Top 4 FREE WhatsApp plugins for WordPress (Comparison)

A free WhatsApp button can improve your customer service just by being there and listening to your visitors when they need it the most. Providing a convenient support channel like WhatsApp button for WordPress can help you collect their contacts, then you can offer them discount coupons, recommend blog posts, and so on.

If you’re going to install a plugin on your WordPress site you need to be sure it’s being stable and updated. You don’t want to welcome bugs and errors, right? So today I’ve tested and reviewed 4 free WhatsApp plugins you can find on WordPress repository by running a quick search with the keyword “Whatsapp”. These plugins are trusted by hundreds of thousands of websites, which authentically endorse their functionality.


All four of them offer their own premium service, which I’m not covering in this post. This article reviews only the features that you can get completely free of charge.
So if you already got the WhatsApp button idea for your website in your mind, don’t hesitate to dive in to see what they have to offer!

1. WP Chat App – WhatsApp Button Plugin

WP Chat App is a powerful plugin to help add WhatsApp support channel to your WordPress website. The free version is feature-rich and full-fledged, which allows you to add multiple WhatsApp numbers so that your customers can choose which one they need to connect. With WP Chat App, you’re free to adjust the agent name and title, replace avatar or set their actual work hours. This helps make sure the right person will be assigned to the right work and the right customers.


If you don’t want to miss your customer’s pre-sale questions, make sure the Always available status is on. Moreover, you can show the approximate response time for your visitors to expect how long you’re getting back to them. You may think about this as minor features, however, it helps build trust and loyalty for your audience at their very first glance.

Since WP Chat App allows you to write an optional text for the WhatsApp widget label and description, you can give your visitors the right impression that you want them to feel about your brand and products. So if you’re selling fancy stuff, just go wild and add crazily creative greetings! Your buyers will definitely love it!

whatsapp plugin - floating widget settings
Floating widget settings with multiple WhatsApp accounts

Another feature that you’ll appreciate is their predefined text message with shortcodes. These shortcodes help save your customers some time to paste the product name/URL. Moreover, you’ll know the specific page/post they’re currently on, understand their demands, and then set proper actions.

whatsapp click to chat button on wordpress website



  • Documentation should be improved

2. WP Social Chat

WhatsApp Social Chat for WordPress allows your customers to open a conversation from your website directly to your WhatsApp phone number.

whatsapp social chat

This plugin has a step by step setting order. You can configure the fields in each tab, including Button > Box > Contacts > Display > Colors respectively. Overall, this is an easy procedure to follow. The Quadlayers’ premium features listed in each tab, of course, remain inactive.

WP Social Chat allows you to opt for an additional box with header and footer to include other contact channel links. This is also good to present a welcoming appearance for your online store. Website visitors can choose the best way at their convenience to get connected to your store.

1-site license for this social chat button costs $20 and could take you to the next level of customizing your brand/avatar and multiple support agents.


  • Easy to use
  • Very good docs


  • Button/bubble design is smaller than the original WhatsApp logo
  • Not so smooth workflow
  • Demo is for the premium version

3. Click to Chat on WhatsApp button

This WhatsApp plugin by HoliThemes is a brilliant plugin to go if you want it to be simple and fast. If you just need a tool to have a link to your WhatsApp number, pick this version!

Right after activated, you can navigate to Settings and input your number. Default button styles for mobile and desktop devices are already the best choice. But if you want to personalize your brand, you can also customize the button avatar. You’ll need to pick the Style-99 to get the options of using your own image. By pasting the URL of your avatar image/GIF, you are now free to set the looks of the button on different devices.

This free WhatsApp plugin has an option of Google Analytics integration to allow you to create an event when a user clicks on the WhatsApp icon/button. The premium WooCommerce options to boost your store sales are available in the paid version ($12).


  • Custom style for mobile & desktop
  • Shortcode available with different number attributes


  • Documentation is a little bit broken
  • Compatible but not optimized for WooCommerce


Formerly known as Wame click-to-chat button, this plugin is now rebranded as WhatsApp’s lead generation tool. provides us with a clean and easy user interface including two tabs: General and Visibility. If your site is using WooCommerce, the 3rd will be displayed as WooCommerce so that you can optimize your product pages’ call-to-actions.

Since it doesn’t allow multiple support agents, this way of layouting is easy enough for every beginner user to figure it out.

It takes only a few minutes to integrate this WhatsApp experience on your website as expected. You can also give a predefined strike-up-a-conversation message in the message box.

There are, however, some functions that come in general settings yet not applicable. When I try toggling Dark mode, nothing gets changed. Same with notification balloon (Display a notification balloon instead of opening the Chat Window for a “less intrusive” mode), I don’t get what will be changed if the option is ticked or not.

In general, it’s relatively smooth to get this button up & running as a free WhatsApp plugin WordPress solution.


  • Good documentation
  • Easy to customize
  • WooCommerce optimization
  • Nice button design


  • Sticky “Powered by” link
  • No name/title for support agents
  • Multiple numbers unavailable


With WhatsApp having 2 billion monthly active users, you as a business owner can no way ignore using this app to your advantage.

