authentic appearance are what makes a form stand out and increase peoples’ willingness to come back to your website.

For example, instead of presenting an empty name field, include ‘Hi, my name is *your name*, what’s yours?’ in there.

Make Your Form Interactive

Making your form as interactive as possible will create a positive user experience and add a human touch to your form. An ability to interact and engage with a form increases its value to users which results in a higher probability for you to convert valuable leads.

Insert Visuals

The psychology behind successful UX of web forms states that pairing textual information and visuals makes it easier to recall the form (and therefore your brand) and also attract more visitors by being perceived as easier to use.

Offer Something In Exchange

One of the best ways to reinforce people’s desire to fill out a lead capture form is to present a statement of benefits or create a giveaway. Offering something in exchange, for example, a checklist or a free ebook, can boost form submissions and result in higher conversions.

Create Popup Forms Instead

Popup forms are another controversial strategy to capture leads. While it’s proven they do work, some people abandon and ignore information presented that way. To avoid it, you need to create a user-friendly popup form. This can be done by studying the behavior of your audience to set the right popup trigger and an appropriate format.

Use Captchas To Block Spam

Captchas can either drag down the conversion rate or increase it. Yet people are easily getting frustrated when encountering long forms or captchas, these security services prevent robots from completing your form.

You can put captchas at the very end of your lead capture form to eliminate spam submissions and make your subscribers feel safer while interacting with your site.

Include Social Proof

The behavior of an individual is often influenced by other people. The same can be applied when it comes to building trust in your brand and engaging people to share their data. The phenomenon of social proof is a very powerful marketing approach to motivate your audience – people are more likely to act if others are doing so.

Illustrate the benefits of your product via customers’ quotes or highlight a number of people who have already filled out the form.

Create A Two-Step (Or More) Process

There are two required components for people to give away their personal information: permission and trust in your brand.

To gain credibility, avoid scaring visitors with one large signup form and create a multi-step process instead (break up the form into several stages). Start by asking very basic questions and aim for more in further steps.


Not optimizing your WordPress lead capture forms could hurt your conversion rate optimization efforts.

To get the best out of it, use a simple formula: minimize all that can irritate visitors and maximize the perceived value by turning peoples’ decision-making process into an effortless and easy-to-accomplish task.

When applied, these proven strategies help your potential leads to build trust in your brand and remove any doubts about giving out their personal information. In exchange, you will get a stream of high-quality leads and enhance your conversion experience.



Paula is a passionate content creator & marketing specialist at Visual Composer. She believes that words can empower like nothing else.

10 WordPress Marketing Plugins to Help You Earn More

With over 55,000 plugins available on WordPress today, how do you know what’s right for your business? You want to earn more, and you know some plugins can help you do it, but where do you start? Since nobody has time to review all the possible plugins for WordPress to find the best options, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

It’s time to welcome a new year of earning more. Are you ready to work smarter not harder? Then try these WordPress marketing plugins that streamline your marketing so you can earn more profit.

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing


If you run any kind of online business or provide paid online services than effectively managing and collecting payments from your customers becomes very crucial.

Pabbly Subscription Billing is a complete software (not a WordPress plugin) that lets you generate unlimited revenue by effortlessly managing recurring and one-time payments in a single dashboard.

With this valuable subscription management application, you can create limitless products & plans, add unlimited customers to collect unlimited payments through the checkout pages. Plus, this software does not charge any extra amount on your earned revenue and there is no per-transaction fee as well.

This is the only subscription billing service that comes with an inbuilt affiliate module using which you can manage affiliates in a hassle-free manner. Furthermore, with it, you can easily manage taxes, create coupons and offer a discount to your customers as well.

2. WP Forms



First and foremost, you need a simple way for leads to contact you. If your users can’t find an easy to use a contact form, they’ll likely just skip to a competitor. One mistake a lot of new businesses make is only listing an email address as a point of contact. While this is still a smart option, it shouldn’t be the primary way for most casual leads to gain contact with your business.

Instead, use WP Forms. This plugin is a simple drag-and-drop form builder that makes it simple to build quality, easy forms that work. When a user fills out the form, you’ll get an instant notification to your inbox. There are even added features like uploadable documents, HTML, and more. If you still don’t have a contact form, now’s the time to build one.

3. Defender



Next, you need to make sure your marketing is secure. Your website might be at risk from attack by a hacker. The leading WordPress website management provider recommends using Defender.

Defender is a WordPress plugin that fights malicious bots, brute force attacks, and more through security scans, reports, and 2-factor authentication. If you’re running an online business today, you can’t afford not to take your security seriously. Download Defender and gain some peace of mind.

