Best Facebook WordPress Plugins

With the rapid development of technology and digitalization, it is so convenient for us to keep in touch with friends, relatives through means of social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that have been using normally on a daily basis.

Regarding social networking sites, it is unquestionably that Facebook is seen as one of the most widespread and best social media platforms that attract billions of users worldwide. Thus, bloggers and website owners undoubtedly consider this as an ideal way to connect their audience or subscribers.

This article is going to give you a comprehensive list of 9 vital and free Facebook plugins for WordPress which suit all your requirements.

So if you’re inclined to increase your site traffic, revenue or attraction without spending a huge sum of money, the following WordPress Facebook plugins should be right up your street. Enjoy!

Let’s get started!

1. Messenger Customer Chat for WordPress

NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger plugin for WordPress

Keep contact and interaction with clients is fairly crucial.

Without this, your business will lose potential customers.

Do not expect that, right?

So, how do we deal with this?

Messenger Customer Chat by Ninja Team is a super handy plugin for adding Facebook live chat box in your website. Consequently, it is beneficial for the website owners to turn their visitors into customers by interacting them via Facebook Messenger.

So, if you need a reliable and effective tool to take care of your customers by solving their problems anytime, anywhere then it is the right tool for you.

The Facebook Messenger Customer Chat for WordPress is helpful for those who want to interact and offer timely support to their users on the websites. This will grow user involvement and lead to a higher conversion rate of the product or service you provide.

There are many features to focus on, with some of my favorites including:

  • Help your clients easy contact with your business
  • Don’t miss potential clients
  • Grow your business
  • Get notification immediately
  • Be easy to use and customize
  • Compatible with most themes and plugins
  • Responsive on both desktop and mobile

The major advantage of Facebook Live Chat by NinjaTeam plugin is the ability to directly integrate your Messenger experience in your WordPress website and connect with clients via its convenient interface.

Worry about losing messages when signing out?

It can keep the chat history with your clients and this makes the communication process flow smoothly for both sides.

Seriously, this plugin is a huge time saver and a must-have component for every WordPress users. Make sure to install it to persistently stay in touch with potential clients.

2. DoopChat – Auto Responder to Comment via Facebook Messenger

DoopChat auto responder for Facebook messenger

DoopChat is an automated messaging software for Facebook fan pages. It helps boost social engagement and interactions immensely.

With the DoopChat auto responder to Facebook post comments via Messenger, you can create social campaigns and build up loyal clients with these ideas:

  • Comment to receive a coupon or discount code
  • Comment to get access to a webinar
  • Comment to get access to a case study or ebook, document exclusive download
  • Comment to receive a private message containing a secret link

Read more: DoopChat Review

3. Smash Balloon Social Post Feed

custom facebook feed

You a big fan of customization? You’re always eager to personalize your website to boost your web traffic? If yes, this extension is for you.

The plugin I wanna talk about is Custom Facebook Feed, which is the official tool developed by Smash Balloons to help customize your Facebook wall feed like shooting fish in a barrel.

This plugin offers tons of styling and customization options that are super helpful for you to change the overall look and feel of your site.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Custom Facebook Feed is a perfect plugin to help you integrate Facebook into your WordPress site.

On top of that, this plugin will be likely the best choice for your site when it comes to advanced features and easy installation option.

Some of the things I like about this tool include:

  • Super simple to set up
  • No design or technical knowledge required
  • Responsive and mobile optimized to match your WordPress theme
  • Powerful shortcodes
  • Packed full of features
  • Solidly built and tested to minimize conflicts
  • Always up to date
  • Quick support from expert WordPress developers

Custom Facebook Feed offers you a flexible way to customize and include whatever you want to your feed in your WordPress website. Interestingly, it can be shown up in search engines, e.g. high frequency in Google ranking.

custom facebook feed 1

To wrap up, the free version can serve all your purpose and it works like a charm. And if you want to have more advanced features, the pro version will not let you down.