Using the right plugin bespoke your brand is a great way to start a revenue-generating conversation. So if your buyer persona is featured with WhatsApp, why your website is not?

Considering that it’s already hard work to get traffic to your website, so when you have, don’t miss the chance to know what they want and eventually obtain their contact.

Feature Comparison Chart

Compared 4 WhatsApp plugin

So, what is the best free WhatsApp button for your website?

Based on the review and comparison chart above, you can easily pick the best one.

But if being asked, this is my answer.
If I handle just a small business and I want just a way to put up the WhatsApp button on my site, I’m gonna pick the plugin by HoliThemes. I like their shortcodes and the fact that they solve 8/8 issues in the WordPress forum!

Otherwise, if I’m running a big store and getting a handful of questions every day, I’ll go for WP Chat App by Ninja Team.

If you want to keep a consistent image and identity for your company, WP Chat App is recommended, too. Since their free features already cover your demands and they provide excellent WP forum support – 6/6 issues solved!


How to add WhatsApp Chat plugin to WordPress website

WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging app all over the world because of its simplicity and user-friendly.

It’s obvious that more and more companies are beginning to realize the need to integrate this wonderful tool into their business. In other words, the WhatsApp widget is an essential and powerful widget for WordPress to help customers stay connected with your business. It’s also easy for store owners to deal with pre-sale inquiries and requests.

With the WhatsApp Chat WordPress plugin that we are going to go through in today’s article, you can set up сhat on your site and it will promptly appear on your specific pages. You can personalize the plugin in terms of writing welcoming messages, choosing icons, and so forth. With the help of WhatsApp chat plugin embedded on a web page, you will stay connected with your clients at any time and provide instant support to them that really improves the customer experience.

In today’s post, we’ll show you the way to integrate WhatsApp button and widget into your WordPress site.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

WhatsApp for WordPress

How to integrate WhatsApp on your WordPress website?

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin > Upload the plugin zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon page > Activate it


Configure WhatsApp Chat WordPress plugin

After installation, we will have three main sections of the plugin as shown in the picture below:

  • Add New Account
  • Floating Widget
  • Settings


Add new account in WhatsApp plugin dashboard

Okay, now let’s first go through the most important step called “Add New Account” before we display WhatsApp widget on our site.

1. Add new account

In this section, we can easily see 10 essential fields that we need to fill out in order to create a new WhatsApp account.

image 2

1. Account Name
The name of a member like Benjamin, Thomas, Will, etc.

2. Account Number or Group Chat URL

3. Title
Their job title, for example, Content Writer, Customer Support or Technical Support, etc. This title is displayed in the floating widget.

4. Predefined Text
This is the text message which is automatically generated when your customer approaches you for the first time.
For example, Hi, I’ve just visited [njwa_page_title], and I need some help. Here is the link: [njwa_page_url]. (Note: Do not enter any quotation mark in this field.)

whatsapp plugin predefined text settings

5. Button Label

The greeting text of their shortcode button like “Need help? Chat via WhatsApp”


6. Time Availability
Working hours of the staff

7. Description Text When Offline (1)
On business days and before start times, this text is displayed as a countdown timer, for example, “I will be back in [njwa_time_work] hour(s).”

8. Description Text When Offline (2)
This text is displayed when it’s after working hours of business days and on days off, for example, I will be back on Mon – Fri, 08:00 – 17:30″

image 4

9. Button Style

button style

Here, you can personalize the WhatsApp button whatever you like. By default, in online status, the button has square borders, green background color with the text in white.

10. Avatar


You can set a profile picture for the account.

Voilà. And you’ve done creating your new WhatsApp account.

Easy enough, right?


Next up, let’s turn to the second section of this plugin called “Floating Widget” and set up some basic settings in order to let the WhatsApp widget float on your site. You can also personalize how the widget looks.

2. Floating Widget

Click on the search bar, and all accounts will be listed there. Click to select an account that you want to display.

floating widget

Then, moving on to the “Display settings” part for the purpose of configuring some essential characteristics of the widget.

display settings

You can customize attributes of the floating widget including title, subtitle, colors, and position.

This is how it looks on the front-end:

whatsapp floating widget

Finally, you can go to the last section of this plugin, “Settings” to adjust some vital configurations like button style, button background color or button text color before displaying the WhatsApp widget on your site.

whatsapp button for WooCommerce settings

Ahhh, one more thing is that you can also display the widget on your WooCommerce store. Sounds awesome, isn’t it?


After going through creating a new account and adjusting configurations of this plugin, the WhatsApp widget will look like this on your site.


Pretty cool, huh?

And now you can stay in contact with customers and enhance your customer satisfaction that leads to the improvement of your business reputation.

Okay, now over to you – do you think WhatsApp chat button is a feasible way to improve customer experience and prestige of business? Do you have any experience of using this? Please share with us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear all your valuable feedback.

If you encounter any WordPress issues, feel free to reach us here.