Top 9 GDPR, CCPA WordPress plugins for your website 2021

We are living in the Industry 4.0 and our private data is the thing we need to take care of, right?

So have you heard about a new privacy for the protection of personal data that came into effect in 25 May 2018? That’s GDPR.

So, what is that?

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a regulation by the European Union (EU) to protect the privacy and data of the citizens under EU.

If your company is not in line with the GDPR compliances you may have to face a penalty of 4% of a company’s annual global revenue or €20 million or even greater.

But don’t panic, there are lots of useful GDPR plugins for WordPress users to make your site compliant with the GDPR policies.

GDPR WordPress plugins provide the features and settings that meet all the GDPR requirements and can help you and your website be compliant with the GDPR policies.

In this article, we have listed the best 8 GDPR compliance WordPress plugins for WordPress users.

Okay now let’s power through!

1. WordPress GDPR CCPA CPRA Compliance

GDPR plugin ninjateam wordpress

As you know, GDPR is a rule that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens, and non-compliance could cost companies up to $20 million.

That’s why Ninja GDPR Compliance 2020 was born to give you a shot in the arm regarding this new law for your site.

Ninja GDPR Compliance is a premium WordPress plugin to make your WordPress website compatible with all the rules of GDPR law. This GDPR WordPress plugin is easy to use that includes numerous options to make your website follow all the GDPR regulation in just a few clicks.


Especially, the WordPress GDPR plugin follows 7 main requirements of GDPR law, CCPA and CPRA compliance regulations, namely Cookie Consent, Control EU Traffic, Term and Conditions Consent, Privacy Policy Consent, Request Data Archive, Right to be Forgotten, and Data Breach Notification.

Ninja GDPR ComplianceSome of the main features that I like about this plugin:

  • Cookie Consents
  • Terms and Condition Consents
  • Privacy Policy Consents
  • Request for Data Archive
  • Forget Me Form
  • Data Rectification
  • Data Breach Notification
  • Control EU Traffic based display

This is such a super handy GDPR plugin that is integrated with all the popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Gravity Form, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, BuddyPress, etc.

Moreover, this CCPA CPRA compliance plugin is already translated into a number of common languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, to name just a few. That is pretty useful for users around the globe and especially essential for all websites which got traffic from California.

Wait, did I tell you that you can use this GDPR plugin for free now?


2. WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin for GDPR & CCPA

This plugin WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin for GDPR & CCPA helps you comply with the EU GDPR’s cookie consent and CCPA’s “Do Not Sell” opt-out regulations.


It helps you comply with GDPR in the following ways:

  • Granular cookie consent: Get categorized consent from website visitors to allow the use of the website and/or third-party cookies.
  • Revoke/change consent: Allow website visitors to revoke their consent or change their consent categories anytime.
  • Consent Log: Stores a consent log of consents given by website visitors. Sort or search the consent log to easily look-up history.
  • Cookie detector (auto-scan):  Quickly detects all your website cookies in one-click. Saves your time by populating cookie details and categorizing cookies. 
  • Third-party cookie details: Automatically fetches the 3rd party cookie details, including privacy policy links of popular scripts.

3. Complianz GDPR Cookie Consent

Complianz GDPR Privacy Bundle for WordPress

Complianz GDPR Cookie Consent for WordPress is a comprehensive management suite for customer privacy management. The free version of this GDPR plugin includes a useful cookie consent which will block cookies on your site before users’ confirmation.

Additionally, the WordPress GDPR compliance plugin offers numerous helpful features like Cookie Policy configuration assistance, built-in website scanning functionality for security and regular updates for EU laws that will help you save up plenty of time and money.

You can make your website GDPR compliant and include automated detection of cookies, check if you need a cookie warning or not, integrate WP privacy features, choose to add statements of plugins to the cookie policy, and generate the privacy policy page.

complianz GDPR plugin


If you want to grab more advanced features of this GDPR plugin, we highly recommend upgrading to a premium version. This will add a handful of options in terms of geolocation, so your site will pop up notification when needed as well as receive premium support from their WordPress team and GDPR experts.

complianz GDPR wordpress plugin

The Complianz GDPR plugin is the perfect solution to all your concerns about making your website GDPR compliant. Doing it manually is a slow and difficult process. So, why don’t do it with the help of this GDPR plugin to make your life easier? Go for it.

4. WPForms


The best contact forms plugin is now one of the best WordPress GDPR plugins. With just a few clicks, you can now prevent all cookies and geo-location tracking on your forms.

Additionally, you have the option to stop storing and collecting IP addresses and User Agent info related to form entries.


Some of the essential features that I like about this tool include:

  • Quick and easy Google Analytics setup
  • Keep your tracking code even when switching WordPress themes
  • See real-time stats in your WordPress dashboard
  • View popular posts, pages, and referral sources

There’s also a new form field option that allows you to add a GDPR Agreement field so you can easily add a consent checkbox to your forms. This is especially useful if you’re using your form data to send information to your email marketing service.

If you want to get to know more features of this tool, please click the link below:

5. GDPR Free WordPress Plugin

GDPR Free WordPress Plugin



As its name suggests, you can use the GDPR Free WordPress Plugin without any fee. However, it does not make it any less useful plugin than others. This plugin offers a faster way to integrate the GDPR feature into your website.

All you need to do is install this plugin and it will automatically activate the GDPR option in your website. The main features of this plugin include privacy policy page, data storage time stamps, consent popup, user data request link.

This plugin also works with add-ons like WooCommerce, Gravity Form, Contact Form 7, and WordPress Comments.

6. The GDPR Framework

The GDPR Framework

This is a powerful GDPR WordPress plugin for getting your site GDPR compliance. Created by Triniti – a top Europe IT Company. This plugin comes with detail guide which instructs you to make the site GDPR compliant easily.


One of the plugin’s features is to enable your users and visitors to view, export and delete their personal data.

Another feature is that you can track and manage your collected declarations of consent.

What is more, the plugin offers you a template of a GDPR-compliant data privacy statement and useful documentation for website owners and developers.

The GDPR Framework

GDPR ecommerce tracking

This is a great GDPR WordPress plugin to help your website stick to the rules of GDPR.

This GDPR plugin supports Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms and WPML.

7. Delete Me

Delete Me

With the upcoming EU GDPR compliance deadline, many WordPress site owners are looking for tools that will help them meet the requirements.

Therefore, a plugin called Delete Me developed by Clinton Caldwell might be useful for site owners who are comfortable allowing users to delete their own data without having to create a request for it.


What else can this GDPR plugin do than giving the users a right to delete their personal data?

Yeah, this wonderful GDPR WordPress plugin gives your website visitors the privilege to remove their sensitive data if they are not comfortable sharing it with you.

Cool, right?

When they remove their data, it will automatically remove all their comments, posts and links that they have shared on your website. So, this plugin is particularly beneficial for bloggers who have a big readership and can allow any subscriber to remove their personal data once they leave the website.

In general, Delete Me does satisfy full requirements of the GDPR, but it provides a decent starting point for site owners who want to make this option available to their users without having to manually fulfill their requests.

8. GDPR Compliance & Cookie Consent

GDPR Compliance & Cookie Consent

This GDPR cookie consent plugin is a great choice for preparing your site with the GDPR compliant, as it offers you numerous features to follow with the law and give your users a secure visit on your WordPress website.


It is a flexible plugin that is compatible with many popular WP plugins such as Contact Form 7, MailChimp, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, etc.

Plus, this GDPR WordPress plugin contains different options to add terms and conditions buttons on anywhere on your WordPress website.