Envato Plugins Banner

4.  Facebook Messenger Live Chat

facebook messenger live chat

You want to maintain contact with clients in simplistic and convenient way?

You are passionate about personalization?

That’s why you need the Facebook Messenger Live Chat plugin made by Zotabox.

Have you ever heard this brilliant plugin? If so, you should check it out and give it a go.

Plus, the plugin has over twenty-thousand active installs and tons of positive feedback, making it the most popular live chat services on WordPress.

There’s a reason why it’s popular, and if you are not using it already, you should give it a go.

Let’s get dive into it.

Facebook Messenger Live Chat plugin not only has over 30 thousand installations, but its feature list is well worth checking out:

  • Get full history of previous chats
  • Support your customers via Facebook Live Chat.
  • Free and convenient.
  • Permanent chat history available for both store owner and customer
  • This plugin enables live Facebook chat support inside your WordPress website.
  • You will directly connect to your clients with your Facebook page via the messenger button.

facebook messenger live chat

Easy enough, right?

Moreover, the plugin saves the chat history for your conversations with customers and can bring it from Facebook to your WordPress live chat thereupon.

How about customization?

This plugin offers a great number of personalized options to meet your taste.

The chat boxes are among the most stylish you will find, with beautiful, customizable layouts and themes.

facebook messenger live chat

If you want to give your WordPress website a shot in the arm, the WP Facebook Messenger plugin could be your secret weapon. Make sure to install it to persistently stay in touch with potential clients.

5. Tagembed Facebook Feed Plugin

Who doesn’t like to work with the best? So to combine the best social media platform with your website, we present you with the best social media feed plugin. And that is Tagembed Facebook Feed Plugin. This plugin helps you to collect Facebook feed from your desired source and then embeds it on your website. If Facebook doesn’t fill your need, you have the option to collect from 18+ social media platforms as well.

Alongside making your embedding process simple, it provides various features that make it an ideal plugin. For example, it allows you to customize the widget as per your need. Here you change the font size, font style, and more. And with the moderation feature, you can hide all unwanted content from your website and maintain its quality.

One of the major reasons we call it the best plugin is because it provides the features mentioned above – free of cost. And it is not the end as it provides the following features as well.

Key Features

  • Compatible with any WordPress theme
  • Customizable layout
  • Streams video, images, and more without any hassle
  • Fits any marketing budget
  • Custom CSS, Custom CTA, responsive feeds and more

6. Easy Social Feed – Social Photos Gallery – Post Feed – Like Box

Facebook Page Plugin (previously a Facebook Like Box) can be your ideal solution for displaying your Facebook posts on your website. This plugin makes easy for you to interact with Facebook feeds from your own website.

Here’s the plugin’s tagline:
“Facebook Page Plugin is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain likes from their own website.”

This plugin is incredibly user-friendly and powerful in features. Some of the things that I like about the plugin include:

  • Display in Popup or Modal window.
  • Display custom Facebook feeds in Auto-popup and widget area.
  • Generate shortcodes using widget forms.
  • Notifications of visitors via popups.
  • Facility to choose your own language.

There are three main features of this plugin, namely Custom Facebook Feed, Facebook Page Plugin (previously Facebook Like Box) and Auto Pop-up.

facebook page plugin

Furthermore, it allows you to display your page posts, like button and connections in a widget area or in an auto pop-up.

facebook page plugin

And here is the pop-up setting panel.

facebook page plugin

Voilà. Facebook Page plugin will be a must-have component for your WordPress website because it enables users to directly interact with your community and get updates right in their Facebook news feed.

7. Facebook Comment Slider (no longer available)

facebook comment slider

Do you want to bring a new lease of life to your website in terms of comments activity? If yes, Facebook Comment Slider could be your next secret weapon.

This wonderful extension allows visitors to leave comments on your website with modern and user-friendly comment box interface. What a trendy all-in-one type of Facebook plugin for WordPress sites!

