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How to Start as an At-Home WordPress Developer

There are many perks to being an at-home web developer. You get the chance to work on a lot of different projects, often very interesting ones, and you also have the opportunity to set your own hours and live a much more flexible life than those who have to commute into an office. However, because […]

10+ Best WordPress Themes for Business Success

We are seeing a rise in the creation and success of small businesses across the world. Critical to this success though is an online presence and, specifically, as website to drive their customers to.  The choice of WordPress theme can be a very subjective thing, but we have started to collate a list of some […]

10+ Best Email Marketing WordPress Plugins

As WordPress is the most popular open-source content management systems globally, there are thousands of plugins available. Regardless of the type of plugins you are searching, from pop-up creators to online forms design, you can surely find it.  Email marketing plugins for WordPress create a very competitive market. As more companies focus on their email […]

How to submit App Review for Facebook Auto Reply plugin (Jan.2020)

Permissions needed: publish_pages manage_pages pages_messaging Step 1. Publish_pages and manage_pages (APP IN DEVELOPMENT MODE) You need record a screencast like this first Then follow this guide to submit the screencast and enter the content Step 2. Pages_messaging (APP IN LIVE MODE)       You need record a screencast like this Then follow this guide […]

How to set up Facebook Secret Spiderlink WordPress plugin (Updated Apr 2020)

Set up WordPress backend 2. Prepare screencasts for Facebook App Review Prepare two screencasts as below 3. Submit Facebook App review Notice: This video below is old permissions, new permissions since May 2020 are pages_read_engagement, pages_manage_posts, groups_access_member_info, but the same method is still working. *Text Document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CwW1JC9IlNm1sFVIOdUayTxHdyk-2gfT/view?usp=sharing When all permissions are approved, it looks like this […]

5 Challenges in Creating a Membership Site on WordPress

No website development projects occur without friction, especially something as complex as a membership site. You might think of using WordPress’s built-in user levels as a starting point for creating membership features. While you can go down that path, it’s much faster, cheaper and easier to configure an off-the-shelf WordPress membership plugin to meet your […]