If you’re looking for a fast and free way to help get your website GDPR ready, then this WP GDPR Compliance plugin is for you.

9. GPDR Cookie Consent

gpdr cookie consent

The GDPR Cookie Consent plugin helps WordPress websites comply with the GDPR law for the usage of cookies. The plugin helps add a cookie consent notification on the website that is highly customizable to look the way you want. The consent bar can be used to inform the users of the cookie usage and link to the privacy policy page of the website.

The plugin is not just about showing the cookie notice but actually blocking the cookies until the users have given their consent. So no cookies until the users say so!


The plugin is highly flexible and is compatible with other plugins including many popular multilingual and cache plugins.

Also, to help comply with the law the plugin has some really cool features that include the following:

  • Automatic scan of the cookies used on the website
  • Automatic script blocking until the user consent
  • Show consent bar only for the EU
  • Categorize cookies to give users granular control
  • Maintain an audit of the consent
  • Consent withdrawal

10. WP Legal Pages Pro


WP Legal Pages Pro is an elegant WordPress plugin designed to generate attorney level legal documents on your site. It is a popular privacy policy generator. Within minutes you can make your site compliant with CCPA or GDPR using this plugin. It has tons of shortcodes to display legal information on your site. It is user-friendly and well documented. It works well with all the WordPress themes. It is available in both free and premium versions. 

Here is a list of the core features – 

  • GDPR privacy and cookie policy 
  • CCPA compliant 
  • Website terms and conditions 
  • External linking policy 
  • Anti-spam policy 

The plugin offers you 25+ ready to use templates designed for different purposes. You just have to import the templates to your dashboard and add your details to create your privacy policy page. You can edit the default fields also. All the templates are designed after having a consultation with experienced lawyers. Here are some of the major templates – 

  • GDPR cookie policy 
  • Amazon affiliate disclosure 
  • Madica disclaimers 
  • Earning disclaimers 
  • External links policy

Wrapping Up

That’s all of our collection of the best GDPR WordPress plugins which are really necessary for GDPR compliance. Although activating a GDPR plugin in your website is vital for gaining compliance with the law, it cannot make sure you are fully compatible with GDPR compliance!

Have you already tried one of the GDPR plugins in the list? Feel free to leave us a comment, we’re looking forward to your feedback!

We really hope that you can find at least one suitable plugin and have a good preparation for the upcoming government requirements.

Thank y’all from Ninja Team! ❤


10+ Best Email Marketing WordPress Plugins

As WordPress is the most popular open-source content management systems globally, there are thousands of plugins available. Regardless of the type of plugins you are searching, from pop-up creators to online forms design, you can surely find it. 

Email marketing plugins for WordPress create a very competitive market. As more companies focus on their email marketing strategy, SaaS companies are always bringing something new.

This is a list of the best email marketing WordPress plugins that will help you grow your business and design a better strategy.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing


Pabbly Email Marketing is not a WordPress plugin but a complete bulk emailing software that can very easily be integrated with WordPress websites. It offers a very high email deliverability rate of 99%. Further, this software provides unlimited access to its complete features like an automatic follow-up, autoresponders, advanced email tracking, subscription forms, etc in the basic plan itself.

Importantly, it is one of the very few email marketing services which has its own in-built SMTP server. It also allows connecting unlimited external delivery engines like Aweber, Pepipost, etc. One very useful feature that it offers is SMTP routing which comes in handy for bulk emailing. Using SMTP routing, you can distribute your campaign in smaller slots of subscribers and send them via different SMTPs rather than sending them to the complete list via a single SMTP. This lowers the bounce rate and spamming of your emails, also increases their deliverability.

Unlike the other email service providers which offer marketing automation feature in their higher plans, Pabbly Email Marketing provides it in the basic plan itself. Some of its other useful features include easy to use interface, numerous pre-built templates, subscription forms, MX cleaner, and list segmentation. 

2. Growmatik



Growmatik is a marketing automation solution for WordPress that utilizes user types and behavior to personalize your message across all touchpoints (website content, email and popup). Think of it as the meeting point between personalization, marketing and automation in WordPress.

Growmatik uncovers your shop funnels and segments users based on more than 50 different attributes and behavioral patterns across their journey on the website so you can automatically deliver personalized emails, popups and website content to each segment.

What’s new about Growmatik is that it unifies all the tools you need to deliver your message across three channels without the need to use different tools for email marketing, lead generation/popup, and web page personalization.

With Growmatik’s free plan you can send 10,000 emails, manage 2000 subscribers and personalize your website for 10,000 visits every month.

3. Moosend


Moosend is one of the most upcoming free email marketing services, allowing you to easily use up-to-date features, tools, forms, and designs for everything you need. This website tracking plugin informs you of how your website visitors act.

By installing the Moosend Plugin, you can automatically track your page views, the abandoned carts, and the successful purchases. These will help you to improve your marketing and sales funnel, add visitors/users to a targeted workflow of communication. Also, you can add tags to your customers for personalized thank-you emails.

Based on their actions, you can create personalized product recommendations in your email campaigns and track down every new customer. Then, automatically, their personal information will be in your emailing list. If you wish to improve your tracking strategy, you can combine it with another lead generating software, like Clickfunnels or Leadpages.

4. Optinly


Optinly is one of the most common lead generation tools that is being used by both websites and eCommerce stores to build their email lists with ease. What makes Optinly special is its new approach to building email/lead capturing forms. Optinly allows you to choose from existing marketing goals that help businesses drive both leads and conversions. Backed by relevant lead capturing templates, you can sign up and set your campaigns live in no time. 

Optinly comes with an inbuilt WYSIWYG editor that helps you customize the lead capturing forms. Also, all pre-existing forms are mobile responsive. You can trigger email capturing forms to visitors at the right moment using advanced triggering options. 

What’s super cool about Optinly is, it’s forever free version comes with spin the wheel lead generation forms and you can integrate with multiple ESPs. When you start using the free version, you get access to Optinly’s premium features free for the first 14 days. 

Optinly is power-packed and way cheaper when compared with other lead generation tools. And certain features like geo-location targeting, A/B testing will be introduced soon enough by Optinly.

5. MailPoet


MailPoet is an email marketing plugin, which was launched to operate as a WordPress plugin. More specifically, it is ideal to create, send newsletters and communicate with your subscribers. The best part of MailPoet is that you can create everything in your WordPress dashboard, and not go back and forth.

With MailPoet, you can use automated email campaigns or create manually everything you dream for. To better optimize and improve your actions, MailPoet offers basic data analytics for up to 2.000 subscribers, even for a free account.

However, MailPoet has some drawbacks, as well. The main concern, while using MailPoet, is that it offers limited opt-in style forms, allowing you limited freedom to design your own.

It has received a 4.6/5 star-rating in WordPress reviews and is considered one of the leading services in the market.

6. Sumo


Sumo includes different tools that can be integrated with your WordPress website, in order to enhance your marketing strategy. With features including heat maps, scroll boxes, and smart bars, these are free tools that you can use both in the free and premium account. 

The best part about the Sumo plugin is that it includes many tools that can replace individual plugins, and use it for many purposes. The pop-ups provided are great and improve your email list acquisition, while there are many guides on how to use everything about Sumo.

However, there are some things to consider with Sumo. While using its free version, then everything you use will be “branded”, requiring you going premium to be brand-free. This leads to the relatively expensive price of its premium option, compared to other similar services.

7. OptinMonster 


OptinMonster is considered as one of the best lead generation services that any company can use. But this is not good enough, as they improve its features constantly.  