It ain’t necessary to integrate the Like and Share button to the posts or pages because they’re available on every pages and posts. The visitors will find the Like button, Share button and the Comments Box on the Facebook Slider. The plugin provides three different slider options to take your site to the next level. Easy stuff!

facebook comment slider

If you use this plugin, you will not need another social sharing plugin as it offers you the social sharing and follow buttons as well.

This plugin offers everything you need in order to boost traffic from Facebook and take your business to the next level.

8. Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream

Social Feed for WordPress

Flow-Flow is a no-code, fast, and powerful way to embed automated social media feed into your WordPress website. It allows to customize and display a mix of feeds from 10+ sources including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, any RSS and WordPress feed itself.  The social media wall is a must-have section for bloggers, businesses and eCommerce websites nowadays. Engage your audience with the best content and increase website conversions!

9. WP2Social Auto Publish

WP2Social Auto Publish

Want to share your posts from your WP website to your Facebook in a matter of seconds for your users to see?

Thankfully, there’s a reliable and effective plugin to take care of this for you. Facebook Auto Publish gives you the freedom to do so. Publish and share your blog posts in a split second.

Some of the things that I like about the plugin include:

  • Publish Posts to Facebook with Images.
  • Attach or share a link on Facebook.
  • Customizable messages formats for FB.
  • Filter items to be shared based on categories and post types.
  • Enable or Disable WordPress Page publishing.
  • Schedule and edit the publish dates.

WP Facebook Auto Publish allows you to post the content itself (not actually just share the post) to your Facebook page. Plus, you can sort out your posts based on your purpose and this will save much time in filtering certain kinds of content that you want to be published from what you don’t want.

Final thoughts

That finalizes our roundup of seven of the best Facebook plugins for WordPress. Well, using these Facebook WordPress plugins with your WordPress website can make a profound impact on involving your customers and somehow it will change the theme of your website and makes it more interactive and stylish.

So, if you are looking for the best Facebook plugins for your business website, you can go for one of these.

Just install any of the above plugins and everything is easy as falling off a log.

Do you have experience with any of these plugins? Would you add any of your favorite plugins to the list? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section down below. We’d love to hear that!

Many thanks from NinjaTeam 😍

7 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

You’ve finally completed building and pieced together your new WordPress site like a work of art. Everything’s in place: the logo, About Us page, a small eCommerce store, menu, etc.

You’re ready to pull the trigger, right? But wait a minute. Did you forget one of the most basic parts of a website? That’s right: the WordPress contact form.

Every WordPress website needs a contact form plugin no matter what its niche. Using contact forms on your website makes it easy for your clients to stay contact with you.

If you’re wondering which contact form plugin you should choose for your site, then you’re in the right place.

Today’s article will give you a comprehensive list of 7 vital and free WordPress contact form plugins, so you can find the right one that perfectly satisfies your needs.

Ready to build some awesome forms? Let’s dive in!

1. Contact Form 7

contact form 7

Tada! Probably no need to say much about this gem in the WordPress contact form market.

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular and most downloaded WordPress form plugins. Currently, it has more than a million active installs and over 24 million downloads. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Also, it has a simple interface and allows you to choose from 16 different fields, such as CAPTCHA, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc. Plus, the plugin provides different languages that is helpful to interact with customers worldwide.

contact form 7


There are many reasons to go for this WordPress Contact Form plugin:

  • It doesn’t cost you anything.
  • It looks as sleek and minimal as you can find.
  • You have support for several unique fields such as a CAPTCHA, file submission, acceptance, radio buttons, checkboxes, and drop-down menus.
  • You can place the contact form anywhere you want using the simple shortcodes.

Once you’ve selected a field, you’ll be provided with a number of configuration options. Contact Form 7 is clearly less user-friendly in comparison to many other contact forms that have drag-and-drop interfaces. But don’t worry, you are able to create quite good-looking forms if you know a little HTML.

contact form 7

Contact Form 7 might be the perfect WordPress form plugin for you if you just want to get basic contact forms running on your site. Plus, there are a wide range of handy free and premium third-party extensions that definitely suit your purpose.

