8 Best Contact Form 7 Extensions for WordPress 2022

Contact Form 7 plugin is one of the most handy and user-friendly extensions for those who would like to communicate with their visitors and have an orderly way of accumulating information about their users and messages in just one place.

Although this plugin is well-featured and widely used by a majority of bloggers or website owners, is has not made any significant changes or updates and sometimes is out-of-the-box when we require some additional tasks with a contact form. That is the reason why Contact Form 7 has inadequate vital features in comparison to major competitors.

Fortunately, Contact Form 7 is fully expandable and there are still numerous ways to revamp the features of Contact Form 7 by employing useful extensions.

This article will be going to introduce seven handy Contact Form 7 extensions for the purpose of making it more powerful and useful to implement some extra advanced tasks.

Let’s now dive in with the 7 top Contact Form 7 extensions.

(*Note: you will need to have Contact Form 7 installed and activated to use these extensions!)

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7-best contact-form-7


1. Contact Form 7 Multi-Step

Feeling exhausted to fill in such a longgggg form? Want to chop it down into steps? Contact Form 7 Multi-Step is born for you.

 contact form 7 multi-step

This awesome extension enables Contact Form 7 plugin to add multiple steps to your form with a click and you can easily customize your button for each step.

 The following are primary features of this handy extension:

  • Make your form look better with Multi-step
  • Add easily step tag to your form with a click
  • Custom easily your button for each step
  • Having unlimited steps
  • Nice UI/ UX

Contact Form 7 Multi-Step is a useful add-on which is built to add multiple steps to your form if it looks quite long with too many fields.

This extension is the most effective approach to make your long form into a shorter form and keep it straightforward.

You can also add Next and Previous navigation buttons in the forms by using shortcodes and this contact form add-on makes Contact Form 7 more reliable and functional.

So, what is Contact Form 7 Multi-Step used for? Can you guess?

It is truly useful for doing a survey or collecting information of the user in steps and send an email in the end.

contact form 7 multi-step demo

 To cut a long story short, this extension works like a charm and I highly recommend this for those who do not want to lose clients.


2. Contact Form 7 Database

Can you guess the implication of the picture above?

contact form 7 database

Hah, finished? Guess what it is?

This is one aspect that Contact Form 7 is lacking compared to its rivals, e.g. the ability to keep form entries in WordPress database and make them accessible.

This add-on is called Contact Form 7 Database developed by Ninja Team and it is built to retain all submitted forms.

Following are some noticeable features that this extension offers:

  • Save submitted from Contact Form 7 to database
  • Change tag name easily
  • Drag and drop to sort columns
  • Enable or disable columns
  • Export submitted data to CSV
  • Export any columns data to CSV
  • Easy to export email data to CSV for marketing
  • Display submitted data for each form
  • Have user-friendly user interface

What else this extension can do in addition to retain and access submitted forms?

It can create a back-up file of entries and export most available formats in case something unexpected comes up.

So what are you waiting for? I suppose this amazing extension will satisfy your need. Install it and everything is in your hand.

contact form 7 database

3. Moana – Contact Form Seven CF7 Builder use Visual Composer

Are you using Contact Form 7 and getting tired of constantly making changes of your form’s style and columns?

Now you can free yourself from this annoying coding difficulty.

With Moana Builder, you can just drag and drop elements easily the way you’re doing with Visual Composer.

Keep calm, try Moana, and enjoy yourself!

Moana - Contact Form Seven CF7 Builder use Visual Composer

Key features:

  • Simply drag and drop
  • Word with visual composer
  • No coding required
  • Speed things up and save your time
  • Super easy to use

This plugin allows you to build Contact Form 7 with ease by simply dragging and dropping fields into your contact form. It’s easy as pie.

You can create the contact form like a bat out of hell and feel no more stress when your codes go wrong.


Overall, it may be said that this extension is super duper handy and a missing piece to the perfection of Contact Form 7.

If you are familiar with Visual Composer and currently using Contact Form 7, this is the plugin you are looking for.