The user interface of OptinMonster, regardless if you use it for WordPress websites or any other, is very friendly and simple. Also, it includes mobile-responsive forms, success templates after a positive form interaction, the use of audio-visual effects when loading the form.

The main concern with OptinMonster is that you cannot use its plugin unless you have a paid account activated. So, as far as you wish to try for free the OptinMonster plugin, you shouldn’t go through the process.

However, if you are not in a budget restriction, then OptinMonster can provide you everything you need. Create a long subscribers’ list and boost your lead generation.

8. SendinBlue 


SendinBlue is a complete email marketing service, which works wonders. It’s WordPress plugin allowing more than enough to optimize and improve your email marketing strategy. It works as a connection between your WordPress website and the services of SendinBlue.

It offers its users segmentation, personalization, and automation features to increase the output of every email marketing campaign. Also, you can integrate a GDPR compliance checkbox to ensure your compliance with the legal provisions.

SendinBlue, however, still experiences a few email deliverability problems, the learning curve is a bit complicated, and allows few integrations in your WordPress hosted website.

It is considered as one of the leading services in the EU and enjoys a 4.4 /5 star rating.

9. Newsletter 


Newsletter is exactly what it’s name says that it is. It’s a newsletter, email marketing service that integrates as a plugin for your WordPress site. 

It has a drag-and-drop composer, which helps you to create any kind of newsletter campaign you wish for. If you buy the premium version of the plugin, you receive extra features and support, which is not the case in the free version.

It is compatible with every SMTP plugin, ensures GDPR compliance with a double check-box, and provides unlimited subscribers, with statistics about them.

Even though Newsletter is a great plugin, it should be easier for people to use text versions for automated emails, activation and registration emails.

10. MC4WP: MailChimp for WordPress 


Of course, MailChimp would be included in a list about WordPress email marketing plugins!

The MailChimp for WordPress plugin allows you to connect it with your MailChimp account easily, without any difficulties. This plugin offers a variety of features and can be integrated with other plugins, ideal for developers. 

MailChimp offers many email templates, which are mobile-friendly, great email campaigns choice, while being able to schedule your email campaigns with suggested sending time for improved rates.

On the other hand, there are a few issues, regarding MailChimp. The design options are somehow limited and hard-to-use, and the whole structure of all processes is complicated and not intuitive.

11. Mailster 


Mailster is used by over 20.000 users, allowing them to take advantage of its features to create, manage and send newsletter campaigns to your subscribers. Its pricing is its main selling point, as it charges a one-kind fee, which doesn’t change, based on the amount of emails you send.

Mailster provides great statistics, data collection and analysis, which come in handy to evaluate and redesign your email campaigns. For example, you can find information about how many people have opened your newsletter, where your subscribers clicked URL-wise. 

More specifically, it allows you to micromanage your subscribers’ list by giving them an individual status, and send special offers to people who are engaged and interested in your content.

On the other hand, Mailster offers a small variety of templates and you may need to buy new ones to have a greater variety. Also, it has some bugging issues, when it comes to SMTP configurations, and the main issue is that it licences the use of the paid subscription for one site. So if you are a company/business that runs multiple sites, you might consider using another plugin.

12. ThriveLeads 


ThriveLeads is a WordPress plugin to build a proper emailing list and do your email marketing campaigns justice. However, ThriveLeads is not an all-in-one email marketing service, so you cannot send emails through this plugin. But what it does is simplifying and improving your email acquisition strategy.

It offers a very elegant variety of forms and pop-ups to engage the visitors and collect their email addresses. At the same time, it has a great A/B testing option to see what works better for your site, with detail-oriented, precise analytics and data to evaluate your list building efforts.

The negative part of ThriveLeads is its learning curve; it can be complicated and tricky, with many terms that are not clear to what they refer to. Also, as it is mentioned in most of the critiques, ThriveLeads is not the best option if you run multiple sites, as it is centralized and can be confusing.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there is a wide range of email marketing plugins that you can use for your WordPress website. Based on your company’s size, subscribers’ list, goals, and budget, you can install different plugins to make your business grow and reach all your goals.

As time passes, more and more things change in the digital marketing world, which means that all plugins will change and offer different, improved, and new features.

The best option is to always research, analyze, and read the latest developments, and see which plugin is more suitable for your goals. Contact any company that seems more suitable, arrange a Skype call, and discuss any questions, hesitations you may have.

Let me know what you think about these plugins, which ones have you used, and what would you suggest, based on your experience.

Guest Author

Christoforos Zafeiris works as the SEO Copywriter for the email marketing software company Moosend. He has always been eager to change the narrative and influence trends with his words; thus, copywriting is the only natural choice for him. Besides that, he has been an enthusiast of human communication, long walks, and emotional storytelling.


9 Super Plugins to Clone or Duplicate Your WordPress Site

Do you want to make your website more attractive and add some more interesting features? Do you want to set up a new testing environment to try out new stuff, change it a bit, and then improve as much as you can?

You can absolutely do that if you can clone your website and keep a copy safely. You can recover it later and use it anew if you need. Copy your whole website including folders, files, database, etc. before making changes. This is called cloning or duplicating your website. 

To be frank, though – manually copying a WordPress site could be a pain in the neck. Today we’ll look at a handful of essential plugins that make cloning your WordPress site faster, easier, and much more convenient.

1. FastDup – Fastest WordPress Migration & Duplicator

FastDup wordpress migration plugin


FastDup is the cleanest WordPress migration plugin.

If you are non-technical and just want the simplest option to duplicate WordPress, FastDup is the greatest option to consider. FastDup boasts about its own clear and easy-to-navigate user interface.

Clone a website in 3 steps:

  • Install the plugin in one click
  • Choose the package with the database you would like to save
  • Download zipped package and installer files to your computer or cloud storage


Migrate to a new server in seconds, not hours:

  • Upload .zip package and installer.php to your new server
  • Run installer
  • Log in WP dashboard to complete the migration

Just as simple as that. And now you have a new site to build more to your own needs while leaving the source files intact and secure.

2. Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin



Duplicator is a free plugin with over 15 million downloads. Its main feature is to give WordPress users the ability to migrate, copy, move or clone a site from one location to another. The free version includes the necessary migration tools.

There are many features to focus on, with some of my favorites including:

  • Move, migrate or clone a WordPress site 
  • Move a WordPress site from one host to another
  • Manually backup a WordPress site or parts of a site
  • Duplicate a live site to another host

You can move your files and folders to a new location and pull them from there. With a matter of few clicks, the plugin will scan the entire website and put it neatly into packages.

duplicator plugin installer

If you want to migrate and back-up multiple sites, you can upgrade to the premium version of this plugin. It allows you to custom search, and back-up to additional storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

3. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin



The next member in our today’s list is Updraft Plus which simplifies backups and restoration. It is the most preferable scheduled backup plugin and widely used around the globe with over two million currently-active installs. Back up your files and database into the cloud and restore them in a matter of click.

Its feature list is well worth checking out because it’s unlike any other plugins:

  • Restores, as well as backing up
  • Backs up to more cloud options than any others
  • Allows you to set up automatic backup schedules, for the ultimate in convenience
  • Is faster, using up fewer server resources
  • Has been tested on over 1 million sites

In order to move your website to another location, you need to restore a saved backup in an already existing site.


Fill in the new address and the file path in the plugin installed in the current website. The files will then be zipped and saved on your computer, ready for export.

If you want to clone your entire website, you will have to upgrade to the premium versions of this plugin. These come with support for multiple sites, priority email support, and updates for a year.