For me, I have to admit that Contact Form 7 delivers all the basic contact form functionality for your requirements.

The success of a form building plugin is always aligned with supporting extensions. The following two vitally important add-ons, namely CF7 Multi-Step and CF7 Database are essential components when you start using Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7 Multi-Step
contact form 7 multi-step

Feeling exhausted to fill in such a long form? Want to chop it down into steps? Contact Form 7 Multi-Step is born for you.

This awesome extension enables Contact Form 7 plugin to add multiple steps to your form with a click and you can easily customize your button for each step.


This extension is the most effective approach to make your long form into a shorter form and keep it straightforward.

You can also add Next and Previous navigation buttons in the forms by using shortcodes and this contact form add-on makes Contact Form 7 more reliable and functional.

So, what is Contact Form 7 Multi-Step used for? Can you guess?

It is truly useful for doing a survey or collecting information of the user in steps and send an email in the end.

contact form 7 multi-step demo

To cut a long story short, this extension works like a charm and I highly recommend this for those who do not want to lose clients.

Contact Form 7 Database

contact form 7 database

This is one aspect that Contact Form 7 is lacking compared to its rivals, e.g. the ability to keep form entries in WordPress database and make it accessible. So, this add-on is developed by NinjaTeam and built to retain all submitted forms.


What else this extension can do in addition to retain and access submitted forms?

It can create a back-up file of entries and export most available formats in case something unexpected comes up.

So what are you waiting for? I suppose this amazing extension will satisfy your need. Install it and everything is in your hand.

If you want to explore more about essential extensions for Contact Form 7, please click the link below for further information:

2. Pabbly Form Builder

On contrary to all the form builders mentioned in this article, Pabbly Form Builder is not a plugin but complete form building software. Unlike other form builders that restrict you on essential features, this form builder doesn’t do so. This handy software comes with unlimited features like submissions, form fields, integrations, Webhooks, storage, etc and that too at a jaw-dropping price of just $10. With its tons of customization options like padding, font style, form width, etc you can easily create customized forms and share them on your website.

Pabbly Form Builder enables you to embed pop up, sliding or full forms on your website for collecting information or capturing leads.

Furthermore, with this application, you can collect unlimited payments through popular payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc in a hassle-free manner. Also, with the limitless third-party integration, you can smoothly integrate other services like Mailchimp, Salesforce, Aweber, etc to streamline your workflow.

This form builder comes with enhanced security mechanisms like SSL encryption, and reCAPTCHA to ensure your form security. Its other worthy features include a huge collection of pre-built templates, email autoresponder, advance conditional logic, canned replies and a lot more.

3. Ninja Forms

ninja forms

Ninja Forms is an another fantastic drag-and-drop style form-building solution developed by WP Ninjas. The free version comes with 28 fields including checkboxes, anti-spam fields, star ratings, and many others.

Using Ninja Forms, you can use an unlimited number of forms, fields, emails, and submissions. After you have created your forms, you can add them to your site using a shortcode, widget, or template function.

Ninja Forms’ drag-and-drop interface is quite minimalist and modern. It gives you a full-screen preview of your form, with a floating button in the bottom-right corner that expands a sidebar where you add and configure your form fields:

ninja forms


I really like the style of the forms produced from Ninja Forms. They’re big, bold, and elegant. These definitely make this WordPress form plugin stand out from many of its rivals.

ninja forms

4. Formidable Forms

formidable forms

Formidable is an advanced WordPress contact form plugin that lets you build complex forms with ease. It comes with powerful options along with premium add-ons which you can create advanced forms like quizzes, surveys, payment forms, registration forms, profile forms, and more.

Formidable Forms also offers rich customization and flexible settings alongside with a visual, drag-and-drop form builder interface. You can drag fields from the right onto the live preview of your form.

formidable forms


As for the overall interface, Formidable Forms is rather basic and easy to use. It doesn’t seem to conflict with other plugins or themes, and it’s an extremely lightweight WordPress contact form plugin.