4. Yoast SEO

yoast seo


SEO isn’t just for big-name businesses. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you get your content in front of the right audience. The good news is, thanks to Yoast SEO, you don’t need any advanced development skills to drive traffic with SEO.

With free, easy-to-use tools, Yoast helps you build a website made for both humans and search engines. Some key features include keyword optimization, readability check, and structured data. SEO is no longer optional, so make sure you’re creating a website people can actually find.

If despite everything, you would prefer to try something other than Yoast, or you simply want to explore more options, you can rejoice. The web is swimming with both free and premium SEO WordPress plugins that are waiting for you to test them out.

5. NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress (Live Chat version)


Along with your contact form, you need fast ways for potential customers to get their questions answered. While many people are turning to Chatbots, the easiest way to jump on this trend is with Facebook Messenger. The NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress (Live Chat Version) plugin adds an easy to use Facebook Messenger button to your website so customers can quickly get questions answered.

6. OptinMonster



To boost your email marketing, use OptinMonster on your website. This plugin is a powerful conversion optimization tool that helps you build more leads with less work. It’s perfect for businesses of all types, and it will grow your email list virtually overnight.

With customizable popups, page sliders, and on-page signup forms, you’ll never lose a warm lead again. Your customers want to hear more from you. Give them a chance to join your email list that they won’t overlook.

Let’s take a look at the cheapest email marketing software to boost your business.

7. Ninja Popups for WordPress



The next useful plugin in today’s list is Ninja Popups which is a swiss army knife to help create popups on your website for the purpose of increasing followers and boosting revenues with various items like newsletter subscriptions, recommended or related items, and much more.

Popups are an outstanding approach to catch viewers’ attention and Ninja Popups is doing a pretty good job. This is a powerful tool for your website to attract a great deal of visitors every day with endless great possibilities such as special deals, discounts, or coupon codes. Plus, it’s fully customizable that are mobile-friendly user interface, translatable and so forth.

8. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

easy social sharing buttons


Social networks are vitally important in these days, right?

If we talk about marketing, we need to mention involvement across all business channels, including social networks because these will help grow clients’ relationship and engagement through social community. That’s where Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress comes to everything easier at hand.

This plugin is a great social media plugin that provides high possibilities for sharing, allowing your clients to share content on more than 40 social networds, including a great deal of mobile-sharing options because the demand for mobile-friendly apps or websites is rapidly growing today.

Plus, Easy Social Buttons goes with 31 beautiful templates for social sharing options alongside with stunning button options that allow you to take full control of your social media integration.

9. AdRotate


You website is growing with a great volume of traffic and now you are looking for approaches to monetize it, but you do not know how to make it realistic.

There are actually a great number of different ways to make your dreams come true, putting banner ads is one of them, for example. But, with AdRotate that we are going to introduce today, it will enormously save your time, energy and any inconvenience and make your process easy as a piece of cake.

This great marketing plugin allows you to connect with advertisers without doing much work. All they need to do is basically create an account, add creatives and voila, it’s done. It works with ad servers such as;, Google AdSense, Bing, Amazon, Blind Ferret, DFP, Doubleclick and most other referrer/ad servers.

This marketing plugin is also compatible with many popular plugins such as JetPack, WooCommerce, bbPress, etc. If you are ready to add banners to your page, let’s give AdRotate a shot today!

10. ModelTheme Black Friday



Are you running an e-commerce store? And you’ve got no idea to boost sales in some special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas or New Year. With ModelTheme Black Friday, things are a whole lot easier.

Any types of sale you’re running on your eCommerce platform, you can also do it with ModelTheme Black Friday. This wonderful marketing plugin offers an easy-to-use interface that is pretty comprehensible and transparent, yet also ideal for professionals.

This plugin is fully customizable. You can set up your own campaign timing, create custom headers or upload an eye-catching background and insert a catchy caption to grab more visitors’ attention. By doing this, you will have a full control of customization in the upcoming special events throughout the year.

demo mobile

Be well-prepared for the next sale and kick it off like a pro.

Utilizing the Best of WordPress

As you can see, WordPress has a lot of add-on plugins that really bring the experience up a notch. Whether you’re building an online business or an ecommerce store, you need a way to market to your prospective customers. With so many different options for online marketing, it’s hard to know where to spend your money and time.

This list does that hard work for you. These are the best tools for increasing search engine rankings, boosting your email list, and connecting with customers. Your marketing has never been more successful. Try these for yourself to see just how quickly they lead to more profit for your business.