4. Backup Buddy

backupbuddy - wp backup plugin


The next plugin in our today’s collection is Backup Buddy which is only a premium plugin in our list. It is an easy-to-use migration tool that doubles nicely as a cloning tool and gives you a complete version of your whole WordPress site in a zip file format.

There is also no trial or free version available, so if you’re interested in using the plugin, you’ll have to jump in with both feet.

You need to back up just the database or run a complete backup, then make a schedule for automatic backups. Plus, you can set up different profiles for different backups, so you can work with the version you want.

With Backup Buddy, you can push and pull files easily between the staging environment and the productions site. This is specially handy for developers. However, it doesn’t support multiple sites.

5. All-in-one WP Migration

all-in-one wp migration


Next up is All-in-one WP Migration. Like most plugins on today’s list, All-in-One WP Migration can create a simple backup of your files. The plugin also clones your website and installs it at a new location.

You will need to install a WordPress plugin at both ends before starting migration process. The plugin interface is easy to navigate and minimal, and you can clone everything on your website like files, database, themes, and plugins.


Once you have done this, you have to sit back and wait for the completion of the import process. At the end of the creation process, you can then download the backup file immediately.

6. Migrate Guru: Migrate & Clone WordPress

migrate guru wordpress plugin


If you would like to migrate or clone your WordPress website no matter what advanced structure or size, Migrate Guru is the plugin that you should consider using. It guarantees safe and secure migration of your page without the need to risk anything and simplifies difficult WordPress migrations (e.g. multi-site networks, 200 GB sites, etc.).

Primary features of Migrate Guru are one-click migration, no overload on site, no add-ons, no storage space necessary, as well as compatibility with every web hosting provider.


Migrate Guru’s real-time status will also keep you updated with alerts and notifications about the migration or cloning process. In conclusion and to simplify the method, all it takes are four simple steps and the migration process begins.

  • Install Migrate Guru on the site you want to clone.
  • Install WordPress on the destination.
  • Choose the destination web host that you want to clone your website to, enter details.
  • Click ‘Migrate’.

7. Super Backup & Clone – Migrate for WordPress



Working on your site is always a long-lasting and time-consuming process, and it would be unfortunate for your work to become a bunch of crap owning to an unexpected misconfiguration or error.

Having a reliable backup solution can help you deal with it promptly. This is where Super Backup & Clone comes into play.

One striking feature of this plugin is that it allows you to migrate part of a WordPress Multisite install to a single site install.

WP Super Backup plugin

You can also do this in the reverse order, and migrate multiple sites through Multisite install.

While those are definitely particular type of uses, if you ever find yourself needing to blend the lines between Multisite and single site installs, then Super Backup & Clone is for you.

8. WP Staging – DB & File Duplicator & Migration

wp staging plugin wordpress


This duplicator plugin enables you to create a development environment in a matter of seconds.

It generates a clone of your site into your WordPress subfolder including a whole copy of your database. All you need to do is produce a fresh WordPress install where you want to clone your site.

Some of the things that I like about this plugin include:

  • Easy: Staging migration applicable for everyone. No configuration needed!
  • Fast: Migration process takes only a few minutes, depending on the site’s size and server I/O power
  • Safe: Only administrators have access to the staging website


9. XCloner – Backup and Restore

xcloner backup and restore plugin


XCloner is a Backup and Restore plugin that is perfectly integrated with WordPress. It allows you to create a complete backup of your WordPress site manually or automatically.

XCloner design was mainly developed to create backups of any WordPress website via custom admin inputs, and enables customers to restore the backup on any locations with the support of the amazing automatic restore feature.

Its feature list is well worth checking out:

  • Backup and Restore your WordPress site easily
  • Received email notifications of created backups
  • Upload your backups to Remote Storage locations supporting FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, Azure Blob, Google Drive and many more
  • Split backups into smaller volumes when reaching limited size
  • Generate automatic backups before a WordPress automatic update
  • GDPR compliant by added encryption data


You can restore the backup almost anywhere with the help of an automatic restore script.

Wrapping Up

Migrating and producing an exact copy of a WordPress site to a new location is kinda stuff that any WordPress users will absolutely do multiple times in their career. While it’s possible to do the whole thing manually, it quickly gets too problematic (not to mention time-consuming) when done on a regular basis.

The plugins in today’s collection aim to help developers make this task a whole lot easier. As you’ve seen, their approaches and price ranges are quite different, with special benefits and drawbacks to each one.


How to add WhatsApp Chat plugin to WordPress website

WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging app all over the world because of its simplicity and user-friendly.

It’s obvious that more and more companies are beginning to realize the need to integrate this wonderful tool into their business. In other words, the WhatsApp widget is an essential and powerful widget for WordPress to help customers stay connected with your business. It’s also easy for store owners to deal with pre-sale inquiries and requests.

With the WhatsApp Chat WordPress plugin that we are going to go through in today’s article, you can set up сhat on your site and it will promptly appear on your specific pages. You can personalize the plugin in terms of writing welcoming messages, choosing icons, and so forth. With the help of WhatsApp chat plugin embedded on a web page, you will stay connected with your clients at any time and provide instant support to them that really improves the customer experience.

In today’s post, we’ll show you the way to integrate WhatsApp button and widget into your WordPress site.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

WhatsApp for WordPress

How to integrate WhatsApp on your WordPress website?

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add new > Upload Plugin > Upload the plugin zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon page > Activate it


Configure WhatsApp Chat WordPress plugin

After installation, we will have three main sections of the plugin as shown in the picture below:

  • Add New Account
  • Floating Widget
  • Settings


Add new account in WhatsApp plugin dashboard

Okay, now let’s first go through the most important step called “Add New Account” before we display WhatsApp widget on our site.

1. Add new account

In this section, we can easily see 10 essential fields that we need to fill out in order to create a new WhatsApp account.

image 2

1. Account Name
The name of a member like Benjamin, Thomas, Will, etc.

2. Account Number or Group Chat URL

3. Title
Their job title, for example, Content Writer, Customer Support or Technical Support, etc. This title is displayed in the floating widget.

4. Predefined Text
This is the text message which is automatically generated when your customer approaches you for the first time.
For example, Hi, I’ve just visited [njwa_page_title], and I need some help. Here is the link: [njwa_page_url]. (Note: Do not enter any quotation mark in this field.)

whatsapp plugin predefined text settings

5. Button Label

The greeting text of their shortcode button like “Need help? Chat via WhatsApp”


6. Time Availability
Working hours of the staff

7. Description Text When Offline (1)
On business days and before start times, this text is displayed as a countdown timer, for example, “I will be back in [njwa_time_work] hour(s).”

8. Description Text When Offline (2)
This text is displayed when it’s after working hours of business days and on days off, for example, I will be back on Mon – Fri, 08:00 – 17:30″

image 4

9. Button Style

button style

Here, you can personalize the WhatsApp button whatever you like. By default, in online status, the button has square borders, green background color with the text in white.

10. Avatar


You can set a profile picture for the account.

Voilà. And you’ve done creating your new WhatsApp account.

Easy enough, right?


Next up, let’s turn to the second section of this plugin called “Floating Widget” and set up some basic settings in order to let the WhatsApp widget float on your site. You can also personalize how the widget looks.

2. Floating Widget

Click on the search bar, and all accounts will be listed there. Click to select an account that you want to display.

floating widget

Then, moving on to the “Display settings” part for the purpose of configuring some essential characteristics of the widget.

display settings

You can customize attributes of the floating widget including title, subtitle, colors, and position.