5. Gravity Forms

gravity forms

Gravity Forms is a premium contact form plugin for WordPress. The plugin features a number of powerful features and options which enable you to build advanced forms on your WordPress site.


Similar to above WordPress contact form plugins, Gravity Forms also offers a simple drag and drop interface for building forms.


Its other main features are conditional logic, email notifications, spam protection, responsive design, etc. Plus, it has dozens of add-ons and integrations for different web applications and email marketing services. Plus, all of your forms created with Gravity Forms will be fully-responsive and look perfectly on all devices.

6. WPForms


WPForms is the most beginner friendly WordPress contact form plugin. With its powerful built-in drag and drop feature, you can create good-looking online forms in just a few minutes without touching a single line of code. You can add new fields from the options on the left and rearrange them on the live preview using simple drag-and-drop:



Here’s the plugin’s tagline:

WPForms allow you to create beautiful contact forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and other type of forms for your site in minutes, not hours!”

The drag & drop builder allows you to build various types of contact form such as online surveys, and donation forms in just a few minutes without writing one line of code.

All the forms you create will be 100% mobile friendly, e.g. working perfectly on any devices (laptops, mobile phones or tablets).

And if you worry about spam, WPForms has built-in smart captcha and honeypot that automatically prevent spam submissions.


7. Everest Forms

everest forms

Do you know the highest mountain in the world?

Ya. You’re right. That’s the Everest.

Spectacular and powerful like the Everest, the next contact form plugin, Everest Forms, is probably the best WordPress contact form plugin available. Do I sound biased here?

With clean drag and drop interface for creating contact forms, it is just an incredible solution available for free.


Some of the main features that I like about this plugin include:

  • Simple contact forms or two column forms or advanced forms (view demo)
  • 100% Responsive and mobile ready
  • Drag and drop fields
  • Advanced fields including radio, dropdowns, checkboxes, date and more
  • Google reCaptcha support

Everest Forms is a light and expandable drag and drop form builder to generate any type of form effortlessly and rapidly. This plugin provides multiple column support, Google re-captcha for spam protection, multiple email recipients support, numerous form fields, successful submission email and more.

This plugin is a perfect solution for creating contact forms with simple clean drag and drop interface. The whole form building interface is much dependent on dragging and dropping so you can create complete contact forms easily.

everest forms

Here’s how the contact form will look on the front-end.

everest forms

Enjoy creating unlimited forms without any limitations with Everest Forms!

8. Happy Forms

happy forms

Let’s say hello to the newbie of WordPress form plugin kingdom, HappyForms, it’s definitely the new kid on the block, but hey don’t look down on it because it will turn out to be a formidable competitor and the contact form game becomes more tougher than before.

The most appealing feature of HappyForms compared to others is its unique approach to creating forms. While many other form plugins give you its own separate form builder interface, HappyForms lets you build your forms via the WordPress Customizer.

This means that you can see exactly how your form will look to visitors while you build it, which is pretty convenient and a strong point compared to its rivals.


happy forms

Again, the interface is one of the most unique things about HappyForms. It feels quite intuitive because it uses the same WordPress Customizer that most people are familiar with.

But it’s not as flexible as most of the other form plugins. The main reason to use this plugin is definitely for its interface and efficient options to create and customize forms very easily.

If you are looking for a great free contact form plugin, just give it a try, I guarantee. You will love this great free WordPress contact form plugin.

Final thoughts

This completes our rundown of the top 7 essential and free WordPress contact form plugins. There are thousands of plugins for creating forms, so you can’t possibly try them all. The plugins in this article are a great starting place for new or existing website owners.

The contact form is not the only way to stay in touch with your clients, but it proves that you’re open to communicate with the audience and that might end up generating extra revenue and drawing more customers’ attention.

And these contact form plugins will work as handy tools for you to create fully-functional contact forms on your WordPress website.

Do you have any say on this article? Are your favorite extensions missing from this collection? Feel free to write them down below.