4. Contact Form 7 Honeypot

contact form 7 honeypot

“Ugh! Not again! What the heck of these things? Spam everywhere !!!”

Have you ever been in that situation? If yes, no need to worry because every platform is targeted by spammers.

If you’re up in the air, you can’t go wrong with the HoneyPot extension.

contact form 7 honeypot

Installing Contact Form 7 Honeypot is a breeze. You can find the plugin in the WordPress directory or by going to:

Following are the following central features of this add-on:

  • Prevent spam bots
  • Easy to use
  • Work with multiple forms

The purpose of HoneyPot is to add anti-spam functionality to prevent spam bots and sort them into hidden fields and force them to reveal that they are actually non-human visitors to your site.

Form submissions are marked as spamming and not allowed to send. HoneyPot immensely helps minimize large amounts of the contact form spam you will receive, without making your visitors frustrated with an ugly captcha field.

In practice, with this extension, adding anti-spam protection is as a piece of cake and all you have to do is just click the new button and this module will add to the form editor and then save your form.

I highly recommend the Contact Form 7 HoneyPot plugin for its user-friendliness and it does not have an influence on the aesthetics of the contact form or the user experience.

5. JQuery Validation For Contact Form 7

JQuery Validation For Contact Form 7

How does the idea of making sure your visitors submit validated information through your forms sound? The free jQuery Validation For Contact Form 7 is just a handy extension that will give you the ability to easily validate certain types of data.

Here are some main features of this extension:

  • Add jquery validation to contact form fields.
  • More faster validation than of contact form core validation.
  • Allow field to be validated for URL, date, credit card, number and more.
  • Field highlight features for invalid field data types.
  • Error message for individual fields.
  • Easy to add validation rules. Just add class in Contact Form 7 fields.
  • Interactive validation that your users love.
  • Work with multiple forms now.

This add-on helps to integrate jquery validation to your Contact Form 7. It is easy to use and works pretty solid. Once visitors fill in incorrect information, the offending form field will be promptly flagged and let users quickly recognize their mistakes.

Following are the validation methods available for the purpose of checking the correctness of the information that users fill in the forms:

  • Required
  • Email
  • URL
  • Date
  • Number
  • Digit only
  • Credit card
  • US phone number
  • IBAN (Internation Bank Account Number)
  • Letters only

I have periodically used this add-on to check the effectiveness of its features, I must say that this add-on is truly useful and quickly enhances validation message visibility. However, it would be great to have attached language packs in order to support websites that do not display in English.

6. Contact Form 7 – PayPal Add-on

If there is one add-on that gives your CF7 a shot in the arm, it must be PayPal because it allows you to integrate credit card payment options to your forms.

Contact Form 7 PayPal

Contact Form 7 PayPal add-on shares some primary features as follows:

  • Set items name, price, SKU/ID per contact form
  • Built in support for 18 languages (PayPal currently supports 18 languages)
  • Built in support 25 currencies (PayPal currently supports 25 currencies)
  • PayPal testing through Sandbox
  • Choose a cancel payment URL
  • Choose a successful payment URL

Normally, individual contact forms can merely be used to purchase a single product and obviously you cannot buy multiple products because there is no shopping cart supported in this case.

However, if you are running a small business and selling a small proportion of products or services, this add-on might be a possible choice. A great example for this would be a blogger selling a pair of Adidas AlphaBOUNCE Beyond sneakers as illustrated below.

Contact Form 7 PayPal

Once a contact form is enabled with a PayPal account and a user submits the form, it will send the email, as usual, then auto-redirect to PayPal.

With regard to business, Contact Form 7 add-on is surprisingly easy to install and use. The first thing to do is add your PayPal merchant ID to the PayPal Settings screen, as well as confirming your currency.

Contact Form 7 PayPal

When everything is done, move on to the PayPal tab. On this screen, all you need to do is activate PayPal, then provide an item description, price, and SKU number. Finish by hitting Save.

Now, once your customers finish filling in the form and hit Submit button, they will be redirected to the PayPal checkout screen. From this screen, they can easily make their purchase.