This is how it looks on the front-end:

whatsapp floating widget

Finally, you can go to the last section of this plugin, “Settings” to adjust some vital configurations like button style, button background color or button text color before displaying the WhatsApp widget on your site.

whatsapp button for WooCommerce settings

Ahhh, one more thing is that you can also display the widget on your WooCommerce store. Sounds awesome, isn’t it?


After going through creating a new account and adjusting configurations of this plugin, the WhatsApp widget will look like this on your site.


Pretty cool, huh?

And now you can stay in contact with customers and enhance your customer satisfaction that leads to the improvement of your business reputation.

Okay, now over to you – do you think WhatsApp chat button is a feasible way to improve customer experience and prestige of business? Do you have any experience of using this? Please share with us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear all your valuable feedback.

If you encounter any WordPress issues, feel free to reach us here.


9 Best WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugins

I’m sure you’ve heard of WooCommerce before. Right?

It allows you to build an online store with your WordPress website and adds products, digital goods and even subscriptions.

But, in addition to all the awesome features WooCommerce includes, there are only a few default payment options built-in.

Don’t worry, because there are tons of free and premium WooCommerce payment gateway plugins that you can choose and give customers new checkout options.

Today’s article will be going to look at 9 best WooCommerce payment gateway plugins that are highly useful for your e-commerce stores and hopefully some of them partially serve your purposes.

1. Stripe by WooCommerce

woocommerce stripe payment


This is an amazing payment gateway plugin for any WordPress website owners who are running their own business across the globe.

It can be a great support to receive payments from customers in 26 countries using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Alipay, etc. WooCommerce Stripe also has Web Payments API support, which enables clients to pay company owners via mobile payment channels.

If your business serves different countries around the world, then WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is definitely a right choice for your WordPress website. It conducts businesses in 32 countries. That’s almost anywhere in the world, right?


It accepts credit card payments directly on your store. It accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club cards, and even Bitcoin. It also has Web Payments API integration where your customers can easily pay through the payment details set up on their mobile devices or browsers that support Web Payments API.

On top of that, it’s free. You only get charged when you earn money and these incomes are transferred to your bank within 7 days.

2. PayPal Checkout by WooCommerce

woocommerce paypal checkout payment


The next plugin is a PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway for WooCommerce.

PayPal Checkout allows you to safely sell your products and subscriptions online using In-Context Checkout to help you meet security requirements.

Paypal is one of the most widely used and trusted payment processors so customers feel comfortable using it.


Any entrepreneur who is using WooCommerce to run their WordPress store can use this handy add-on to sell their products and services in a safe environment.

This add-on has In-Context Checkout which meets all vital security requirements for an e-commerce website. It also does not change the theme of your website in any way. Just remember that the In-Context Checkout makes use of a modal window (on PayPal’s servers). But customers will be directed back to your site in the post checkout process.

3. Amazon Pay by WooCommerce

amazon payment


Amazon Pay is another good option that makes the process of checking in and checking out much more easier for customers around the globe by using information already stored in their Amazon account.

Millions of of people are currently using Amazon to order just about anything. But do you know that you can add Amazon Pay as a checkout option for your WooCommerce store?

By using this WooCommerce payment gateway plugin, you can take payments from customers through Amazon. Customers can easily check out by signing into their Amazon account. The plugin will then display a customized “thank you” message to customers when they complete a transaction.

The customer experience is familiar and trusted.

4. PayPal Plus for WooCommerce

paypal plus for woocommerce


PayPal Plus for WooCommerce is indeed an outstanding free WordPress plugin that adds an extra payment option to your site.

With the integration of Paypal Plus, you can now offer your customers to shop with Paypal, credit cards and even pay upon invoice. The more options you have, the higher the chance the conversion happens.

And having Paypal as a payment gateway is almost crucial in this day and age. Once they are on the checkout page, Paypal’s popup appears with all the available payment methods.

With one simple WordPress Paypal plugin, you can now provide multiple payment options. Also, it is not necessary that the customer has a Paypal account.

As mentioned earlier, they can pay with debit or credit cards or later, upon invoice. Installing and activating PayPal Plus for WooCommerce is quick and efficient, without the need to have any prior experience.


5. WorldPay for WooCommerce

worldpay for woocommerce


Worldpay for Woocommerce combines your Online Worldpay merchant account with your WordPress site. Merchants can accept credit card and PayPal payments for their goods and services through WooCommerce.

A Worldpay account is a must if you want to use this plugin because all payments are managed through their servers. When customers check out, they enter payment info securely via Worldpay, and once their order is validated are redirected to a confirmation page on your site.

Installation and setup are simple and fast. You can easily sell premium products or downloads (such as music, video, ebook, PDF or any other digital media files) on your website while using this plugin.


The WorldPay for WooCommerce plugin allows you to accept credit card payments through a secure hosted payment page even if your website does not have an SSL certificate. It accepts major debit and credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Amex, JCB, and Diners.

This is a type of redirection gateway where your customers are taken to WorldPay for them to make a secure payment transaction. Once they’re done with the payment, they will be redirected back to your website’s Thank You Page.

6. Mollie Payments for WooCommerce

mollie payments for woocommerce


The WooCommerce Mollie Payments plugin allows you to integrate many major payment methods with WooCommerce, wherever you need them. You can simply drop one of them into your WooCommerce e-store with this powerful plugin by Mollie. Mollie is built for the purpose of making payments better for WooCommerce.

Mollie supports some main payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, local and international payment methods. This makes it an extremely flexible option for customers, and a powerful tool for business owners. Following are different payment methods that users can employ for their purchase.

Credit cards:

  • VISA (International)
  • MasterCard (International)
  • American Express (International)
  • Cartes Bancaires (France)
  • CartaSi (Italy)

Debit cards:

  • V Pay (International)
  • Maestro (International)

International payment methods:

  • PayPal (International)
  • Paysafecard (International)


There are no fees to use the Mollie plugin with your WooCommerce store (only basic transaction fees when customers checkout). Just install and configure your settings to start accepting payments.

7. Braintree For WooCommerce

braintree for woocommerce


This plugin is an official partnership of Braintree & PayPal and has worked closely with them to develop this solution. It supports most of the payment methods that are easy for customers like credit card, PayPal, Google Pay and even ApplePay.


There are many features to focus on, with some of my favorites including:

  • Beautifully designed forms
  • Create your own custom form
  • Integrates with Woocommerce
  • Offer subscriptions without the WooCommerce Subscription plugin
  • Integrations with WooCommerce currency switchers
  • Automatic settlement or authorize transactions

8. Square by WooCommerce

woocommerce square


Square is a perfect choice for small businesses that sell online and in physical store. It is compatible with major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

With WooCommerce Square, you can sync your checklist between WooCommerce and Square POS. It also allows you take payments directly on your online store.

Installation and use are simple thanks to a clean and user-friendly interface. All customer payment data is handled by Square, so you don’t have to worry about it.

9. WooCommerce Pesapal Payment Gateway

woocommerce pesapal payment


The WooCommerce Pesapal payment gateway is absolutely an amazing choice for WooCommerce that delivers a couple of new payment approaches. With tremendous support from this WooCommerce extension, customers can make instant payments using Pesapal. This plugin is a simple WordPress plugin and very easy to set up.

WooCommerce Pesapal Payment Gateway plugin allows you to accept payments through e-wallet and mobile wallet such as M-Pesa, Airtel Money, and mVisa.