Thank you from NinjaTeam! 😃

7 Vital and Free WordPress Media Library Plugins in 2018

Wordpress Media Library

Remember back when you first started your WordPress site?

Everything looked pretty fresh and uncluttered.

But when you started composing posts and pages, you probably began realizing just how quickly clutter can start piling up.

One of the biggest clutter attractors is the WordPress Media Library.

You tend to upload multiple media files for every single post and page you create and WordPress is not truly useful in dealing with all those files in its default state.

The Media Library works quite okay in the moment, but if you ever have to go back and find old files, you’re going to be in a world of pain.

How can you deal with this? You can simply install media category plugins to easily organize your files exactly like you do on your computer.

In this post, we’ve rounded up seven handy plugins that will make your life easier and less time-consuming when using WordPress Media Library.

Are you ready to get started?

1. FileBird – Media Library Folders & File Manager


Files, files and more files. Stuff is messed up!

Are you getting mad at finding and arranging thousands of files of images, videos or documents that you have uploaded to your WordPress? 

You have trouble managing them?

Thankfully, there’s a reliable and effective plugin to take care of this for you.

FileBird is the official tool developed by Ninja Team to help you deal with this difficulty like shooting fish in a barrel. And it was born to help you overcome the obstacle and take your WordPress Media Library to the next level. 


There are many features to focus on, with some of my favorites including:

Drag and drop to upload/ move files into folders. Drag and drop to rearrange folders.

Right click your mouse to quickly create, rename or delete folders like exactly what you do on the computer.

The toolbar on the left allows you control all of your folders/ files. You can create, rearrange, rename or delete folders.

You can create unlimited folders/ subfolders for all your media files.

As WordPress default, you are allowed to only upload the most commonly used file types. With this plugin, you can manually manage most of allowed file types.

This plugin is compatible with most themes or plugins.

This plugin supports most popular languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, etc.

With this tool in hand, you can manage and arrange thousands of images, audios, videos, and other files in your media library.

To add some folders and start organizing, simply clicking the “Add New” button.

file bird

Managing files in WordPress has never been easier. You are able to just drag and drop to upload or move files/ folders.

file bird

This saves you much time when it comes to files management. Plus, the outline and user interface of your folders will help you quickly find specific folders in just a blink of an eye.

If you want to give your WordPress media management a shot in the arm, the FileBird plugin could be your secret weapon.

As a free plugin, this one is worth your consideration. It may be the secret to staying neatly organized and improving production and efficiency.

2. Enhanced Media Gallery

The next plugin will come in handy for those who need to manage a lot of media files in a number different ways.

Here’s the plugin’s tagline:

“The plugin will be handy for those who need to manage a lot of media files.”

enhanced media gallery


This plugin is incredibly user-friendly and yet powerful in features:

  • Enable you to organize media by categories, tags, or even third-party taxonomies.
  • Let you sort media by date, title or manually.
  • Offer the ability to use shortcodes to dynamically display media galleries based on different taxonomies.
  • Let you add or remove upload support for different file types.

The major benefit of this plugin is ease of use and you don’t need any technical knowledge to work on.

Interestingly, the plugin walks you through the process, from start to finish, helping you sort out cluttered media files within a matter of minutes.

Moreover, Enhanced Media Library allows you to create an unlimited number of categories in order to make your files more searchable and you can categorize the media items in the library by simply drag and drop.

enhanced media gallery

This plugin lets you arrange your library by common file types. If you merely want to search your audio or video files, you can do that, too.

Additionally, you can create additional types for PDFs, documents, and other types of file. Upgrade to the pro version with additional useful features is also available.

3. Media Library Assistant

Are you sick of constantly searching for your favourite audio or photos in the messy media gallery?

Seeking to find media types is pretty time-consuming and terrible thing to do.

You want to sort things out but do not know where to start?

There’s a brilliant plugin to suit your purpose.

Manage your media files with absolute ease with this fantastic and popular plugin called the Media Library Assistant.

This free plugin is extremely easy to use and has been rated 4.8 out of 5 star for its amazing features.