 Contact Form 7 PayPal

7. Contact Form 7 Style

If your CF7 theme is bored as hell and you would like to have a new lease of life, Contact Form 7 Style extension is an awesome tool for your personalization interest.

Contact Form 7 Style

Actually, Contact Form 7 does not have any style of templates and this is quite limited compared to its competitors. With Contact Form 7 Style, you will have the power to personalize your forms and give it a new look.

Key features:

  • Color styling
  • Custom fonts (Google fonts included)
  • Styling for input fields, text, text area, labels, submit button, messages, and placeholders
  • Border color
  • Form background color
  • Customized style can be imported/ exported
  • Live preview on changing/adding the new style properties of each element
  • Possibility to customize error messages, success messages, and warning messages

Plus, this extension allows users to alter numerous options such as custom color, custom fonts, styling options for input fields, text, labels, submit button, messages, and background image option.

What is more, it also lets you to import and export your personalization of a form and support multiple forms with different designs.

8. Image Optimize and Upload CF7 

Need to upload many images and want to make it easy for the user and save the user’s time? Well, this plugin will do it for you by resizing and compressing images on the client’s side before sending them to you.

 This Contact Form 7 plugin extension allows your visitors to automatically compress and resize the images before sending them, so it saves their time and bandwidth. You can pick the size of the image and the quality too.

Main features of Images Optimize and Upload CF7 plugin:

  • Quick compression and resizing images on the client’s side using AJAX drag and drop uploader
  • No limits on input file size and file type validation
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customize file upload thumbnails and drag and drop area layouts
  • Multiple shortcodes in one form
  • Identify images by adding ID to the shortcode. The ID value will be used as a prefix in the filename
  • Set the maximum uploaded files limit in global settings, or in the shortcode
  • You can remove the temporary image files from the server after form submission or just keep them
  • Highly customizable settings

Images Optimize and Upload CF7 is a handy add-on, which resizes and compresses the images on the client’s side.

This plugin is very useful if you need to upload many large images in your form, and don’t want the users to close the form because it takes too long to upload. All the images will be the size and quality you need.

So if you need to upload a lot of large images, and don’t want to lose potential customers, this plugin is for you!

Final thoughts

And that finalizes our rundown of 7 of the best free CF 7 add-ons. By vastly equipping your CF 7 with these extensions, it will become more powerful with a great number of functionalities like adding multiple steps to contact forms, retaining submitted forms, dragging and dropping fields, preventing spammers, collecting PayPal payments or personalizing your CF 7’s user interface.

Whether to upgrade or revamp your CF 7, add-on installation is indispensable and the aforementioned extensions will grab your attention because they are reliable and categorized ranging from basic to an advanced degree in accordance with your demand.

Which add-ons are you going to install? Are your favourite extensions missing from this collection? Please leave comments down below to share your thoughts with us.

So what else are you waiting for? Let’s give them a shot and dig into it!

Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Pro Documentation

Hello WordPress Users,

Here is the documentation of  Multi Step for Contact Form 7 Pro plugin.

Once Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Plugin activated, the Contact Forms dashboard has a new look. You can see additional separate tabs represent Step 1, Step 2, Step 3…

Contact Form 7 Multi Step Settings

  1. Add a new step

  2. Show an answer from a previous step

  3. Preview the full form before submit it

  4. Animation options and button colour settings 

  5. Enable and set progress bar feature

  1. Add a new step

  • Click the plus icon to add a step (1)
  • Fill in Step name and Back, Next button titles (2) (3)
  • Add form fields (4)

Note: By default, in the last step, the submit button is located on the left side. To make it float to the right, please add a submit button like this:

<p style=”float:right”>
[submit “Submit”]

  1. Show an answer from a previous step

Contact form 7 Multi Step Recall

  • You can enter only one field name here (1)
  • Enter an ID or Class attribute for adding CSS rules later (optional) (2)

Note: If you use checkbox, please add”-cbmls” into checkbox name (e.g: checkbox-123-cbmls)  so that Njt Answer can recognize and display it.