It actually supports African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Malawi. So, if you are from these countries, you might want to try this plugin. The currency is set to your country’s currency by default.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are a wide diversity of payment gateway methods which mean that different payment plugins for WooCommerce enable you to carry out online transactions on your WordPress site. This seems to be an amazing way to attract to a wider customer base and increase overall revenue for your store. You can choose any plugin from the aforementioned list and start accepting payments.

Have you tried any of the above plugins? Or are there any other WooCommerce payment gateway plugins you’d like to recommend? Leave your comments down below.

Thank you from NinjaTeam!

9 Best WordPress Notification Plugins

You want to let your readers keep informed with up-to-date news on your website?

Have you ever heard push notifications? If yes, just give it a try today.

The concept of push notifications is becoming more widespread every single day, and you can also see new sites using them on a regular basis.

Notifications surely help your WordPress sites react promptly and communicate effectively with your users. There is a great number of WordPress alert and notifications and some of them serve for one purpose only, and some are more universal. In today’s article, we’ll going to look at 9 best notification plugins that are useful for your site.

1. OneSignal – Free Web Push Notifications

one signal


The OneSignal is an easy way to increase user engagement and a popular WordPress push notifications plugin. Just use OneSignal to send clients targeted push notifications so they keep going back.


It just takes a few minutes to complete the set-up. You can then send automatic notifications to the readers when you publish a new post. Visitors get these notifications even after they’ve left your website, hence driving re-engagement.

The plugin enables you to modify some options for site visitors to adjust desktop notifications. Plus, the website visitors can sign up for push notification services with features like targeted notifications, A/B testing, and so forth.

2. Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite)

push noti for wordpress


The Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) plugin has a built-in hub that allows WordPress to send push notifications directly without using any third-party’s server. You can send actual notifications to the website visitors. This WordPress push notifications plugin is truly useful for personal blogs or beginners.

Notify your visitors when new content is released, making them become your new regular and reliable readers. It’s akin to a newsletter, but way more effective. Keep your audience engaged.

Its feature list is well checking out:

  • No charge for delivery
  • Instant notifications
  • Powerful APIs
  • Android and iOS libraries
  • Localization ready

This plugin is mainly usef for mobile developers who do not want to build their server-side back-end. Supporting push notifications is incredibly complicated.


3.  PushEngage Browser Push Notifications Plugin

push engage


PushEngage is a high-ranking WordPress push notifications plugin for blogs and websites. If your website is activated on WordPress, you can use this plugin to get notifications once a new post is published automatically. You don’t need to quit WordPress dashboard and send notifications from WordPress directly.

Specifically, this plugin sends web push notifications to site visitors and engages with them. The visitors get the notifications even when they are offline. This plugin can be used to publish a new post on WordPress websites automatically.

4. SendPulse Free Web Push

sendpulse free web push


SendPulse free Web Push is another good choice to insert notification feature into  your WordPress site. You can use this WordPress push notifications plugin to quickly inform the customers about important events.

Web push notifications can be seen as an ideal solution to quickly inform your customers about news, sales, order status, or other important events ‘cuz it send notification instantly.


After the setup, your site visitors may sign-up to receive notifications when you publish new posts or just want to inform them about something important.

5. Push Monkey

push monkey


This is another great plugin to send notifications. For using this, readers just need to obtain the grant and permissions to the service to get all new notifications. Once they allow it, they will get push notifications even when the browser is not opened.

Readers can browse and obtain your updated content most of the time even when reading other websites or working in other apps, with the browser closed. Even when the computer is not active – it also displays all missed notifications the moment it wakes up. For Chrome, notifications can also include an image.


Additionally, it will also remind your visitors about abandoned carts with WooCommerce integration.

6. Top Bar

top bar


The next plugin can be seen as the easiest way to add a topbar to your website. This plugin creates a transparent and clean notification bar at the top of your website, allowing you to display a nice message to your visitors as well as a custom link. What you see is what you get, and it’s totally free.


Top Bar is a very straightforward plugin that adds a clean notification bar to your website. All you need to do is simply install this plugin and choose the colors and visibility options. Then, just add the message that goes into the button. Now, save all your settings and you will have a notification at the top of your own website.

If you want to experience more advanced features, just make a purchase the premium version of this plugin and access to a lot of new features including close the Top Bar, adding a bottom border, set a time before the Top Bar appears, bottom positioning, user visibility settings, change the font-size, etc.

7. Notification – Custom Notifications and Alerts for WordPress



Notification – Custom Notifications and Alerts for WordPress is another great WordPress notification plugin that notifies anyone about any actions in your WordPress. You can also send notification to users based on some criterion, e.g. all admin users and this plugin works with comments too.


8. Better Notifications for WordPress

better noti for wordpress


If you only feel interested in email notifications, Better Notifications for WordPress is exactly the one you are looking for.

It is such a useful and great tool for beginners to advanced users that allows you to personalize the email notifications whatever you like.


The plugin comes in free and paid versions. The free version comes with just the basics, such as the ability to send notifications to individual users, multiple users, all users in a user role, multiple roles, etc. Meanwhile, the premium version offers more advanced features like conditional notifications, custom fields, reminders, etc.

9. WP Notification Bars

wp notification bars


WP Notification Bars is a notification and alert bar plugin for WordPress which is an ideal solution for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing site traffic and so much more you need to take time to explore.

The plugin is kinda different from other plugins in this list. Instead of sending push notifications like others, it displays them in a notification bar on your site. It’s really great when you want to notify your users about something important like a promotion or a new product.

WP Notification Bars is not similiar to other mentioned plugins in the list – it doesn’t inform visitors through email notifications. It shows them in a notification bar on your site instead. It’s such a fantastic way when you want to notify your users about something important, such as promotions, alerts or a new product, increasing click throughs to other pages and so much more.

The plugin is responsive, and you can choose an absolute or fixed position for it, as well as on which pages to display it.


Final thoughts

Push notifications are a great way to connect directly with the target audience and a WordPress push notifications plugin serves you at its best. Obviously you are able to share new content with your customers as well as send reminders to visit your website.

If you are looking for the best push notifications for WordPress plugins, then this collection of the 9 vital notification plugins might be helpful for you. Just take a minute to choose the right plugin for you. And we’re sure that going with one of the above plugins seems a great deal!

Have you already tried one of the push notifications for WordPress in the list? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

We really hope that you can find at least one suitable plugin and have a good preparation for that.

Thank y’all and warm thanks from Ninja Team!

10 WordPress Marketing Plugins to Help You Earn More

With over 55,000 plugins available on WordPress today, how do you know what’s right for your business? You want to earn more, and you know some plugins can help you do it, but where do you start? Since nobody has time to review all the possible plugins for WordPress to find the best options, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

It’s time to welcome a new year of earning more. Are you ready to work smarter not harder? Then try these WordPress marketing plugins that streamline your marketing so you can earn more profit.

1. Pabbly Subscription Billing


If you run any kind of online business or provide paid online services than effectively managing and collecting payments from your customers becomes very crucial.

Pabbly Subscription Billing is a complete software (not a WordPress plugin) that lets you generate unlimited revenue by effortlessly managing recurring and one-time payments in a single dashboard.

With this valuable subscription management application, you can create limitless products & plans, add unlimited customers to collect unlimited payments through the checkout pages. Plus, this software does not charge any extra amount on your earned revenue and there is no per-transaction fee as well.

This is the only subscription billing service that comes with an inbuilt affiliate module using which you can manage affiliates in a hassle-free manner. Furthermore, with it, you can easily manage taxes, create coupons and offer a discount to your customers as well.

2. WP Forms



First and foremost, you need a simple way for leads to contact you. If your users can’t find an easy to use a contact form, they’ll likely just skip to a competitor. One mistake a lot of new businesses make is only listing an email address as a point of contact. While this is still a smart option, it shouldn’t be the primary way for most casual leads to gain contact with your business.

Instead, use WP Forms. This plugin is a simple drag-and-drop form builder that makes it simple to build quality, easy forms that work. When a user fills out the form, you’ll get an instant notification to your inbox. There are even added features like uploadable documents, HTML, and more. If you still don’t have a contact form, now’s the time to build one.

3. Defender



Next, you need to make sure your marketing is secure. Your website might be at risk from attack by a hacker. The leading WordPress website management provider recommends using Defender.

Defender is a WordPress plugin that fights malicious bots, brute force attacks, and more through security scans, reports, and 2-factor authentication. If you’re running an online business today, you can’t afford not to take your security seriously. Download Defender and gain some peace of mind.

4. Yoast SEO

yoast seo


SEO isn’t just for big-name businesses. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps you get your content in front of the right audience. The good news is, thanks to Yoast SEO, you don’t need any advanced development skills to drive traffic with SEO.

With free, easy-to-use tools, Yoast helps you build a website made for both humans and search engines. Some key features include keyword optimization, readability check, and structured data. SEO is no longer optional, so make sure you’re creating a website people can actually find.

If despite everything, you would prefer to try something other than Yoast, or you simply want to explore more options, you can rejoice. The web is swimming with both free and premium SEO WordPress plugins that are waiting for you to test them out.

5. NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress (Live Chat version)


Along with your contact form, you need fast ways for potential customers to get their questions answered. While many people are turning to Chatbots, the easiest way to jump on this trend is with Facebook Messenger. The NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress (Live Chat Version) plugin adds an easy to use Facebook Messenger button to your website so customers can quickly get questions answered.

6. OptinMonster



To boost your email marketing, use OptinMonster on your website. This plugin is a powerful conversion optimization tool that helps you build more leads with less work. It’s perfect for businesses of all types, and it will grow your email list virtually overnight.

With customizable popups, page sliders, and on-page signup forms, you’ll never lose a warm lead again. Your customers want to hear more from you. Give them a chance to join your email list that they won’t overlook.

Let’s take a look at the cheapest email marketing software to boost your business.

7. Ninja Popups for WordPress



The next useful plugin in today’s list is Ninja Popups which is a swiss army knife to help create popups on your website for the purpose of increasing followers and boosting revenues with various items like newsletter subscriptions, recommended or related items, and much more.

Popups are an outstanding approach to catch viewers’ attention and Ninja Popups is doing a pretty good job. This is a powerful tool for your website to attract a great deal of visitors every day with endless great possibilities such as special deals, discounts, or coupon codes. Plus, it’s fully customizable that are mobile-friendly user interface, translatable and so forth.

8. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

easy social sharing buttons


Social networks are vitally important in these days, right?

If we talk about marketing, we need to mention involvement across all business channels, including social networks because these will help grow clients’ relationship and engagement through social community. That’s where Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress comes to everything easier at hand.

This plugin is a great social media plugin that provides high possibilities for sharing, allowing your clients to share content on more than 40 social networds, including a great deal of mobile-sharing options because the demand for mobile-friendly apps or websites is rapidly growing today.

Plus, Easy Social Buttons goes with 31 beautiful templates for social sharing options alongside with stunning button options that allow you to take full control of your social media integration.

9. AdRotate


You website is growing with a great volume of traffic and now you are looking for approaches to monetize it, but you do not know how to make it realistic.

There are actually a great number of different ways to make your dreams come true, putting banner ads is one of them, for example. But, with AdRotate that we are going to introduce today, it will enormously save your time, energy and any inconvenience and make your process easy as a piece of cake.

This great marketing plugin allows you to connect with advertisers without doing much work. All they need to do is basically create an account, add creatives and voila, it’s done. It works with ad servers such as;, Google AdSense, Bing, Amazon, Blind Ferret, DFP, Doubleclick and most other referrer/ad servers.

This marketing plugin is also compatible with many popular plugins such as JetPack, WooCommerce, bbPress, etc. If you are ready to add banners to your page, let’s give AdRotate a shot today!

10. ModelTheme Black Friday



Are you running an e-commerce store? And you’ve got no idea to boost sales in some special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas or New Year. With ModelTheme Black Friday, things are a whole lot easier.

Any types of sale you’re running on your eCommerce platform, you can also do it with ModelTheme Black Friday. This wonderful marketing plugin offers an easy-to-use interface that is pretty comprehensible and transparent, yet also ideal for professionals.

This plugin is fully customizable. You can set up your own campaign timing, create custom headers or upload an eye-catching background and insert a catchy caption to grab more visitors’ attention. By doing this, you will have a full control of customization in the upcoming special events throughout the year.

demo mobile

Be well-prepared for the next sale and kick it off like a pro.

Utilizing the Best of WordPress

As you can see, WordPress has a lot of add-on plugins that really bring the experience up a notch. Whether you’re building an online business or an ecommerce store, you need a way to market to your prospective customers. With so many different options for online marketing, it’s hard to know where to spend your money and time.

This list does that hard work for you. These are the best tools for increasing search engine rankings, boosting your email list, and connecting with customers. Your marketing has never been more successful. Try these for yourself to see just how quickly they lead to more profit for your business.

8 Essential WordPress Booking Appointment Plugins

I’ll jump to the bottom line. If your company sets up reservations or appointments, you definitely need an online booking system. Period.

Operating a brick and mortar business is kinda outdated, right?

Whether you run a hairdresser or a restaurant, all you want is to make it easy for your customers to make bookings online. However, maintaining an online booking website is a complicated task.

It’s vitally important to find an effective solution to serve our needs as well as grow our business to enhance the interaction with customers through booking process.

That’s why today’s article will be looking at 8 essential WordPress booking plugins to help you create an online appointment and booking management system and you might be amazed at how much these plugins can help.

Let’s get started!

1. Amelia


If you’ve been attempting to find an appointment booking plugin with a simple user interface for your service website, Amelia is an effective solution that’s worth your consideration.

Amelia is an automated booking specialist which is a powerful and easy-to-use appointment booking plugin that’s highly appropriate for many different types of business websites and you are able to manage your business with ease.


What makes this WordPress booking plugin stand out from its competitors is that it includes lots of features that are not commonly found in some other WordPress appointment booking plugins such as you can easily manage appointments at multiple business locations.

Here are some of the other businesses that are known to get the Amelia plugin:

  • Spas and salons
  • Gyms and personal trainers
  • Private clinics
  • Beauty salons
  • Psychologists
  • The tourism industry
  • Many more

amelia booking plugin

Another useful feature of this plugin allows users to add multiple services or types of appointments. This is therefore highly beneficial for you to offer a variety of services from your website, allowing your visitors to choose which ones to book.

Amelia can also manages multiple employees, who can each accept and handle their own bookings.

amelia booking plugin

Additionally, this plugin allows you to make payment from your online appointment booking system through common payment services such as PayPal and Stripe that will make your payment process easier and effortless.

amelia booking plugin

Overall, thanks to its long list of great features and support in various businesses and industries such as doctors, gyms, and salons, Amelia might be your most ideal tool in dealing with online booking system.

So, give Amelia a try and check out the demos before making your purchase.

2. Bookly

bookly booking plugin

Bookly Booking is one of the most used and popular WordPress appointment booking plugins that you can rely on. It is fully customizable and responsive with sleek design and modern and visually appealing.

One of the striking features that makes Bookly one of the prominent WordPress booking plugins is that customers have the right to pick their favorite employees with appropriate pricing.

Plus, making appointments on website with this WordPress booking is super duper simple because of its self-explanatory user interface. Especially, smartphone users will find it easy and effortless when it comes to booking appointments owning to the plugin’s responsive design.


From the user end, they will slide across a quick following four-step process on your website:

  • Select the service with the options for categories and employees, if applicable.
  • Choose a date and time.
  • Enter personal details like name, phone, email, and additional notes.
  • Pay.

bookly booking plugin demo

You can come up with more marvellous idea of how this powerful tool works by trying the online demo on the Bookly Booking Plugin webpage.

3. Booking Calendar

booking calendar

Booking Calendar is an ideal solution for those of you who are working in the hospitality industry. It is one of the most easy-to-use and free WordPress booking plugins on the market with a calendar view for both you and your website visitors. You can easily add your booking form into any WordPress post or page.


This WordPress appointment plugin is greatly powerful and provides various options that can be configured from the plugin’s settings panel, namely built-in captcha to prevent spam, email notifications, jQuery effects, and more. Also, you can even customize the booking form with your own custom fields.

booking calendar plugin

Booking Calendar works pretty well and responsive on both the front-end and back-end. For those of you who are not tech-savvy, you shouldn’t worry about the plugin installation. All you need to do is insert the shortcode into a page or post on your site and voilà. It’s done.

In addition to appointments, this plugin is commonly used to book stays at hotels, resorts, or a bed and breakfast and that is the predominant feature of this plugin compared to other WordPress booking plugins because of its system design for days-long booking accommodation.

Booking Calendar supports multiple languages so that you can accommodate website traffic that’s coming from other countries.

The plugin is also compatible with third-party booking platforms such as and TripAdvisor in order to make sure that your availability dates are always updated.

4. Team Booking

team booking plugin

Team Booking Plugin is a newly released WordPress plugin that definitely seems to be a promising product launched by CodeCanyon. This WordPress booking plugin also comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage bookings and appointments.

team booking setting


One of the striking features is that it links to Google Calendar and uses the tool to check the availability with it.

You can set up the plugin by the following three simple steps. First, you create an event in Google Calendar. Second, with the creation of an event, a free slot opens on your site’s calendar. Finally, the event is updated instantly when someone makes booking.

Additionally, you can arrange for payments with this WordPress booking appointment plugin as well as it is supported by PayPal and Stripe.

5. Booked

booked booking plugin

Booked is another popular WordPress appointment booking plugin that lets you create a modern looking and functional appointment booking calendars. It is simple and goes straight to the point with a stunning calendar that you can edit your website’s design.

With this plugin, customers will find it easy to schedule appointments on your website with the support from a bunch of great add-ons like integrating payment options with WooCommerce, calendar integrations with Google Calendars, to name just a few.


This WordPress booking appointment plugin is such a wonderful choice for beginners because you don’t need to worry about any custom coding. The interface is transparent and easy to navigate.

Plus, Booked gives you the option to manage calendars for multiple members of your staff. Let’s say that you own a hardware store, so customers can book with their preferred technician online with ease.

The plugin provides a smooth UX and outstanding performance, so you definitely have no obstacles in dealing with setup and configuration.

6. EDD Bookings

edd bookings

EDD Bookings is certainly another top WordPress booking appointment option to consider. In addition to booking standard services, this plugin is also helpful for those of you who provide rentals.

If you are running a business that offers services on the beach like renting out bikes, skateboards or surfboards by the hour, this booking plugin is super useful for use to manage all of these via your website.


So customers can make appointments or rentals on your website with EDD Bookings in just a matter of seconds. All they need to do is:

  • Choose the appointment type or equipment type.
  • Pick a date.
  • Select a time.

edd bookings demo

Done! Simple as that.

You can manage all of your appointments in one place effortlessly through different calendar views. Specifically, they provide you with details for your day, week, and month. You can highlight your appointments with different colors as well keep track of different types of services.

7. BirchPress Scheduler

birchpress scheduler premium wordpress plugin

Do you want to add an online booking system on your WordPress site?

BirchPress is one of the most popular, user-friendly WordPress appointment and booking plugins available on the market.

This booking appointment plugin is another fantastic and powerful weapon for appointment bookings that allows you to create a booking calendar with different providers, services and locations.


The plugin’s user interface is pretty minimalist and easy to get familiar with, making adding a service appointment booking facility to any WordPress site at ease.

BirchPress also allows you to create online appointment forms on your WordPress site easily, so your visitors can check availability, book appointments, or make reservations online. It’s therefore an ideal scheduler plugin that lets your users to easily make appointments on your site without your direct engagement.

birchpress demo

The plugin also syncs and is compatible with your booking calendar with other calendar services you are already using like Google Calendar, iCal, iPhone, Android, or Outlook. You can, therefore, send notifications and reminders via email to your customers when the appointments are booked, rescheduled, or canceled.

Overall, BirchPress Scheduler is a must-have and highly-recommended booking tool if you are looking for an effective WordPress appointment booking plugin that can deal with multiple locations, services, and members of staff.

8. Pinpoint Booking System

Pinpoint Booking System

PinPoint Booking System is the last powerful WordPress booking plugin in today’s collection. This WordPress booking plugin is mainly focused on renting accommodation, but it is also suitable for booking appointments, scheduling events and other similar activities.

Here’s the plugin’s tagline:

“Pinpoint WordPress Booking Plugin is the easiest way to rent accommodations, schedule services, book events or receive online reservations and appointments of any kind with your WordPress site.”


The most noteworthy feature of this booking plugin is the ease of use, as well as the clean interface that is self-explanatory.

Plus, what makes Pinpoint Booking System stand out is obvious in its name. Specifically, it allows you to share the specific location of the business on the Pinpoint website that will be useful for customers to reach that place with ease and comfortably.

This is the reason why Pinpoint is appropriate for renting rather than for events such as renting villas, hotels, and other types of accommodation. However, this booking plugin can also be in harmony with doctors, lawyers, dentists, gyms, spas and other similar businesses.

Another essential point of this plugin is its super easy booking process that makes your customers feel at ease when scheduling their appointment or making reservations. Interestingly, the WordPress booking appointment plugin also enables you to create promotions, coupons, and discounts that will drastically help bolster your business.

If you want to know more about useful coupon plugins to boost sales of your online store, please check out our top WordPress coupon plugins.

Last but not least, this great booking plugin is wholly compatible and fully optimized for mobile devices no matter what the screen size of the devices.

WooCommerce Booking Plugins

Most of the above plugins work with the core WordPress plugin, which is excellent for most people. However, what if you already have WooCommerce installed and set up for your online shop and would like a plugin that integrates with WooCommerce directly.

Some of the above plugins, such as Bookly, Amelia and Pinpoint already integrate with WooCommerce.

But there are other plugins that can integrate and work specifically with WooCommerce, such as the official Bookings and Appointments plugin directly from the WooCommerce site.

For more information and details about such plugins, check out the following article: 9 Best WooCommerce Bookings Plugins for Appointments Scheduling by CollectiveRay.

Final thoughts

In this article, we have tried to present you 8 of outstanding WordPress booking appointment plugins. On the one hand, they are all similar in regard to easy-to-use system, well-designed UI or excellent booking appointment services, but on the other hand, some of them possess unique features that makes them stand out from the rest.

Do you have any experience with the plugins we have written about? What is your favorite? Any say about these? Please leave your comments down below.