The Media Library Assistant plugin is described as follows on its official download website:

“The Media Library Assistant provides several enhancements for managing the Media Library.”

media library assistant


The Media Library Assistant introduces an advanced gallery shortcode that allows you to add not only images but other media files to your posts.

The plugin allows you to quickly find out where a particular image has been used.

It also allows us to see where our images and downloads appear in the site as featured images or are inserted in page and post bodies.

We can quickly find attachments in a particular category or tag as we add pages and posts to the site.

Media Library Assistant works well with other plugins; you can add slideshows, thumbnail strips, and special effects to your new galleries without facing any problems.

This free plugin offers much more, so make sure that you try it out.

Also, the great thing is that it is akin to your default media library, so you won’t have to learn how to use it.

4. Media Library Categories

If all you want to do is to organize your media files into categories, and you don’t need all the fancy features, Media Library Categories is the one for you.

It is very simple, but it does its job perfectly.

Here is a basic description of the plugin, as described on its official download page:

“Media Library Categories adds the ability to use categories in the WordPress Media Library. When activated a dropdown of categories will show up in the media library.

You can change / add / remove the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions.

There is even an option to filter on categories when using the gallery shortcode.”

media library categories


A few features you need to know about this plugin include:

  • Add / edit / remove categories from media items
  • Change the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions
  • Category options & management in the Media Library
  • Filter on categories in the media library
  • Filter on categories in the gallery shortcode
  • Taxonomy filter

The primary benefit of this plugin is the ability to use categories in the WordPress Media Library.

Once the plugin is activated, a dropdown of categories will show up in the media library.

media library categories 1

You can change, add or remove the category of multiple items at once with bulk actions.

WP Media Category Management supports categories for media files by using the existing categories.

It supports post tags and media taxonomies defined by other plugins as well.

Using this plugin, you can control media categories via admin the same way as you control post categories.

It also allows you to filter media files in your media library using custom taxonomy in both list and grid views. While uploading media files, you can choose a default category.

5. WordPress Media Library Folders

WordPress does a lot of things right, but it’s not always user friendly when it comes to arranging media types with folders.

Thankfully, there’s a reliable and effective plugin to take care of this for you.

WordPress Media Library Folders plugin developed by Max Foundry is definitely a weapon you are looking for.

The name pretty much explains it all, with this plugin creating folders in the Media Library to keep your images organized.



Media Library Folders for WordPress creates actual folders in your WordPress Media Library:

  • Actual folders make it easier to organize your WordPress media library while reducing server burden.
  • Add and build new WordPress Media library folders to label and organize as you wish instead of just month/date.
  • Move, copy, rename and delete files and folders with a nice drag and drop interface.
  • Regenerate thumbnails.
  • SEO Images to specify ALT and TITLE attributes when uploading.
  • Sync folders/files when moving or uploading a folder via FTP.
  • Create a MaxGalleria gallery.

enhanced media gallery

When you install it, there is already created one folder per year and one subfolder per month, where you will find all the images you had previously uploaded to the library.

Then, you may create the folders you need and copy the images you want.

Although WordPress Media Library Folders has a pro version with some extra features, they’ve said the free version will keep all its existing features.

The Pro version allows you to organize folders by category, support for WordPress multisite, or add images to a gallery of WooCommerce products, among others.

6. WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories/ Folders File Manager

Are you ready for turning your WordPress media library to the next level with folders?

RML (Real Media Library) is one of the most wanted media wordpress plugins.

It is easy to use and allows you to organize your thousands of images in folders. 

This is another very fascinating plugin that takes media management to another level.

You can drag and drop your files with just a click of the mouse and then go ahead and organize it as per your requirements.

Using this plugin, you’ll be able to organize the thousands of images, audio, video, and PDF files in your media library in folders.

It is also easy to create, rename or even delete a folder that you may want to add or erase. With a 4.9 star rating, this plugin has been the favorite of many users.

If you want to select a image from the “Select a image”-dialog (e. g. featured image) you can filter when inserting media.

Just install this plugin and it works fine with all your image and media files. 

wp real media library


There are many benefits of using folders in organizing media library, including:

  • Folders for the WordPress media library
  • Drag & Drop your files
  • Create shortcuts of files. Shortcuts doesn’t need any physical storage (0kb). Note also that the fields in the shortcuts can be different to the original file, for example “Title”, “Description” or “Caption”.
  • Full control for your folders in one toolbar (create, rename, delete, rearrange)
  • Filter in insert media dialog
  • Improved Uploader
  • Upload files directly to a folder
  • Create dynamic gallery from folder
  • Custom image order for the dynamic galleries (drag & drop)
  • Fast navigatation to folders with fast folder search>
  • Compatible with Revolution Slider
  • Compatible with touch devices
  • Supports multisite
  • 6 months support Included
  • Forever free updates

Why do you need this plugin?

Well, having a growing WordPress blog means that you’ll be adding a lot of new media files, like images, audio, and PDF, into your database every day.

In a few weeks, your blog will be filled with thousands of media files. How are you going to find one of those files at a later time?

Of course, you can use the WordPress search function and spend a couple of hours finding a file, but who can even remember the names of thousands of files and what happens then?

That’s where the WP Real Media Library plugin comes in.

With this plugin, you can easily create gallery folders for your images and normal folders for other media files to properly organize your media library.

So that next time whenever you need to find a file, it’s only a mouse-click away.

Organizing your blog media files with WP Real Media Library plugin is as easy as dragging and dropping the files into folders.

Then, you can rearrange the order of your files by dragging them around to bring the important files to the top of the list for quicker access.

All in all, WP Real Media Library is a must-have WordPress plugin that will help save you tons of time that goes into managing your media files.

7. WP Media Manager Lite

WP Media Manager Lite is one of the incredible and best free WordPress media library plugins which is extremely useful for media files management.

This plugin is easy to use and also allows you to organize your thousands of media files with folder structure.

Simply use drag and drop method to insert the media files into folders or sub folders.

wp media manager lite


The Media Manager Lite is described as follows on its official download page:

“Easy way to utilize with drag and drop media files into folders with – WP Media Manager Lite

  • Drag and Drop Media Files and Folders
  • Media Files Ordering & Filtering Options
  • One Inbuilt Responsive Gallery Beautiful Themes: Grid Layout With Column Specification Shortcode”

Some of the things that I like about this plugin include:  

  • Drag and drop media files and folders
  • Multiple folders/ sub-folders creation
  • Media files ordering & filtering options
  • Media gallery shortcode extension
  • One inbuilt responsive gallery beautiful themes grid layout with 9 column feasibility
  • Single file design customization options (PDF design)
  • PDF file display type show only link with customization options
  • Custom image link with target for media image
  • Enable/ disable gallery settings and custom filter for media toolbar
  • Choose multiple custom size and weight to display on media custom size and weight toolbar dropdown options
  • Remove all folders at once feature
  • Display media number on each folders
  • Multisite compatible
  • Language translation ready
  • Responsive, touch & retina ready
  • Tested in all modern browsers
  • Full documentation

Once you install this plugin, you’ll find it easier to utilize with drag and drop methods and also permits you to sort out your a large number of images in folders and sub-folders.


WP Media Manager Lite is one of the incredible and best WordPress folder management plugin which is extremely useful for wordpress media library.

Final thoughts

The seven plugins that I’ve suggested in this collection focus primarily on adding extra essential features to the WordPress Media Library as well as closing the gap on some of its limitations in comparison to its rivals. Whether you’re looking for a new way to organize images, a method for applying credits to your media, an alternative upload method, or even an optimization method or two, there should be something here for you!

Just install any of the above plugins and everything is easy as falling off a log.

What functionality are you missing within the FileBird WordPress Media Library? Let us know in the comments section below! Are you having difficulties managing your standard WordPress Media Library? Don’t hesitate to speak up in the comments.

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