  1. Preview the full form before submit it

  • Enter a title for the preview button (1)
  • Enter an ID or Class attribute for adding CSS rules later (optional) (2)
  1. Animation options and button colour settings

  • Back button background colour and title colour (1) (2)
  • Next button background colour and title colour (3) (4)
  • Toggle this ON if you want the form to scroll to top of the page when Next button is clicked (5)
  • Toggle this ON and select from the dropdown options if you want appearance animation for the Back and Next buttons (6)
  1. Enable progress bar feature

  • Toggle ON progress bar if you choose to have it shown (1)
  • Watch the form preview on the right side (2)
  • Set colour for the progress bar (3)
  • Choose your preferred style for the progress bar (4)
  • Choose progress bar arrangement style (5)
  • Activate or deactivate form progress percentage (6)
  • Set colour for the form progress percentage (7)
  • Tick this option if you want users to be able to click on each steps to see its contents without filling it first (8)
  • Save the form!

Your form is now done!

I hope you can easily find how to customize Contact form 7 multi step plugin after reading this tutorial.

In case you have any question or need support, please submit a ticket at Our Support Portal or feel free to chat with our support team at Our Official Facebook Page

Many thanks for coming with us!

Ninja Team

5 Ways To Force Users To Leave Your Website
(and never come back)

You might think I’m trying to be extremely sarcastic, but you could be the one who falls inclined to those scenarios without you even acknowledging it.

Let me share with you some best practices to exclude new users from your website’s next visits.

key to succeed
1. Hide The Content Well

Users seek content. However, you don’t need to maximize your content exposure. You’re capable of hiding your contents not only from your visitors but also from the search engine. How so? Just place your main content, main topic tabs, most important information, etc. out of reach.

Selling cat food? Hide “Cats” away.

So both User & Googlebot misunderstand what your website is all about.


Some other ways to isolate your contents are disabling zooming and filling up the page with fixed-positioned elements. Try adding a big online chat window or newsletter subscription ad to cover the menu or sidebar.


2. Be UI Mobile-Unhandy

Are the CTA and link buttons large enough?

Are complex UI elements such as carousels implemented properly on any device?

Do you enable text selection on your web pages?

Is navigation easy to be found wherever possible, like these?


Examples of good UI/UX

Say NO to every question in the above checklist and you’ll gain an unhandy UI to your needs.


3. Prevent Users From Saying Hi

If you allow users to browse through your pages and do nothing more, then don’t use any instant messaging plugin or live chat box on your website. I’ll bet the poor user is clueless in getting in touch with you.

There are plenty of premium live chat and instant messaging plugins, including Facebook Messenger for WordPress, Messenger for PHP, even with BOT, which works perfectly. But you don’t need it anyway.



Stay away from IM. Why do we have to be seen and to be heard?


4. Don’t Make Phone Numbers Tappable

Another good thing to do is to display your phone number as text so that the users have to go all the way from select, copy, go to Calls screen, and paste it. By this way, you can make the users know “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

Also for phone numbers, international numbers need the country code. Some websites targeting only a specific geographical area find it OK to leave merely the phone number. Besides, some other websites assume that the users are the one who should know where the website owner locates.

Well, just in case that’s not what you’re headed for, here is your span tag and Javascript to apply:

Phone: <span class="phone-number">123456789</span>

Using jQuery and the isMobile detection library, we’ll replace the element with a phone-number class and a link:

if( {
  $('.phone-number').each(function() {
      $('<a href="tel:' + this.innerHTML + '">' + this.innerHTML + '</a>')

It looks like this on smartphones:

Phone: <a href="tel:123456789" class="phone-number">123456789</a>

5. Let Go Of Your Visitors

To make sure nothing can entice your visitors to leave any contact details or any traces, avoid using contact forms of all kinds.

Although Contact Form 7 Database can help save your user and their queries to database, or Contact form 7 Multi step help decrease your form abandonment form, just do not ever try using it.

Ignore these useful Contact Form 7 add-ons no matter it’s Database for Contact form 7 or Multi-Step for Contact form 7.



Now that you master all those 5 tips, you can rest assured that the website is shown to the visitors exactly as below: