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10+ Best Interactive Image and Mapping Plugins for WordPress

Interactive images are a fantastic way to take your website’s usability to the next level. And this feature could come in handy in various ways. Whether you want to showcase added information about your location, you should consider using interactive images. Here are some use cases to convince you: E-commerce If you run an e-commerce […]

5 Best Ways to Optimize WooCommerce for High Conversion Rate

It’s easy to focus on product development, email marketing, and social media campaigns. These are crucial factors for any WooCommerce vendor. With that being said, putting too much emphasis on these elements can pull resources away from your online store itself. A well-optimized WooCommerce store will load more quickly, appear higher in Google search results, […]

20+ Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Lead Capture Forms

Underestimating the influence of lead capture forms can result in lower conversion rates. Although a form seems like a non-issue, it is crucial when it comes to turning visitors into customers. That being said, applying optimization techniques to your WordPress lead capture form can also optimize your conversions. Here are some tips on how to […]

Best WordPress Menu Plugins

The WordPress menu bar is one of the first places your web visitors see when they come to your site. As such, it not only serves as a navigation tool but also helps to determine if users leave immediately or stay around for longer. Unfortunately, the default menu that WordPress offers comes with limited capabilities, […]

How to set up Google Place Reviews WordPress plugin

Please complete these steps below to make sure that the Google Place Reviews WordPress plugin works properly. Step 1: Create a Google project and an API key Go to https://console.cloud.google.com/, choose New Project Then you name it Then on dashboard, you choose Explore and enable APIs Please look for “Places API” And click Enable it […]

9 Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins

For a creator, finding the right way to share their work is a daunting task. Most viewers, including your prospective clients, mostly skim through the works, with no time to regard the process behind it. It might seem unfair; however, it reflects how the current system works.  A PDF portfolio is deemed a traditional method […]

Ninja GDPR – CCPA Documentation

Documentation of Ninja GDPR CCPA CPRA plugin After installing the plugin on your WordPress site, you can see backend like instructions below. In the Cookie popup style tab, you can customize the Cookie Popup Style, including Display Type, Position, Text, Background Colors, etc. You can see those changes in live preview popup on the right […]

Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Pro Documentation

Hello WordPress Users, Here is the documentation of  Multi Step for Contact Form 7 Pro plugin. Make sure you have installed Contact Form 7 Plugin.  Contact Form 7 Multi Step Addon (Free) or Contact Form 7 Multi Step PRO Once Contact Form 7 Multi-Step Plugin activated, the Contact Forms dashboard has a new look. You […]